10 Of Hollywood's Most Notorious Bad Girls

Human beings are such a voyeuristic bunch. We secretly love to see people behaving badly and doing things we wouldn’t dream of attempting ourselves. That’s especially true for bad girls that constantly get coverage by the media. These young ladies are sexy, rich and have no inhibitions at all when it comes to living life, partying hard and just having a great time. Here is a list of 10 of the most notorious bad girls on the scene right now.

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10  Miley Cyrus

There are a lot of grown-ups in America now (including Mika Brzezinsky of Morning Joe) who can’t seem to wrap their minds around the complete sexual transformation of America’s sweetheart, Miley Cyrus. For so many years, she was the sweet and adorable Hannah Montana, and then all of a sudden, she decided to break through that aura of innocence. A few of her most scandalous moments to date include: the risqué music video for her hit song  'Wrecking Ball', her outrageous, sexed-up  performance at the 2013 VMA’s with Robin Thicke, her viral “twerking” video in a unicorn costume and even smoking weed on stage at the MTV EMA awards last year.  Something tells us Miley is really enjoying all the commotion she’s creating, and she’s just getting started.

9  Taylor Momsen

8 Sky Ferreira

How does that saying go? – “Birds of a feather flock together.” Well, the next girl on our list of bad girls was the opening act for Miley’s Bangerz tour, so there must be some common traits between the two singers. 21-yr-old Sky Ferreira has always rebelled against being a cookie-cutter pop star with her sexed-up image and rebellious attitude. However things took a turn for the worst when in September 13th of last year, she was charged for drug possession. She was driving to upstate New York for a music concert with her boyfriend when the vehicle was stopped for traffic infractions. During the stop, her boyfriend Zachary Cole Smith was found to be holding 42 decks of heroin and Sky was found to be in possession of Ecstasy pills. It’s one thing to have a “bad girl” image but when hard drugs enter the picture, that’s when very bad things can potentially happen.

7 Rihanna

They say there is no bad girl like a bad girl from the Islands, and Rihanna definitely proves that to be true. What really sets Rihanna apart is how she truly owns her racy image and sexually charged persona. Rihanna isn’t shy of anything at all and it seems her attitude towards life is “all or nothing.” There are the almost-nude shoots she does for fashion magazines (Vogue Brasil, V magazine, Lui magazine), the tattoos all over her slender, svelte body, her unabashed penchant for photographing herself smoking marijuana, and her provocative videos like “Can’t Remember to forget You” featuring Shakira. She’s been in the limelight for so many years already and she’s just 26 years old. One thing’s for certain, we are most likely going to see a few more years of youthful debauchery coming from this edgy Bajan beauty.

6 Paz de la Huerta

29-yr-old NYC actress Paz De La Huerta is no stranger to scandal. She definitely marches to her own drum and she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about her behavior. A few of her most famous exploits; appearing in some very provocative nudes by photographer Terry Richardson, flashing her breasts at a Lana Del Rey concert, and doing a strip-tease dance at a posh hotel party . She even once visited Graceland with her boyfriend at the time Scott Weiland (of Stone Temple Pilots) and claimed that she had an orgasm from Elvis’s ghost. And yeah, there was the time when as an actress on Boardwalk Empire, she got into major trouble with her producers for leaking some major plot details. Yes, Paz is a bad girl and she can’t be tamed.

5 Cara Delevingne

British super-model Cara Delevingne is quickly evolving into the new Kate Moss of the fashion world. We’re used to fashion models being fierce and strong when they walk the runway, but off the stage, they tend to draw back and act like regular people. But no, not Cara. When she’s not modelling, she parties hard with other bad girls like Rihanna and her rumored girlfriend, the actress Michelle Rodriguez. There was even the time last year when she was pictured in The Sun newspaper dropping a bag of mysterious white powder. But that controversy eventually blew over, and the 21-yr-old, heavy-browed beauty continues to be one of the most talked about people in fashion.

4  Rita Ora

UK pop princess Rita Ora loves to party and why not? At the age of 23, she’s really sitting on top of the world. She’s had several #1 singles, she’s managed by Jay Z’s talent agency Roc Nation, she’s dating one of the most successful DJs in the world, Calvin Harris – and the truth is she’s only at the very beginning of her career. Rapper Iggy Azalia was recently quoted as saying the following about Rita Ora, “She’s one of those girls that always gets the party started – she’s so mischievous, it’s great going out with her.” We only live once, and Rita certainly places a high premium on having as much fun as she can.

3 Azealia Banks

Harlem rapper Azealia Banks is one of those people in the public eye who is always looking for trouble or a fight to get into. She debuted on the scene about four years ago with a runaway club hit called “212” – a song that really put her on the map. But ever since then, her career has been highlighted by twitter beefs and petty arguments with other rappers. She’s had fallouts with Iggy Azalia, Nicki Minaj, Angel Haze, Jim Jones and even Hot 97 Radio personality, Funkmaster Flex. She even went on a public rant about firing her manager, Troy Carter (Lady Gaga’s former manager).

2 Nicki Minaj

It’s tough to be a female rap star in the testosterone-driven Hip-Hop community. To pull it off, you have to be tough, sexy, raw and savvy all at the same time. Nicki Minaj has been able to play all these roles to perfection. She has the raw lyrics, the sexed-up visual presentation, the provocative (almost naked) Instagram shots, tons of confidence and great media skills as well. For example, whenever you see her appear on The Ellen Show, she comes off like an adorable and sweet young woman – nothing like the bad girl vibe she promotes in her videos and other facets of her career. She’s been able to strike the perfect balance – a bad girl when she needs to be, and a lovely and cultured young woman whenever the situation calls for it.

1 Kesha

Ever since she arrived on the music scene, the singer Ke$ha has been all about letting loose, losing inhibitions and dancing the night away.  She has never been one to preach about walking a straight line and living a clean life. She even named one of her best-selling tours the “Get Sleazy” Tour. However it seems all the partying and excess got too much even for her. Earlier this year, she announced that she was checking into a 30-day rehab treatment for an eating disorder. In her announcement, she stated that she had to learn how to love herself again. She is presently out of rehab and looking healthier and happier than ever before. She also announced that her name was no longer spelt with a “$” sign but a regular “s”.  It feels like Kesha is getting all grown up.

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