10 Movie Roles We All Want To See Megan Fox Play!

Oh, Megan Fox, what a beauty. We've seen her star as the main attraction of the Transformers series, the highly coveted April O'Neil alongside the Ninja Turtles, as a vampire lesbian killing all in her way, and as a party girl showing a 40-year-old that it's still cool to let loose. But there are many Hollywood roles that remain open to someone of Megan's stunning looks and attitude. She's fiery, she's sexy and most of all she draws in the crowds. Whether it be a villain or as a hero, there are 10 roles perfect for the gorgeous brunette. Some you may guess, others will have you wondering how you never thought of it before. While some of these are a little less realistic, there are also roles on here that Megan has come out and stated she really wants to take on.

Now, it is fair to say that Megan will never win an award for her acting because she is often cast as Megan Fox, not as the character stated in her script. But if directors (other than Michael Bay, please) realize the potential in her appeal, she may start to be given roles that transcend the simplicity she's dealt with in her earlier years. April is the first step, but April isn't really known for her looks in the way Megan portrays her. I wouldn't really buy Megan as a reporter, either. But look a little deeper and you'll see that she plays a great villain, a great seductress, and a wonderful icon. Can you think of any other roles that aren't on this list?

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10 Poison Ivy - Batman

Via dcentertainment.com

Poison Ivy's lips are her deadliest asset, something Megan Fox can identify with. She's seductive, covered in natural plant-life and she causes Batman headaches (and dreams). If the DC universe is going to cast a Poison Ivy, which really is a great opportunity, Megan fits the bill for the dark style they've created. Pitted against Ben Affleck, Megan's Ivy would be a worthy adversary that everyone would pay to see. Uma Thurman played the role well in the 90s, but the movie was horrible and Clooney made a mockery of everyone's favourite detective. For Affleck's Batman to work in a solo project, he needs a villain that uses seduction as a weapon. Catwoman was used by Nolan and played by Hathaway, so Ivy is the logical choice. With Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) already in the cards, these two women would be dynamite together.

9 A Bond Girl

Via experiecncefilm.com

With the new actor for the upcoming James Bond films set to be announced shortly, this is a fantastic opportunity to make a claim for Megan to be a Bond girl. Whether it be a support act, a villain or a one-night-stand, Megan has the sex appeal to really challenge a new Bond. There is also speculation that the next Bond may, in fact, be a woman, but this doesn't mean there wouldn't be Bond girls...can you imagine the scenes? With names such as Pussy Galore well known to the long-running franchise, I'm sure they could utilise a character from the books with Fox's take on a 21st-century version. She could definitely play a Russian femme fatale, but either way, there is still hope of her claiming a spot on the next Bond roster.

8 Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

Via blastr.com

7 A WWE Diva

Via Bigstock Images

We've seen a range of celebrities enter the ring for a one-off battle, but Fox would make a fantastic regular in the WWE. She speaks her mind, has an intimidating stare and looks great in her underwear...aren't they the three main boxes to tick when signing up for sports entertainment? Megan called Michael Bay Hitler once and he still chose to hire her for the newest Turtles flick, talk about not being afraid to speak your mind! The men of the WWE would be seduced by her charm, and it could be utilized as a great story arc leading into a giant match. But unlike the rest of the roles on this list, this one appears to be furthest from possibility. Wrestlers generally graduate to film, not the other way around. That doesn't stop us from hoping though...

6 Bulma - Dragonball

Via pianetadb.altervista.org

While Dragon Ball Z played Bulma's sexuality down due to the age bracket that watched the show, it is known that she is a feisty gal that can seduce men. She paired up with Vegeta! Who knew that man could be tamed by a woman? In the recent Hollywood adaptation of Dragon Ball, Bulma was played with more spunk and more sex appeal which is also a more accurate portrayal of who she is. There are plans to have another attempt at a live-action Dragon Ball movie, this time using Z as a starting point. While the roles of Goku, Vegeta and Gohan are more important, a strong and entertaining Bulma is essential to success. Megan Fox with blue hair? Yes please!

5 Mystique - X-Men

Via laughspark.com

Speaking of blue...with everyone sick of Jennifer Lawrence hogging the limelight in her attempt to lead the X-Men, few would argue that she needs to be replaced. While tossing Megan straight into the same role would be pointless, the X-Men are likely to shake things up in terms of actors soon. Wolverine won't be played by Jackman much longer, so the opportunity will exist in about 5 years. Jennifer Lawrence is a dominant leading lady in Hollywood and is always in contention come Oscar time. But that isn't Megan's style. Let's get her playing the naked blue heroine while Jennifer tries being the female version of Leo. Mystique is a mysterious character in the X-Men universe, and Fox can bring back that feeling by adding her style to the blueness.

4 Marilyn Monroe

Via Bigstock Images

She has Monroe tattooed on her arm and Marilyn is her idol, so who better than Megan to play the role? Hand her a blonde wig and a small mole and she surprisingly looks very similar in the face and has the style to match the revered actress. There have been attempts to bring Marilyn to the big screen, but they've fallen short of the mark each time due to a lack of star power. A big-budget and well-directed biopic about Monroe (think Aviator but with skirts flying in the wind rather than planes) would make Megan play to her potential. After all, she wouldn't want to let her idol down. I can see it on awards night now, the two candidates are Megan Fox for Monroe and Jennifer Lawrence for Cats...and the winner is...

3 Kitana - Mortal Kombat

Via thehande.files.wordpress.com

Megan stated in a recent interview that her ideal female role would be that of Kitana from the Mortal Kombat franchise. With talks about a new MK movie happening as we speak, and a director apparently locked in, casting will be made shortly. It's clear that if Megan has thrown her hat in the ring for the princess with a deadly set of blades, chances are we could have a hit. Kitana is the love interest of the main character in the series, so her role would be prominent and she gets to join the good team from the side of evil (Kitana's father is the antagonist, Shao Kahn). Kitana's sister, Mileena, looks very similar to Fox, and is vampire-like (Jennifer's Body, woo!), but Kitana would be Fox's choice.

2 Cleopatra

Via hawtcelebs.com

Much like Marilyn Monroe, this lady needs a proper Hollywood movie on her life. Megan has the dark features, the charisma, and the charm to pull off the historic figure. Not to mention she would look amazing in those outfits that they apparently paraded around in ancient Egypt. The question mark would be whether she could adapt to the necessary accent to make the role believable. We want to see Megan in some more serious roles to know if she has any true acting chops to jump away from the "wow she's hot, cast her" trend. The girl next door look only takes a woman so far, and if Megan wants to have a career for the next 30 or so years, she needs to prove to the industry that she belongs. Cleopatra and her enthralling story is the perfect way to make a stand. Though we will note, the above photo features fellow actress Kristin Kreuk in the role of Cleopatra. Doesn't mean we couldn't envision Megan in the role though!

1 Joanna Dark - Perfect Dark

Via perfectdark.retropixel.net

Another video game character, albeit one that hasn't yet be turned into a movie icon, Joanna Dark could easily become the female Bond. She's hot, smart, covered in weaponry and has an accent that sets her apart. This is the role that will make Megan Fox a respected actress on the world stage. Set in a futuristic time period where aliens are the dominant threat and infiltration is the key to success, Dark works as a secret agent trying to stop the threat upon the world. It was a Nintendo 64 game that really changed gaming by taking the mechanics of Goldeneye and sharpening the system. But it was also a game that created a new heroine that really kicked some ass. Despite it being a first-person-shooter, the character is not short on personality or looks. One look at that image and it's clear Fox was born for this role. We just hope there is a movie adaptation sooner rather than later.

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