10 Must-Read Celebrity Blogs

Why do we love blogs so much? Is it because it allows so many of us to become the writer we always wished we could be without creating the next great American novel? Is it because as readers we look f

Why do we love blogs so much? Is it because it allows so many of us to become the writer we always wished we could be without creating the next great American novel? Is it because as readers we look for those little snippets of fun, interesting, or inspirational things that help get us through our day? Maybe it’s because blogs are so personal and so liberating. What’s better than being able to rant about a topic that you feel passionate about or shed light on an issue you find disturbing?

Maybe we enjoy blogs so much because they give us some control of our world, even in a small way or at least the illusion of control. Maybe we find that soothing and helpful when all else around us gets chaotic and stressful. There are many types of blogs out there for every type of hobby and interest and so many styles of bloggers with different degrees of experience.

Blog content varies as greatly as does style, but one type of blog that always seems to remain popular are celebrity blogs. This list is a compilation of those that are a must read for dedicated blog readers. The pick of the best that allow the reader a view of the celebrity’s lifestyle and personality. The blogs that take their readers along with the celebrity sharing experiences and insight. Let’s take a look at those celebrity blogs we feel accomplish that.

10 Rosie O’Donnell:

Controversial but witty, Rosie O'Donnell uses her blog to toss her opinions out there on everything from politics to child-rearing. She features guest bloggers as well, speaking on a variety of topics including weight-loss surgery and unwanted children. While you may not agree with the viewpoints the content is always interesting and kept fresh. It’s a prolific blog with posts made daily. In between the humor and commentary the blog is peppered with home videos of O'Donnell’s family. It has a gritty heartfelt feeling which makes “Rosie” a must read.

9 Gwyneth Paltrow:

Gwyneth Paltrow brings a unique perspective to her blog. Obviously she doesn't live in the same world as most of us but she has some interesting insights and entertaining viewpoints as she tackles the day-to-day. No topic is off the table as she discusses being an actress, wife and mother. You will find everything from recipes to tips on decorating as well as juggling family and career. As any good blog does she makes readers want to come back for more, which is why Goop has made the list.

8 Katy Perry’s Blog:

We love the talented singer’s spirit and the way Katy Perry seems to always stay true to herself. Her blog is no different. It’s a collection of fun posts about things she is passionate about. Everything from furry friends to trying on costumes for performances and awards. She is also a trendsetter showing us what to watch out for with things like 3D Sushi costumes and manicures. She shares stories about her family openly and those that inspire her, including pictures. This blog is a light and fun must read!

7 Tori Spelling:

Tori Spelling, actress and mom, shares her life online with her readers via everything from fashion picks to family photos. She blogs about her day-to-day activities as well as her opinions and viewpoints. She puts forth the image of being someone that is very creative and her blog revolves around that with suggestions on topics such as planning parties, crafting, and organizing. Spelling believes anyone can “live artfully” and she sets out to show her readers just how to do it. She also doesn't hide her personal life including the challenges she’s had to overcome. Her readers come back for more because they feel they are getting a true look at who Spelling really is and along with the fun and creative suggestions the blog has an extended family feel, which makes it perfect for the list.

6 Perez Hilton:

Perez Hilton has turned into a celebrity in his own right. Born as Mario Lavandeira, this smart cookie has capitalized on human nature and gotten rich from it. Now he has his own mansions, jaguars, groupies, etc. Hilton keeps us informed on all the juicy celebrity gossip. Who’s doing what with whom and where. Lots of coverage of award events and openings as well as links to new trailers and popular caught-on-film moments. There is also plenty of dish on celebrity mom’s and babies as well as famous fashion moments and trendy new music videos. Lots of fun photos and videos make this blog a natural must read.

5 Jamie Chung:

Jamie Chung, actress, from the Once Upon a Time series, fills her blog with advice on fashion, her adventures in travel and her exposure to delicious foods. She also includes a section called “Instant Karma” which showcases inspiring stories from all over including reader contributions. An adventurer at heart, Chung takes her readers along for the ride, exploring the local cultures and places of interest in her travels. There are plenty of pictures of clothing and scenery and her posts are frequent enough to keep readers interested and definitely coming back for more.

4 Coco Rocha:

For all those model wannabe’s and closet clothing divas, this blog is a visual feast for all Fashionista’s. Supermodel, Coco Rocha offers tons of pictures of her shoots, covers, social activities, runway events, and even some from her personal collection. Rocha takes her readers around the world on her various travels, jet-setting to places like Cannes and attending gala events. Her readers can live vicariously through her as she dresses in the most fabulous designer clothing and goes to the most sought after invitation-only parties. It’s a glittering far off world for most and Rocha’s blog allows her readers a ticket to experience it.

3 Donald Glover:

This blog is smart and funny. Donald Glover, comedian, actor and star of Community is hilarious. Glover shares his one of a kind viewpoint about life and makes his readers laugh in the process. He also offers up opinions and picks on food, fashion and music as well. There is plenty of pictures and video to round it out making this celebrity blog experience a good one!

2 Olivia Palermo:

This blog is a must read for all those interested in fashion, beauty and style. Awesome

pictures of the latest looks and tips on fashion trends and must-have items for the seasons make this one a must read. Palermo, model and actress, has appeared as a judge on Project Runway and been an acting editor for She offers peeks into her own lifestyle, including her amazing wardrobe as well as her favorite tips on skin care, beauty products, hair and make-up. Palermo is assisted by guest bloggers as well making the site one of those that just begs to be read on a lazy Sunday with a full cup of coffee. For Fashionista’s, this blog a must read!

1 Crusoe, the Celebrity Dachshund:

This blog has to be hands down the best for animal lovers. It chronicles the adventures of a little dachshund named Crusoe, who apparently has become a celebrity. Follow Crusoe as he talks about his toys, outfits and the challenges of living with humans. He apparently travels quite a bit and the reader is treated to adorable photos and videos of Crusoe on everything from yachts to skis. This blog takes its readers on a magical tour of a dog’s life filled with humor and fun, earning it the number one spot this list.

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10 Must-Read Celebrity Blogs