10 Of Hollywood's Worst Celebrity Nose Jobs

Plastic surgery and Hollywood have always gone hand in hand. While not every famous person goes under the knife, there are a considerable amount of celebrities who have had a little (or a lot of) work done.

In many cases, cosmetic procedures tend to be a good thing for celebrities. The right type of surgery can make a person look younger and fix certain physical flaws for good. In some cases, an actor or musician’s publicity team suggests plastic surgery in order to make the star more attractive to the general public, or to a certain demographic.

While plastic surgery can be a great idea, there’s also significant risk involved. For instance, a celebrity can undergo a procedure performed by an amateur surgeon, and experience unsightly swelling or discomfort after surgery. In the case of a nose job, technically known as rhinoplasty, a wrong move during surgery could mean that the celeb is left with a plastic surgery mistake that is easy for everyone to see. Not only can this be embarrassing, but it could affect the star’s career, since looks are pretty important in “the business." Here are 10 celebrities who have nose jobs that didn’t turn out so well.

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10 Jennifer Grey

9 Nadya Suleman


8 Heidi Montag


Perhaps the most disappointing thing about Heidi Montag’s nose job is that she really didn’t need one in the first place. Yes, “need” is sometimes relative when it comes to plastic surgery. However, it’s pretty plain that Montag got the nose job, as well as several other surgeries, as an attempt to get back in the spotlight after her time on MTV reality shows ended. She was seen in Costa Rica after having 10 cosmetic procedures, which led many to believe that the rhinoplasty was her 11th surgery. She denied the rumors, saying that her nose job was done at the same time as her other surgeries, and that it would take a full year for her nose to heal. She also stated that she didn’t want any more cosmetic procedures, for fear that her face might fall off. We’re inclined to agree.

7 Janice Dickinson

6 LaToya Jackson

The Jackson family is almost as well known for their cosmetic surgery procedures, as they are for their musical talent. LaToya, Michael’s older sister, had a career in music, but when she first got into the business, she looked much different. LaToya had a full nose and a pretty face, and most people don’t really understand why she decided to go under the knife. There’s a good chance LaToya didn’t anticipate her nose job turning out the way it did. Her current nose is way too slim for her face and makes her cheeks appear especially round. We’re not sure how much the surgery affected her voice, but after the operation, LaToya’s voice was more high-pitched than usual, which is a Jackson post-surgery trait.

5 Lil Kim

Rapper Lil Kim is best known for her hip-hop debut as a member of Junior M.A.F.I.A and for her musical and romantic relationship with the Notorious B.I.G. As Lil Kim grew in fame, she became more and more interested in plastic surgery, and started to get a number of procedures done. A number of her fans have expressed their disapproval with her surgeries, and have stated that she really didn’t need to have any work done. Lil Kim’s nose job made the end of her nose way too pointy, and since it’s right in the middle of her face, it’s definitely the center of attention when it comes to her looks. She’s also had more than one surgery on her nose, but we think it’s time to stop, since each procedure has a more unsightly outcome than the last.

4 Joan Rivers

The late comedienne and host was pretty forthcoming about most things, and had no problems admitting that she’d had several plastic surgeries. Rivers got her first nose job in the 1990s, and a few more followed. However, she got a little out of control with the plastic surgery and started looking more like a cartoon character than a Hollywood beauty. Joan Rivers was known for her critiques about celebrity fashion, and she often made comments about the personal choices of these famous people. However, some would argue that she probably should have been less hypocritical, since her look practically changed completely since the 1980s due to surgeries.

3 Mickey Rourke

The actor was quite the heartthrob in the early part of his career. He spent some years away from the spotlight, but made a comeback in the 2008 movie The Wrestler. While Rourke was taking a break from acting, he thought becoming a boxer might be a good idea. While he was in the ring, Mickey suffered a broken nose. He also got his tongue split while in a fight and sustained a compressed cheekbone. Rourke had to undergo plastic surgery in order to restore at least some of his looks, but the nose job definitely didn’t go as planned. Rourke has admitted that he regrets getting plastic surgery, since it made his looks worse than they already were.

2 Jocelyn Wildenstein

Socialist Jocelyn Wildenstein’s plastic surgeries turned out so terribly that many people have said that she looks like she’s become part jungle cat. What’s worse is that Jocelyn decided to have plastic surgery in order to win back her adulterous ex-husband. Chances are, he went running the other way even faster when he saw what the plastic surgeon had done to her face. Reportedly, Jocelyn spent four million dollars on surgery, and the whole ordeal turned into a complete disaster for her. In addition to getting a nose job that went terribly wrong, Wildenstein got a face-lift and fillers that truly make her look like a lion.

1 Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace is one of the top designers in the industry, and took over the Versace empire after her brother Gianni, was murdered. It’s no secret that Donatella feels the pressure to look her best, and she’s had several surgeries to try and meet the demands that come with being a fashion star. Instead of looking more alluring, Donatella has an unfortunate masculine look, even when she’s wearing a dress. She had a nose job that actually brought more attention to the center of her face, as well as a breast augmentation and a face-lift. The only thing left to do is wear blonde hair and outlandish outfits and pretend that the surgeries provided the intentional outcome.

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