10 New Television Series You Must Binge-Watch This Winter

Winter provides the perfect backdrop to find the coziest spot on the couch and hibernate for a while (perhaps a long while). The season has not only dropped snow, depending on your region, of course, but also a lot of new television series, a few of which will surely strike your fancy. Hint: Harry Potter fans, get ready. Back in the day, TV executives used to release just about any TV show during the winter months because the chilly climate would ensure that they would receive high ratings. Luckily, things aren’t quite the same today. This new season has a lot of crime dramas on the menu (one which offers a different take on the genre), big screen actors making their way to the small screen, including several cast members from Friends, new Sci-Fi content and a couple of new series from the beloved, HBO. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most interesting shows to binge-watch during this chilly, winter season - all you need is a cozy spot on the couch and a bowl of popcorn to go along with it.

10 Shades of Blue

9 Outsiders

8 The Magicians

7 You, Me and the Apocalypse

6 Vinyl

5 Billions

4 Colony

3 American Crime Story: The People v. O. J. Simpson

2 Animals

1 Angie Tribeca

While television likely doesn’t need another crime series, this one offers a different take, spoofing and satirizing the genre itself in a 30 minute comedy. The best part? It is brought to you by the one and only Steve Carell, who created the show, along with his wife. It centers around a detective, played by Rashida Jones (Parks and Recreation), who is working for the "Really Heinous Crimes Unit" at the Las Angeles Police Department, where she investigates very serious cases in what will likely be a very comedic manner. The series will also feature a lot of guest stars, including the likes of Bill Murray, Lisa Kudrow and James Franco. The series premieres on January 17th on TBS.


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10 New Television Series You Must Binge-Watch This Winter