10 Most Surprisingly Sexy Illustrated Characters

When we think of sexy illustrated characters the first names that usually come to mind are buff athletic types such as Superman or Batman and for good reason. Characters like the legendary Dark Knight and the hunky Man of Steel rightfully capture our attention, and our attraction, for very obvious reasons; they’re extremely good-looking, charming, and are iconic and extremely well known.

However, while men like Superman and Batman are undoubtedly handsome, there is a certain charm to those characters that you initially wouldn’t consider attractive. For characters that are a little more… eccentric or prickly, they don’t originally seem that appealing; however, once you follow their story or get to know them a little more closely, you can’t help but find them just a little sexier than you did before. Here’s the list for 10 surprisingly sexy illustrated characters:


10 Wiccan

A description of a slightly awkward gay Jewish fan-boy doesn’t necessarily strike desire into the hearts of women, but one look at this adorable hero just might make you reconsider.

Wiccan, a twin boy of Scarlett Witch and the Vision, is one of the most interesting, and surprisingly attractive characters in the Marvel universe. His origin story starts him out as the son of two loving middle-class parents and as a kid constantly bullied (for being awkward, gay, a fan-boy, etc.), so when he starts settling into his incredible powers (similar to those of the Scarlett Witch), that’s when this teenager starts becoming seriously hot. Wiccan is loyal, cute (with adorably shaggy, dark hair and a cool costume) and surprisingly, very sexy.

9 Gambit

Gambit, otherwise known as Remy Etienne LeBeau, is a complete and total Swamp Rat (at least according to Rogue, his on-again-off-again girlfriend), but once you get past the red eyes, the weird headgear, and the kleptomaniacal tendencies, he’s actually pretty hot.

Gambit is a former member of a guild of thieves and a rather volatile member of the X-Men. With a thick Canjun accent derived from growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana, Gambit can often come across as a jokester or a major cad, and normally drives women, especially Rogue, mad. However, once you get past the rough exterior, there’s a pretty sensitive and extremely attractive guy underneath. Gambit, despite his reckless habits, is actually a pretty loyal friend and will always be there when you need him, an extremely attractive quality in a man. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Gambit has an impressive physique, a playful personality, and a tendency to call woman Chere or Mon Petite. Oh, La La.

8 Aqualad

Aqualad is the youthful mentee to AquaMan and, unfortunately, the name doesn’t inspire much hope as to the attractiveness of the character, but names can be deceiving. In the original depiction of this character, Aqualad had dark hair, light skin and a rather unfortunate-looking red and blue leotard ensemble; however, as the comics evolved, so did the character.

As of the popular animated series Young Justice, Aqualad (otherwise known as Kaldur'ahm) is blond with a delicious cocoa complexion and a chiseled jaw line. In the animated series Aqualad has a very cool, collected personality, only enhanced by his sexy, low-toned voice provided by voice-actor Khary Payton. With the combination of impressive leadership, an attractively levelheaded personality, and stunning good looks, Aqualad is a pretty sexy character. While Aqualad may not have started out as an appealing superhero, fans certainly have a hard time keeping their eyes off of today’s version of Aqualad.

7 Marko (Saga)

Saga is a comic book series written by Brian K. Vaughn and illustrated by Fiona Staples, a very off-beat and highly interesting series that has the same romance as epic stories such as Romeo & Juliet, with the added bonus of the couple staying together throughout the course of the story.

Marko is the lead male protagonist in the story, a former soldier and a faithful father and husband, Marko usually comes off as too safe to truly be sexy, but don’t let appearances fool you. Pushed in the right direction, Marko features a very sexy and brave nature that drives women, especially his wife, wild with desire. While he may not be the typical male hero we’re used to seeing or reading in movies or books, Marko has a certain allure and bravery that leaves women eagerly waiting for more glimpses of this unexpectedly sexy character.

6 Alana (Saga)

Alana is the lead female protagonist in the story from the Saga series. She is a former soldier and contemporary mother; Alana is as surprisingly sexy as her husband, Marko (refer to the previous character description for more info). Alana is a tough-as-nails, brass and totally fierce woman who will do anything it takes to protect herself and her family. The experiences and emotions that come along with being a mother in this story (set in an extremely fascinating science-fiction type setting) don't instantly link motherhood and marriage with lack of attractiveness (as so many other fictional publications tend to do). With a somewhat crass sense of humor, the ability to always say exactly what’s on her mind, and her sexy and loving interactions with her loving husband Marko, Alana is a character that gets to have a sexy side along with a nurturing and fierce nature, finally.

5 Atsushi Dojo (Library Wars: Love & War)

Atsushi Dojo (male protagonist in the Library Wars: Love & War manga series written by Kiiro Yumi and Hiro Arikawa and illustrated by Kiiro Yumi) is an extremely short, highly irritable solider, he doesn’t exactly sound like someone’s idea of a dreamboat, but get past his rough exterior and you’ll find a handsome (although somewhat short) prince with a heart of gold.

In this manga series, the female protagonist, Iku Kasahara, eventually finds herself falling in love with her gruff commanding officer, and for good reason. At five-foot-four, he’s approximately three inches shorter than his romantic interest but he more than makes up for his lack of height with his impressive leadership skills, his unexpectedly sensitive nature and his rather impressive soldier’s physique. While Dojo can be at times commanding and grouchy, there are so many moments in this series where Dojo shows his more gentlemanly nature and surprises Iku (and the manga readers) with how sensitive and attractive he really is.

4 Jack Frost

Even though Jack Frost is an animated character in a children’s movie (Rise of the Guardians) that doesn’t stop him from being one of the sexiest illustrated characters fans have seen yet.

With short, white hair, gorgeous blue eyes and an adorably devilish personality, female fans tend to focus on him more as an object of attraction rather than as simply being the entertaining protagonist in a children’s film, though there is that too. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the utterly handsome actor Chris Pine provided Jack Frost’s charming and rather playful voice. Santa may have put Jack Frost on the Nice list, but there are certainly more than a few fans who wouldn’t mind being Naughty with this character…


3 Peter Parker (a.k.a. Spider-Man)

Before he was bitten by that radioactive spider, Peter Parker was a complete and total nerd and didn’t break very many hearts, until he’d donned the famous red-and-blue costume we’ve all come to know and love.

Despite the fact that he cracks way too many corny jokes, he’s constantly running late and he’s always whining about great power having great responsibility, there is still something about Peter Parker that draws women to him like moths to a flame, or should I say spider. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s always trying to be the good guy and help save the day, or that he simply seems friendly and non-threatening (unlike so many other guys) that women simply find him adorable. Peter Parker may not have started out his life as a hunk, but he’s certainly reached a point where he catches the attention of more than a few women (even when he’s out of the costume).

2 John Blacksad

Casting the fact that he’s a cat aside (we are talking about illustrated characters here after all), John Blacksad is one of the sexiest characters anyone has ever seen drawn across a page.

In the graphic novel series of the same name written by Juan Díaz Canales and illustrated by Juanjo Guarnido, Blacksad, a somewhat jaded private investigator, has an extremely debonair personality and charm that leaves women chasing after him like he’s catnip (excuse the pun). Excusing the animorphism, Blacksad acts like any other suave Bond-man type character that’s ever existed; he’s an extremely charming man who knows how to flirt with women, has exciting, extremely dangerous adventures, and an animal (no pun intended) magnetism to him that most women simply can’t resist.

1 Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing)

Who would have ever thought that the red-yellow-and-green clad Boy Wonder we saw fighting alongside the legendary Dark Knight would one day become an extremely hot Man Wonder?

Least to say, Nightwing is definitely one of the sexiest guys in the DC universe (let alone the entire comic book universe), but you would never have thought so watching him grow up. Attired in the red-yellow-and-green outfit based on the colors of a Robin (in reference to his mother affectionately calling him her robin), Dick Grayson was a completely adorable and entirely asexual character for the fans. As Robin, Dick Grayson’s role was to play Batman’s youthful, energetic sidekick, whose youthful appeal and humor often acted as a foil to Batman’s dark and serious nature. Robin was known for his brightly colored costume, as he was for his acrobatic skills and his witty sense of humor, it wasn’t until puberty hit that people (especially fan girls) started taking notice of his more…sensual side. With lean, but well-defined muscles and a smooth, but playful charm almost no woman can resist, it should come as a pleasant surprise what a sexy character Dick Grayson (whether as Nightwing or as a spy in the Grayson comic book series, written by Tim Seeley and Tom King and illustrated by Mikel Janín) has become.

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