10 Netflix Series' Mistakes You Never Noticed

Movie and television mistakes have been around as long as the mediums themselves. Hell, actors have been flubbing lines and costumers and stage designers have been putting the wrong things on the wrong person (or in the wrong place) since Shakespeare. With its entry into the original series arena a few years ago, Netflix has made more than its fair share of errors. You name it, they’ve flubbed it - editing, continuity, even apparently killing off characters in one scene only to have them appear miraculously alive a few scenes later.

We’re not saying Netflix are the only criminals, of course. There are an awful lot of people out there who saw the infamous car in the background of a cornfield in the theatrical release of Fellowship of the Ring, one of the biggest movies of all time. For those who didn’t, let it suffice that there were no cars in Middle Earth. Ever. But, since Netflix is a relative newcomer to the game, we thought we’d welcome them with a quick look at 10 of their biggest flubs and goofs of the past few seasons.

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10 Sense8 - Heart Rate Snafu

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Let’s start with a doozy, from the critically-acclaimed Sci-fi series Sense8 that premiered this past summer. You would think, with all of the experienced talent hanging around the set, that simple continuity errors wouldn’t crop up quite so easily. After all, J.Michael Straczynski, the creator of the cult series Babylon 5, and the Wachowski Brothers (um… siblings) of The Matrix fame, created, wrote and directed the show. However, in one episode we find ourselves by the hospital bed of a major character. The heart rate monitor clearly shows the character’s rate to be 72. A few moments later, the camera angle shows the monitor flashing zero. Because the character has just died, right? Well… no. The following scene shows the monitor back at 72 and the character in her previous agony. But. Not. Dead. Not the craziest mistake ever but definitely an avoidable one. Wasn’t anyone involved in the scene just a little bit distracted by that flashing light?

9 Narcos - Technology Lapse

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It’s definitely difficult to do a period piece and not have a few errors here and there - we know we wouldn’t want to try. But still, some mistakes are just so much more blatant than others. Narcos, which tells the story of Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, has more than its fair share. You remember Escobar, don’t you? He was like public enemy number 1 back in the late 70s and early 80s. So you would think the show might not be so obvious about putting a satellite phone that wasn’t invented until the 2000s on screen. You would think so but you would be wrong. They did just that. It’s safe to say that phone looks maybe just a little bit out of place.

8 Narcos - Technology Lapse, Again

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Satellite phones aren’t the only modern technology that shows up in the oddest places on Narcos. Photocopiers get their accidental day in the sun as well. Let’s face it, before 1985, pretty much all electronic or “computer-ish” tech looked pretty damn bulky. In fact, it generally looked like something NASA bumped to the curb after they stopped doing the Apollo missions. So it’s pretty funny to see a modern copying machine trying to pass itself off as some kind of 70s relic. But that’s what Narcos did in an early scene at the airport in Colombia when a passport is being copied. The machine in question even has paper taped to it in an effort to hide its modern touchscreen. Unfortunately, the whole thing looks way too sleek and modern for the time period, even with the lame paper disguise.

7 Hemlock Grove - Canadian Cell Phone Service Provider

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Not all mistakes are continuity ones, although it sure does seem like it sometimes. In the dark horror series, Hemlock Grove, there’s a huge production mistake that somebody really dropped the ball on in season two, episode nine. Namely, the show is supposed to take place in Pennsylvania. There’s a scene where a character’s cell phone is ringing next to his hospital bed. The camera zooms in toward the screen of the phone and we see that the service provider is Rogers. Not a big deal, right? After all, what service provider he chooses is up to him. Except for the tiny little fact that Rogers is only available in Canada. Not Pennsylvania. Whoops. Maybe if you’re going to set a series in one location but film in another you should think about how that might impact your show. Maybe.

6 Jessica Jones - Entering Or Leaving?

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Everybody’s favorite depressing superhero doesn’t have time to mess around when she’s tracking down bad guys. Maybe that’s why the show doesn’t have time to make sure they don’t make silly filming and editing mistakes. In an episode in season one, Jessica needs to find a disguise in a hospital and get into the emergency room. So she grabs a nurse’s uniform (good so far) and walks through the doors of the emergency Rrom unchallenged. We know she’s successful because we see the words “Emergency Department, Authorized Personnel Only” stenciled on the door. Except, wait a minute, we see those words as she’s walking toward us. Which means she’s leaving the emergency room, not going into it.

5 Jessica Jones - Where's Stark Tower?

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Marvel is always going on and on about how the MCU is consistent throughout all of their shows and movies.  So it's interesting that the CGI people kind of forgot to add a small, unassuming edifice known as Stark Tower to a background scene in Jessica Jones.  There's the city of New York spread out in all of its glory.  But no Stark Tower.  Just a plain and simple old MetLife Building from our own mundane reality.  Maybe the MCU isn't as together as we might want to think it is.

4 Daredevil - Walkie Talkie No No

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What is it with phones and continuity errors? Not that the scene is completely destroyed by this factual error but the initial showdown between Daredevil and Kingpin, played by the awesomely creepy Vincent D’Onofrio, in season one episode six is a tense back and forth that the two conduct over police-issued walkie talkies. That would be just fine, if you could talk and listen on a walkie-talkie at the same time. Problem is, you can’t. You have to choose one or the othe r- press the little button on the side, you’re talking, don’t press it, you’re listening. You can’t really have a real time, mutual conversation over it. We don’t want to say that every little kid who has ever had a friend next door knows this but then again…

3 Daredevil - Sugar, Please!

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Continuing in the superhero vein, here’s another great one from Daredevil. It’s great because, really, it’s just so awesomely stupid. Say you sit down with a cup of coffee to have a conversation with another guy. Say you decide to add some sugar to that coffee. There’s a sugar dispenser sitting on the table in front of you. What would you do? What would you do if you went to pour that sugar and there was no sugar in the pourer? Why, you’d stir that imaginary sugar into your coffee for all you were worth, wouldn’t you? Especially if you’re an actor on Daredevil and no one told you the prop sugar was really just a prop. Like they couldn’t borrow some sugar from catering?

2 Orange Is the New Black - Tattoo Disappears

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Okay, so we all know by now how hard it is to keep the continuity of a series correct. There are so many tiny, nagging little details. The kind of details that seem so insignificant that no one will ever notice if you screw them up every now and then. Details like having your main character have a tattoo on her neck in the pilot episode that magically disappears by season two. Yup, that’s what happened to Piper on Orange Is the New Black. We thought people got more tattoos in prison; tattoos of the raunchy, hepatitis-bearing, homemade kind. We didn’t know prison tattoo artists were able to magically remove tattoos as well with their state-of-the-art laser machines.

1 Bloodline - Same Extras Used

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Sometimes trying to save a little bit of money on production costs can lead to some pretty bad continuity errors. Like this gem from Bloodline. A character is due to arrive on a certain bus. Because he’s kind of a ne’er do well he, of course, doesn’t arrive. Another bus comes. He’s not on that one either. Except… the second bus is exactly the same as the first. As in, the same passengers get off in the same order. Who knows? Maybe extras were really hard to come by during filming that day.

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