10 Of Hollywood's Biggest Casting Mistakes

As we are all aware, a ton of money goes into a Hollywood film, so much so, that every decision in the film-making process becomes extremely critical to the success of the movie. From the costumes to

As we are all aware, a ton of money goes into a Hollywood film, so much so, that every decision in the film-making process becomes extremely critical to the success of the movie. From the costumes to the lighting, to even the smallest decorations on set, it all matters, as it could all make a difference. However, sometimes film makers are the ones who end up making the biggest mistakes on the biggest decisions, like casting the lead role for the film for example. With that being said, let's take a look at Hollywood's 10 Biggest Casting Mistakes. Some, if not all, might make you very angry and disappointed.

10 Colin Farrell - Alexander as Alexander

We can all agree that Colin Farrell is a great actor, and when he is right for a role, there is no doubt he will nail it. But unsurprisingly, this dark haired Italian bad boy does not fit the role of Alexander the Great, one of the greatest kings in the history of mankind. Farrell came off as an adolescent wearing an awful wig, rather than a great warrior king, as he should have been. On top of that, he kept his Irish accent for the role. Yeah, Alexander ruled Macedonia -- so, that certainly makes perfect sense.

9 Hayden Christensen - Star Wars as Darth Vader

George Lucas cast Hayden Christensen to play Anakin Skywalker, in the Star Wars prequels, Attack of the Clones (2002) and Revenge of the Sith (2005) -- the Jedi who would later on become Darth Vader. Although Lucas' Star Wars prequels had a number of problems, the biggest and most dire one was casting Hayden Christensen. First of all, Christensen isn't a competent actor and his filmography following the Star Wars prequels is proof of this, which consists of small roles and highly criticized films. Second of all, Hayden failed to convey the seriousness necessary for the role of one of cinema's greatest villains. Instead, he delivered a flat, peevish performance, which ultimately killed the Star Wars prequels and his own career.

8 Halle Berry - Catwoman as Catwoman

Let's face it, the script was pretty bad to begin with - however, the beautiful Halle Berry was far too superior of an actress to take on a demeaning and ridiculous role like a dominatrix like Catwoman. We mean, this isn't Batman, where Catwoman is just a side-kick. Although, the film was doomed from the get go, Jessica Alba would have probably been more fitting for the principle role.

7 George Clooney - Batman

George Clooney was cast as Batman in Batman & Robin (1997), the film that is often blamed for killing the Batman franchise until 2005, when the brilliant Christopher Nolan rebooted it with Batman Begins. So, what went wrong? Answer -- George Clooney. Yes, Clooney is a terrific A-list actor, but he's no Batman. The Batman he played was cheesy, corny, goofy and completely insincere. Clooney brought no darkness to the Dark Knight. George Clooney has even apologized to fans on countless occasions for his portrayal of Batman and for possibly ruining the franchise. But it's not all Clooney's fault -- the rest of the film didn't exactly live up to full potential.

6 Elizabeth Banks - W. as Laura Bush

W., a film based on the life of former President of the United States, George W. Bush, was released in 2000. The film highlighted key points in Bush's life, from his move to Governor to President and to the war in Iraq. Overall, the movie had an interesting plot, but it failed to deliver, thanks in part to bad casting. 46-year-old actor, Josh Brolin was cast as George W. Bush, which worked just fine age wise. However, Elizabeth Banks was cast as Laura Bush. Banks was only 36 years old at the time and was playing a character who was supposed to be in her 50's. It made no sense whatsoever. Elizabeth Banks was far too young and far too sexy to play the former first lady.

5 Vince Vaughn - Psycho as Norman Bates

First of all, Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho should have never been remade in the first place, so that is mistake number one. Mistake number two was casting the funny-man Vince Vaughn, as the iconic role of Norman Bates. The lovable, funny man was not the right choice to play a cross-dressing, knife-wielding, murderous loon. Vaughn is not odd or creepy enough to play Norman Bates and he couldn't nail the compulsive, nervous laughter that Anthony Perkins undoubtedly nailed in the original. Instead, Vince Vaughn's laughter seemed involuntary -- which doesn't surprise us, since the 1998 Psycho was completely laughable.

4 Kristen Stewart - Snow White and the Huntsman

In the classic tale of Snow White, Snow White is described as... "a kind and gentle princess, with lips red as a rose and skin white as snow." Disney got her character right, but this wasn't the case for Rupert Sanders' Snow White and the Huntsman film. Kristen Stewart is a plain Jane, sporting a pair of converse shoes and the emotional range of a rock. She might have played the role of Bella Swan accordingly in the Twilight franchise, but let's face it, she's no Snow White, pale as she may have been, representing a shimmery vampire.

3 Brad Pitt - 12 Years a Slave

Brad Pitt's production company, Plan B funded the film, 12 Years a Slave and then, Pitt cast himself as the white hero who saves the black man. Although the movie won 3 Oscars and Brad Pitt is an A-list actor (and a fantastic one), he was too big of a star for the film. The movie was set in the 1800's in Mississippi and was a serious and emotionally wrought film about slavery. Brad Pitt's presence unfortunately takes you out of the "real-life" experience and makes you completely forget you're in the 1800's.

2 Josh Hutcherson - The Hunger Games

Josh Hutcherson was cast as the leading man in The Hunger Games as Peta Mellark. However, Hutcherson did not have enough charm or personality to match his leading lady, Jennifer Lawrence, who as we know, has gained incredible recognition since her role in the movie and has obtained even more incredible roles in films such as American Hustle, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Silver Linings Playbook, since The Hunger Games fame. Hutcherson was cast as the leading man, however he lacked the lead. The fact that Josh is shorter than Jennifer also took away from the manliness of his role.

1 Chloe Grace Moretz - Carrie

Chloe Grace Moretz was cast as Carrie in the 2013 remake of the same name. The 17-year-old fit the role in regards to age and her acting skills. However, Chloe was seemingly too pretty to play the role of Carrie, a social outcast. Unfortunately, Moretz doesn't look like the girl that would be picked on, like the original Carrie (played by Sissy Spacek in 1976), instead, she looks more like the girl that would be picking on Carrie. Maybe she would have been better suited to play the role of one of the mean high school girls who picked on Carrie.

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10 Of Hollywood's Biggest Casting Mistakes