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10 Movies With The Best R-Rated Scenes Of 2015

10 Movies With The Best R-Rated Scenes Of 2015

Sex and Hollywood go hand in hand. Both on and off screen, sex sells. The film industry is always rife with rumours and gossip about relationships and sex, so it is hardly surprising that these issues and topics are used within the films themselves. In this time of open self-expression and sexual liberation, it is rare to find a film that doesn’t have a sex scene in it, bar Pixar films. This isn’t a new thing, looking back at films like Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct in the 90s that have iconic sex scenes, or films such as Boogie Nights that are based on the sex industry itself. Even Richard Gere had a crack in American Gigolo.

More recently, films have begun to tackle more taboos regarding sex, such as exploring things like BDSM as well as relationships that are not necessarily the most accepted in society. Michael Fassbender stars in Shame which focuses on sex addiction, a topic that is explored on much more graphic detail in the two part Lars von Trier epic Nymphomaniac Parts 1 and 2.

This year has been no different with some mainstream and indie films based on sex. Sexual awakenings and taboo relationships are explored and investigated, but which films offer the best sex scenes? Which films offer those scenes that will stay in your head (or bedroom)? This countdown takes a look at the top 10 movies with the best sex scenes of 2015.

10. Trainwreck

Is this the first WWE sex scene? Maybe, and even if it isn’t, it has to be the funniest. Amy Schumer’s feminist inspired rom-com may be a slightly random choice for a top 10 sex scenes however the fact it combines a sex scene and a wrestler makes it a forgivable sin right? Trainwreck is Schumer’s feature film debut having made a name for herself in stand up and the TV show Inside Amy Schumer. Her in-your-face no apologies comedy style is reflected in the sex scenes in this hit comedy. John Cena plays her on-off-sort-of-boyfriend-but-not and he has a unique sex style, and the best sex scene in this film. The scene is hilarious and offers Cena some of the best lines in the whole film.

9. Knock Knock

Keanu Reeves isn’t a newb when it comes to sex scenes (remember Devil’s Advocate?) and in Knock Knock he goes back to his sex scene roots. The film, directed by Eli Roth (Cabin in the Woods, Hostel, Hostel 2) sees Keanu kept hostage by two beautiful girls (Lorenza Izzo from Aftershock and Green Inferno and Ana de Armas known for her Spanish film and TV work) after they knock on his door, stranded. They then seduce him (naughty) and keep him hostage whilst they torture him, physically and mentally.

This fantasy threesome in the bathroom soon turns sour as the plot thickens. It is the seduction part that brings the film into this countdown, not the torture. Unless that’s what you are into of course. Oh and by the way, just to make things all the more bizarre, Lorenza Izzo is director Eli Roth’s wife. Awkward.

8. Hot Tub Time Machine 2


This film bombed at the box office. Following on from the first film (which also features a hot bath time sex scene) the second instalment sees Nick in trouble. So the hot tub is fired up and the not-so-smart boy group end up in the future instead, which means they have to alter the future to save the past. Or something. It brought in less than the opening weekend cost ($5,963,324) and it has received hideous reviews from critics, scoring a pitiful 14% on Rotten Tomatoes. What the film does provide us with, however, are some fun sex scenes.

Who wouldn’t enjoy watching Gillian Jacobs getting it on with Rob Corddry whilst in a wedding dress, bearing in mind she was supposed to be marrying someone else. Gloss over the hideousness of the film and the horrendous gay sex simulation scene in the most random virtual reality game show you have ever seen, and just focus on the wedding dress scene. Or go back a step and watch the first film instead, which is actually fairly credible -ish.

7. Ex Machina


Ex Machina follows Caleb, a coder at a large internet company. When he is chosen to spend a week with the reclusive CEO, things do not go quite the way he expected. The film looks at the effects of true artificial intelligence and the consequences of that. This film went down a storm with critics and has been tipped as one of the best films of the year. The film doesn’t actually involve any specific sex scenes, however the self-exploration of the female robot characters (Alicia Vikander from Man From U.N.C.L.E) is intense and erotic, which is why it has made it into this top 10.

As the man-made individuals begin to develop a sense of self from their Artificial Intelligence they begin to explore themselves, and through their lack of self-awareness they are often naked, in the full frontal sense. Thank the lord Kryton never had the same desires in Red Dwarf.

6. Focus



Now this is a story all about how Will Smith got his kit off and performed in sex scenes alongside the beautiful Margot Robbie. Focus is the latest Will Smith film and focuses on a conman who begins to get involved with his protégé, Jess. To avoid things getting complicated, he ends it. Then three years later she shows up again and things get messy. Literally. The Australian actress was previously known for Neighbours and the Leonardo DiCaprio hit The Wolf of Wall Street. Robbie isn’t exactly unknown to the sex scene, having used her feminine wiles and sexuality in Wolf of Wall Street a number of times, baring all (full frontal) on more than one occasion. Whilst she isn’t this open on Focus, the intimation is there. The stunning Australian actress certainly isn’t shy when it comes to baring all for her craft.

5. Afterdeath



This ethereal and limbo-like film has more than one sex scene, but it is the first one that puts it in this top 10. When a group of teens and marketing worker Robyn (Miranda Raison) are killed when a club collapses they find themselves in a random house in the middle of nowhere. Whilst here, they try to discover why they are in this house and a number of secrets are revealed.

A love of sex is most definitely not one of those secrets and barely five minutes into the film, Robyn works in on three of the youngsters getting to know each other a little better. Young beauty Patricia (Elarica Gallacher known for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) sits atop Seb (Sam Keely), whilst next to both of them Livvy (Lorna Nickson Brown) alternates between the two. Later in the film, Seb and Patricia get it on all over again, only this time it’s a little more disturbing.

4. Diary Of A Teenage Girl


In a film that focuses on a 15-year-old girl sleeping with her mother’s older boyfriend, it is inevitable there will be some sex scenes involved. Diary of a Teenage Girl offers plenty, and it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. This is not a clothed quickie like in the similar Michael Fassbender  film Fish Tank. The film has at least a dozen varying sex scenes between True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard and 22-year-old UK actress Bel Powley.

The film isn’t preachy; it is about the sexual exploration and liberation of a girl coming into her own. The film was given an 18 plus rating due to the strong sexual content. Having never had an onscreen kiss before, Powley demonstrates an aptitude for the task in hand during the raunchy scenes. And given that the character is a virgin until she meets her mother’s boyfriend, it is quite the awakening.

3. Bound

Taking its lead from Fifty Shades of Grey, Bound features Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia from Buffy The Vampire Slayer) as Michelle Mulan, a daughter of a wealthy real estate broker. When she falls in lust with a boy toy, she is introduced to BDSM. Through her sexual awakening she discovers a confidence and independence that she transfers into her non-whip related life.

The film sees Charisma Carpenter bare all in more than one scene. All of your Buffy-based dreams are about to come true. There is oral sex, there is spanking, there are a number of sex scenes, and not just for Charisma either; young protégé Morgan Obenreder can be seen in bra and panties too. There are other naked and half-naked females in the film, but who cares when Charisma is naked as much as she is.

2. Entourage


Given how many sex scenes there are in the series, it is hardly surprising that the Entourage film features in this top 10. In the series, Adrien Grenier stated he averaged 1.6 sex scenes each episode! With adult film star Sasha Grey playing a main role in the seventh season of the show, it is hardly shocking that casting directors ‘accidentally’ cast two adult film stars for an oral sex scene in the film. The scene involving the two stars giving each other oral sex almost got the film a NC-17 rating. A large portion of the recorded material had to be left on the editing room floor in order for the film to keep its R rating. Entourage was released to a critical bashing, but it cannot be denied that this is an ultimate male fantasy film, and what would that be without some strong sex scenes? You can take your pick in this film.

1. Fifty Shades Of Grey


With the book series becoming a raunchy sex-filled sensation, it was inevitable that this film adaptation would feature high in this list just as it was inevitable that the film would contain a ridiculous number of sex scenes. Reports state that the 7 main sex scenes make up approximately 20 minutes of running time. That equates to one fifth of the film dedicated to hanky panky! The film is so raunchy it has been banned in Malaysia where it was described as being more like pornography than film. The book obviously passed them by. With two sequels planned, there will be much more whipping, spanking and God knows what else to keep all those BDSM fans happy in the cinema. But not too happy. Hopefully.

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