10 Movies That Ruined Celeb Relationships

It's definitely not a bad thing when you are paid millions to star in a blockbuster movie, that is guaranteed to open doors for more film opportunities, and even a higher salary. But what happens when your other half starts having feelings for his co-star, so much that they consider the idea of leaving you for the person they've been spending so much time on set with? Believe it or not, but these celebrities listed below have all experienced these situations, which saw famous celeb couples break up all because the chemistry between another person on set was more special than the chemistry they had at home. In the end, the ones that left their other halves for their on-screen partners had not only bagged themselves a new relationship, they went home with a hefty paycheck from the film's earnings. All in all, this should be a lesson for people who don't see the big deal of having their partners work with very good looking people on a movie -- especially when 'sexy' scenes are involved. See the list below on who left who to be with their co-stars.

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10 The Rum Diary


Everybody was shocked to learn that Johnny Depp was ending his relationship to Vanessa Paradis when the announcement was first made in 2011. Ironically, that same year, Johnny had gotten very close to his Rum Diary co-star Amber Heard, who would later on be confirmed as Depp’s girlfriend. The two went on to marry early 2015, following Johnny’s proposal in 2014. It should be noted that having spent almost two decades with the actor, Paradis was never proposed to — she even shares two children with the Hollywood star, but still, he never made any moves to marry her. Ouch.

9 Mr. and Mrs. Smith


Probably the most infamous case of husband leaving wife for his hot co-star; Jennifer Aniston was ditched following Brad Pitt’s outrageously sexy chemistry with Angelina Jolie, who was branded as a home wrecker for ruining the couple’s marriage. Watching the movie, one cannot deny that Brad and Angelina’s chemistry was on point — they played the parts so well, it was so easy to believe that they were a married couple (the one they portrayed in the film). The two have been together for ten years, and just last year, they decided to tie the knot and make it official that their relationship is just as strong and spicy as it was in 2005.

8 Daredevil


Daredevil may have been an awful movie, but it brought Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck together. The Hollywood couple met on the set of the superhero movie, and long and behold, it didn’t take long before it was announced that the couple was in a relationship. 2003, the year the movie was released, was the same year Ben broke up with Jennifer Lopez. In fact, sources say that Ben broke the news to J-Lo that he did not want to go through with the engagement while he was shooting the film, presumably because he had fallen for another Jennifer and her name didn’t end in ‘Lopez.’

7 Gone Girl


How ironic that years later, Ben Affleck would fall in love with another co-star — one that he had a sexual chemistry with as part of the storyline. Emily Ratajkowski, the smoking hot actress who portrayed Ben’s mistress in the film, was said to have grown close to the actor over the course of time as they shot scenes for the movie. Several outlets claimed that Affleck may have fallen for Emily by the time the film wrapped, because just one year after the film’s release, Garner made it known that she was filing for divorce from her husband. Insiders strongly suggested that Jennifer’s assumptions on Ben allegedly cheating on her with Emily may have been true, hence the divorce.

6 Snow White and the Huntsman


Kristen Stewart really messed it all up for herself when she decided to have an affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. The couple, who carelessly showed their affection for one another in a gated community, didn’t expect to be photographed kissing and hugging it out. Kristen was seeing Robert Pattinson at the time while Rupert was still married to Liberty Ross, who shares children with the famed film director. The cheating scandal caused Rob to dump Kristen, Liberty to divorce her husband, and most of all, Rupert and Kristen’s affair fell flat and they ended things right after that.

5 The Break-Up


After being dumped by Brad Pitt for Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston was searching for a new man, and she somewhat found him in Vince Vaughn. The actress started seeing the actor while they shot scenes for their movie, The Break-Up. It is ironic because, according to reports, the twosome began dating when the movie first hit production mode, and supposedly split right after the film was completed. According to sources, the relationship just didn’t work out, and Jennifer supposedly felt as if she was rushing into things that she knew she wasn’t ready for — she had just been dumped by women’s sexiest man alive. That’s not an easy thing to get over so quickly.

4 The Green Lantern


The Green Lantern may have been a really bad movie, but it saw Ryan Reynolds find love and happiness in Blake Lively. The Hollywood star, who was still married to Scarlett Johansson at the time, bonded well with Lively, who didn’t waste time to make her own moves on the married man. Before you know it, Scarlett is out of the picture, the two get divorced and Ryan jumps ship by making Blake his newest girlfriend. The couple went on to become engaged, and just months later, it was confirmed that they had secretly married and were expecting their firstborn baby.

3 Northern Lights


Northern Lights was a cheaply made low-budget movie by Lifetime that saw LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian fall in love. Of course, the tragic situation of it all is that both of them were married when they met — Eddie was with Brandi Glanville while LeAnn was said to have been happily married to Dean Sheremet. Well, she couldn’t have been that ‘happy’ since she went on to cheat on her ex-husband with Eddie, before letting him know that he would soon face divorce papers, further adding that she was leaving him. That’s gotta hurt.

2 Bad Teacher


Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake were very much the best couple in Hollywood. They did everything together — heck, Cameron even got in on the fun when it came to surfboarding with Timberlake out in California. But their relationship began to crumble a couple of years after they first announced their romance, and by the time they began shooting Bad Teacher together, it was over. Conflicting reports suggest that the couple broke up a couple of months before they started working on the film, while others claim their romance didn’t end until the movie hit its production stage. Either way, Bad Teacher is said to be the supposed fault for their relationship downfall.

1 The Last Face


While it wasn’t surprising to hear that Charlize Theron had ended her relationship to Sean Penn, it does still leave people questioning what’s going to happen with the movie the twosome worked on together. Theron, who directed The Last Face, is expected to premiere the film sometime this year, so it’s going to be awkward for her to be reunited with Penn, depending on how their relationship ended. The two Hollywood actors were believed to have been spending so much time with one another that they eventually became tired of being together, which is understandable. If you’re doing everything together, including shooting films, you kinda need a breather from that person. Who knows if they will get back together.

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