9Transformers And...Bud Light! 

It comes as no surprise that the alcoholic beverage placed in Transformers: Age of Extinction would be Bug Light Platinum. Michael Bay is no stranger to product placement in his films. In fact, he's known as one of the filmmakers more friendly to the easy cash money.

He's never displayed that friendliness

more than in the Transformers films. In Age of Extinction, Bud Light Platinum must have been one of his many financial supporters because it popped up in the movie more than once.

The more publicized instance was one ridiculous moment where Mark Wahlberg randomly swigs a fallen bottle in front of someone for no real conceivable reason. It's one of the best product placement moments there is. However, there are plenty more. Bay made sure that in between his signature explosion shots he added close ups of Bud Light Platinum, the product of his very friendly Bud pals.

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