10 Mysterious Places That Could Be Portals To Other Worlds

Our world is shrouded in many mysteries. Some of these mysteries resemble tales and myths while others real facts. However, there are those in between that make us question if they are worth believing in.

I’m talking about portals, wormholes, stargates and all related synonyms of these words that from ancient times were said to be areas which, upon entering, you may find yourself in other places, dimensions and times.

While you may be skeptical about portals, nowadays more and more scientists believe that these creations exist, and they do whatever they can to find them. Why is there such a huge interest? Think about it, if we could find or create at least one portal and learn how to use this wonderful creation, it would help us to learn a lot more about the physics, history and chemistry of the world.

In researching a topic from questionable sources, it’s difficult to distinguish what you should believe, so scientists continue the hard work. And the hard work has already given great results. While these results still need to be researched further, we know 10 mysterious areas that could be portals to other worlds!

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10 Abu Ghurab

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This site is believed to be one of the oldest structures humans have ever created. Interestingly, it’s made of Egyptian crystals that are said to be in tune with the vibrations of our planet. Because of that, many think that the Abu Ghurab area can heal diseases, strengthen the physical and mental body as well as help us communicate with gods and the energies of the universe

Moreover, these tales are similar to those found in Native American tribes that also say there are areas in the Earth where beings can travel to other worlds by using vibrations.

9 Gate Of The Gods

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In 1996, Jose Luis Delgado Mamani was learning about the place of his new work as a tour guide, and incidentally discovered a strange place. Later this amazing place was called the “Gate of The Gods,” which is found in Hayu Marca, Peru.

Furthermore, the same person who has found this area claimed that he dreamt about it for many years, so it was easy for him to find this portal. One more important mention is that it looks like two gates in one place. One is 22 x 22 while the smaller one is closer to the ground and is 6.5 feet high.

8 The Ancient Sumerian Stargate

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One famous Sumerian seal shows a Sumerian god coming from a portal to our world. The god seems to be moving away from people who look at this strange seal, which results in an illusion archeologists couldn’t explain how the ancients could have created.

Similar Sumerian artifacts also show a strange creature wearing a modern wristwatch and clicking something related to today's buttons...

7 Tiahuanace

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Also called the “Gate of the Sun,” Tiahuanace is believed to be a portal to the land of gods and, by its stories, is related to Andes territory myths. Tiahuanace was and still is one of the most important places in America, with stories telling about the Sun god coming in Tiahuanaco and making it the place of creation in which humans originated.

This portal is suggested to be 14,000 years old and has carvings of humanoid beings who wear astronaut helmets, so lead archeologists believe that this portal is related to cosmology.

6 Ranmasu Uyana Stargate

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Created from a huge piece of stone and hidden between caves, Ranmasu is thought to be a star chart or a star map. This portal has ancient symbols on the rock and is said to open gates between worlds for those who can understand the meaning.

Similar star maps are found around the globe and have many similarities in their form and meaning of ancient writings. The biggest difference is that people from different regions used different languages, so it takes a time to understand every detail. As we advance in archeology studies, we'll soon learn more about their meaning.

5 Abydos

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Abydos is one of the oldest and most important cities in Egypt because it has hieroglyphs of modern technology like tanks, helicopters, flying saucers and other vehicles. But even more interesting is how this place was discovered. A woman named Dorothy Eady claimed to be the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian girl who was beloved by Pharaoh Seti. In the 20th century, she was able to precisely transcribe the Egyptian texts and tell the places where archeologists could have found them.

Moreover, she was seen trying to push the walls as if there should be secret rooms but it didn't work. Dorothy says there should be secret places that lead to portals, but for some reason, the doors in the walls didn't open.

4 Gobekli Tepe

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It’s the oldest known temple on Earth, containing many “T” form stone pillars engraved with various animal symbols. Two of these pillars stand in the middle of the circles and form archways resembling structures that are believed to be ancient stargates to the Pleiades star system.

The “T” columns are also found in South America, which makes things more interesting and mysterious since we have no idea how ancient people could build such structures in different regions of the world - without using sophisticated tools or modern knowledge.

3 Sedona Vortexes

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Sedona is a small town in Arizona between Native American Tribes, regarded as the state's most sacred city. Natives say that the red rocks of the desert around Sedona create vortexes that can transport dead matter and beings to other realms and dimensions, due to rocks having a higher frequency.

One interesting story tells that in the 1950s, treasure hunters were traveling to Sedona. After hearing about vortexes they decided to learn more, so they went closer. The bravest treasure hunter went through one of the archways and disappeared. He was never seen again...

2 Ancient Stone Arrangement

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In 2007, a group of underwater archeologists were searching for the remains of shipwrecks in the depths of Lake Michigan. Instead, they found 40 ft. stone structures. Archeologists say that these stones are 9,000 years old and are the size of Stonehenge.

This location was kept secret until now because Native American tribes residing in the area wanted to continue living a calm life, which would be interrupted by many visitors. So they asked for archeologists to keep this place secret.

1 Stonehenge

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One of the most popular destinations in the UK could be a portal to other worlds. However, it’s also one of the most mysterious places we still know little about. For example, how old is Stonehenge, why it was built, how could ancient people shape such stones and did people create it at all?

One strange incident happened in August 1971, when at 2 a.m., a policeman saw flashes of lightning hitting close to Stonehenge, and later could see a blue light emanating from the stones. The policeman heard screams so he went closer to the area, but found only the remains of a campfire.

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