10 Of Hollywood's Most Striking Pouts

Striking pouts are like a universal accessory. They go perfectly with gorgeous faces, glamorous attires, breathtaking photo shoots and red carpet events. So, it is but obvious that every good-looking celebrity worth her salt will try and perfect her pout. Most celebrities don’t have to work too hard at it however, for without any doubt, Hollywood has some of the world’s most luscious lips. Oh, and their pouts are to die for too. They are lush, full, firm and thoroughly kissable. When it comes to pouts, everyone has individual taste. Irrespective of your personal taste on the matter of pouts, almost everyone will agree that the following celebrity pouts are too striking to diss!


10 Penélope Cruz’s Smoldering Pout

Penélope Cruz has a trademark pout that is one hundred percent hers, and hers only. It is smoldering sexy in itself, but when you add to it the intensity in her eyes and the perfectly nonchalant head tilt, it is the kind of pout picture that many would kill for. Penélope’s pout is suggestive and sensual, yet unbelievably casual and spontaneous. Don’t we just love it when a pout is effortless and unrehearsed!

9 Jennifer Lawrence’s Au Naturel Pout


No list can be complete without Jennifer Lawrence these days, for it seems the gal has got it all. Even the ladies are singing praises of her kisses. Amy Adams, Jennifer’s American Hustle co-star can’t stop complimenting Jennifer on her very soft looking lips. That apart though, if you dig up any of Jennifer’s glamorous photo shoots, you will definitely notice the pout. It is absolutely striking.

8 Liv Tyler’s All-Lips Pout

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring star and model, Liv Tyler has a fabulous pout. When she teams it up with dark lip colors, she truly needs no other accessory on her flawless face. The highlight of Liv’s pout is that the fullness of her bottom lip does not overpower the shape of her top lip. It is all just perfectly right.

7 Megan Fox’s Ultra Flirty Pout


Actress and model, Megan Fox is stunning from top to bottom, but even with her perfect figure and striking features, one never fails to notice her full-lipped pout. Megan seems to be very aware of how alluring her lips are and hence, prefers to wear dark lipstick shades to highlight her pout. This dark haired beauty from, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen makes sure that her luscious lips are glaringly evident in all of her photo shoots and she sure seems to know how to use their potent power to the fullest.

6 Eva Mendez’s Sultry & Sexy Pout

Having a Cuban ancestry has not just blessed Eva Mendez with her sultry and exotic looks, but it has also helped her get full and generous lips. Granted that the Hitch star prefers to downplay the glamour of her pout by using subtle and light lip shades. Yet, despite all her seeming efforts, those lips can never be truly concealed from the limelight for long.

5 Scarlett Johansson’s Dreamy Pout


If there was ever an ethereal and dreamy pout, it has got to belong to Scarlett Johansson. I’d bet that even cosmetic surgeons keep photos of her pouting, just as samples for prospective lip injection clients, of course! There is a certain paradox about Scarlett’s pout though. Her large and full lips suggest secrets, wickedness and passion while the shy smile that goes with her natural pout suggests naiveté and guilelessness. She’s definitely a complete package!

4 Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings of 2 Broke Girls and Thor: The Dark World fame has a truly authentic pout. She has ample lips, almost perfectly in line with her curvy body frame. Her pout too is completely natural (thanks to her already full lips) and seems like there is a general nonchalant lack of effort in achieving it. After all, who wants a fake pout anyway? Kat loves to dress her lips up in dark shades of red, maroon and burgundy. Somehow the shades work perfectly on her fabulous skin texture and tone. Keep up the pout Kat!


3 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s ‘Kisser Lips’ Pout


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley from the 2011 movie, Transformers: Dark of the Moon is an English model and actress. By self-confession, she has probably had the hardest time of all, thanks to her extraordinarily accentuated pout. In an interview for GQ, Rosie opened up about the bullying she had to deal with during her younger years. Apparently, she was nicknamed ‘kisser lips’ in school and although she loves her pout now, she didn't really enjoy the attention it garnered back then. Astonishingly, Rosie makes another revelation about her lips. She claims that she has what she believes to be ‘mood lips’. In other words, this means that her lips change color with her moods; and no, she did not imply that it was with the application of different lipstick shades!

2 Amanda Seyfried’s Lovelorn Pout

Actress, model and singer, Amanda Seyfried of Les Miserables and Mamma Mia! has fantastic lips. They are perfectly perched on her face and look just right with her large almond shaped eyes and chiseled jaw line. Whenever Amanda pouts, the slight indentations (which are too slight to be pronounced as dimples) on both sides of her lips give added accents to her features. Her distinctive pout belies the otherwise girl-next-door innocence of her eyes. Amanda is known to experiment with her lips and she does not shy away from bright and bold lipstick shades, even while she prefers to stick with the lighter shades and nudes.

1 Angelina Jolie’s Truly Iconic Pout


Angeline Jolie holds timeless dominance over all others who have come and gone when it comes to pouts. Angie’s pout is truly the barometer by which all other pouts are now being measured; and why wouldn't it be? Angelina Jolie has a signature pout and as she recognizes it to be one of her best features. Angie is known to regularly exfoliate and moisturize her lips. She also shuns lipstick and prefers lip-gloss on most occasions. Such is the charm of her ultra sexy, ultra glam pout that it has started a Youtube phenomenon. You can find thousands of video tutorials on how to get Angelina Jolie’s iconic pout with the expert use of make up. There, is there any other way to measure the success and appeal of a pout?

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