10 Most Wanted DJs For Celebrity Events

If you’re an individual blessed with exceptional wealth and riches, there are a handful of activities that are pretty mandatory for filling up your days. First off, there are the regular shopping sessions at the best luxury boutiques in the fashion capitals of the world. Secondly, there is copious dining and drinking at five-star hotels and 3-star Michelin restaurants in the culinary capitals all over the globe. And of course, you can’t forget the plush and lavish vacations in the most exotic and scenic places. When night falls, the rich and wealthy don’t just put on their silk pajamas and creep into bed.  Nope, they go out and party till the early hours of the morning with expensive bottles of top-shelf liquor and gorgeous revelers who look like they’ve walked right out of a fashion magazine. For these nocturnal parties, having the right music to create the perfect vibe is essential. In this piece, we take a look at the most sought after celebrity DJs who are called on to provide the rockin’ beats for celebrity parties and glamorous fashion events.

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10  Mia Moretti

Originally from San Francisco, Mia Moretti is one of the go-to DJs called on whenever Fashion Week rolls into NYC. She has a truly eclectic fashion style and her fashion sense mirrors the wide variety of music she plays for her good-looking crowds. She has so much range too: she has DJ’d parties for designers like Prabal Gurung, spun records at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding party and even played beats for a Rock the Vote Party. Her cool fashion style hasn’t gone unnoticed either – she is frequently called on for fashion shoots and has done capsule collections with trendy fashion brand, Pencey.

9  Chelsea Leyland

DJ Chelsea Leyland is one of those celebrity DJs who’s been blessed with an amazing music sensibility and stunning looks too. The blonde beauty moved to NYC from the United Kingdom at the age of 19 to study acting. She actually found work in a couple of indie flicks, but she was soon drawn to music and learnt how to DJ. Since then she has been darling of the luxury fashion set, and she has played music for top-tier brands like Burberry, Valentino, Fendi, Jimmy Choo and more. She has also opened for huge pop/rock stars like Nicki Minaj, Santigold, Diplo and Duran Duran.

8 Skrillex

When it comes to the genre of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), the DJ named Skrillex is one of the young reigning kings of the game. Still in his mid-twenties, this Los Angeles native was actually reported in Forbes magazine to have raked $12 million in 2012. Even though most of his big bucks are earned spinning major concert events with thousands of EDM lovers, Skrillex is also regularly booked for private events by corporate brands like Hyundai and Redbull. If you never thought spinning records was a serious money-making endeavor, perhaps it’s time for you to reevaluate that position

7 Jus Ske :

Born and raised in NYC, Jus-Ske is another DJ that celebrities, fashion bigwigs and club promoters constantly call on for spinning their parties. As far as some of the celebrities he’s rocked beats for, why you don’t you try some of these names on for size?: Madonna, Jay-Z, Pharrell,  P-Diddy,  Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake and more. Jus-Ske also happens to be one of the more international players in our list. He constantly plays gigs not only in stateside hotspots like LA, NYC and Miami, but also internationally in cities like Dubai, Hong Kong, St. Tropez and Paris. He also plays music at events for some of the most vaunted fashion brands in existence including: Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and athletic juggernaut, Nike.  Jus-Ske might just be one of most well-rounded and hardest working DJs working today.

6  Hannah Bronfman

Hannah Bronfman’s story is one of those stories of innate privilege that people often read about and gasp, “Why her and not me?” Her family is deeply steeped in the world of music. Her father is Edgar Bronfman Jr., the former CEO of Warner Music Group and her mother is the famous 70’s African American actress, Sherri Brewer. Her older brother Benjamin runs a record label and has a child with popular pop-music spark plug, M.I.A.

Hannah is a true NYC socialite – sitting front row at fashion shows and DJing at several of the lavish events thrown by the crème de la crème denizens of NYC.  She also recently launched a popular app called Beautified which allows beauty salons to fill-in last minute appointments. What can we say; she’s an extremely multi-faceted entrepreneur.

5  Solange Knowles

It must be really tough having to bloom and develop your own image as the younger sister of the omni-present Beyonce Knowles. But we have to say that younger sister, Solange is doing just fine. She’s a musician herself and a very unique and highly-praised fashionista. Even though Solange is often seen wearing really expensive designer threads, she adds her own touch of quirkiness and flair that makes her a darling of the fashion set. Solangeb is also an accomplished DJ and her spinning venues are just as random and varied as her fashion sense. You might catch her controlling the music at a bourgeois Salvatore Ferragamo or V magazine party – or you might be surprised to catch her playing her playing beats at small intimate, pop-up parties in Brooklyn. One conclusion you can certainly draw about Solange Knowles is that in all the different facets of her career – model, singer, DJ – she stays absolutely true to herself and that’s a very admirable trait.

4 Leigh Lezark

Originally from New Jersey, Leigh Lezark moved to NYC in her late teens to study photography at Hunter college. It was in NYC that she threw herself wholeheartedly into her love for music and formed a trio called the Misshapes. The group quickly caught a strong buzz for throwing some of the best parties around and soon celebrities like Boy George, Cyndi Lauper and Hilary Duff were all big fans. As the years flew by, Leigh Lezark continued to upgrade her profile as a NYC socialite, fashion face and even as a model for music album covers. With her jet black hair and svelte physique, Leigh continues to be a huge draw to the celebrity crowd pulling in clients like Porsche, Kenzo and the Tribeca Grande Hotel. Did we mention that this music playing “it” girl is also good friends with Rihanna and Karl Lagerfeld?  She’s certainly living the life.

3 Tennessee Thomas

Tennessee is a cool and happening British expat living in NYC, and the former drummer of the all-girl band, The Like. After her music group disbanded, Thomas evolved to become quite the enviable “girl about town.” She has modeled for huge fashion brands like Zac Posen and she also DJ’s fashion parties for ultra-hip style names like Vena Cava and Rachel Antonoff.  The really unique thing about Tennessee is that she’s involved in the art and music world just as much as the celebrity and fashion world. Chances are if you live in NYC and are really embedded in the thriving art scene, you’ve probably seen her holding court at a gallery opening and keeping the cool tunes pumping.

2 Daisy Lowe

British “it” girl Daisy Lowe has music in her genes. Her biological dad is Gavin Rosdale, the frontman for British rock band, Bush (and husband to No Doubt star and established fashion designer Gwen Stefani.)  Ever since her late teens, Daisy was a shining starlet on the nightlife scene, DJing parties and even dating another popular British musician/producer/DJ named Mark Ronson. Now in her mid-20s, she’s an accomplished model for brands like Marc Jacobs, Pringle of Scotland and regularly appears in high-end fashion magazines like I-D, W and Italian Vogue. Even with all the modeling success, she still loves to DJ, and when the posh crowd in London needs a beautiful face behind the wheels of steel, she is the one they call.

1  SoSuperSam

Samantha Duenas aka SoSuperSam is another one of those gorgeous and talented DJs that fashion brands and celebs love to hire to spin the hot records at their fancy soirees. The sexy spinner is a Los Angeles native and is particularly respected for her uncanny knack of weaving different genres of music: Dance, Electronic, R&B, Hip-Hop and Soul music. Some of her top clients include BMW, Complex Magazine, Nylon Magazine, Vanity Fair, Porsche and Guess, and she has also opened for household music names like Erykah Badu and Boyz II Men. Some of you may also know actor and musician Donald Glover (from the NBC show Community and HBO hit Girls) – Samantha served as the official DJ for Glover’s recent Camp Tour.

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