10 Nintendo 64 Games That Defined Your Childhood

When the Nintendo 64 hit the stores, gaming was changed forever. It quickly evolved from short plays of enjoyment to weekend-long sessions of exploration, domination and destruction (sometimes in frustration). But some titles were more than a game; they defined our childhood in ways people, places and education couldn't. With the launch of the N64, games became more realistic, soundtracks transformed from just beeps to dialogue and beautiful musical pieces, worlds were worth exploring for nothing more than the sheer detail around every turn. The best titles were not just games, but experiences and we remember them fondly.

While now children are spoiled with choice of what they can play, Nintendo provided gamers with a solid assortment of games that prioritized fun, party modes and competition. Added here was also luck, which made it feel the aspect of "anyone can win" and addiction may have started to take hold. As you read through these titles you'll remember missing events due to their charm. One more level you'd say, until one day when you came home from school and your mum had hidden the console somewhere in her wardrobe and left out the games just to tease you...

10 Donkey Kong 64


9 Mario Party


8 Diddy Kong Racing

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7 Conker's Bad Fur Day



6 Perfect Dark

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5 Super Smash Bros.

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4 Mario Kart 64

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3 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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2 Super Mario 64


1 Goldeneye

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While the battle for number one was as fierce and competitive as a multiplayer bout in this title, Goldeneye takes the honor of defining our childhood more than any other. While the movie wasn't the greatest Bond flick, the game expanded on the universe and became an instant cult classic. The blood covering the screen when you die, the soundtrack, the pew pew gun fire, the polygon breasts of female characters, dual wielding pistols, tossing mines and watching mayhem helped offer fun no matter how old you were. The maps were varied, and at the time of creation actually enhanced the experience unlike many of today (COD, I'm looking at you). Oh, and I didn't even mention the golden gun...shooting that bloke on the toilet...betrayal...memories...where's my Nintendo 64?

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10 Nintendo 64 Games That Defined Your Childhood