10 Most Shocking Court Cases Celebs Have Gotten Away With

Equal treatment doesn't exist in Hollywood, a place where celebrities are often favored by a judge that is willing to let them off easy. Or in most cases, not charge them at all. No matter how serious the criminal offenses may be, if you were to put the same court case against a person that isn't famous or incredibly rich, they are most likely going to face a sentence they couldn't even afford to appeal against. Why is that? Well, first of all, one has to consider the fact that many celebrities hire themselves lawyers that are able to overturn a case completely, no matter how much evidence the jury may have. And if it's not by the help of their lawyers, it's more than likely that their fame status gets them off much easier. How else would the likes of Justin Bieber and Chris Brown have escaped a hefty sentence for all of the crimes they have committed in recent years? There's that sense that double standard certainly exists between the middle-class people and celebrities, who are almost looked upon as people of power. See below for the 10 most shocking court cases celebs have gotten away with.

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10 Chris Brown

Yes, Chris Brown was sentenced to take on hundreds of hours in community service work, but no jail time? So many people were baffled at the fact that the judge didn’t send the R&B singer to jail, considering the fact that all the evidence they needed was there. The media played a huge part in exposing Brown’s explosive fight with Rihanna in his vehicle at a pre-Grammy party in 2009. Still, jail time or prison time seemed to have been out of the option the judge was looking to give Chris. Perhaps he was a Breezy fan and felt he deserved a pass.

9 Kobe Bryant


Nobody can forget those infamous sexual assault charges that were filed against Kobe Bryant in 2003. A significant amount of evidence came forward through several nosey magazine outlets, who seemed to have identified Kobe with the sexual assault case. But since Kobe was already rich at the time, coming to a settlement with the woman who made those claims was the best thing the NBA baller could’ve done at that time. A settlement was reached, the charges were dropped and everybody moved on with their lives like nothing ever happened. Yup, that’s Hollywood for you.

8 Mark Wahlberg


Ladies, you may love Mark Wahlberg, but wait until you hear this. So, maybe you aren’t aware of the fact that the actor had a pretty violent past. When he was 16, he got into an altercation with two grown men; he left one bruised and battered while the other one became blind in one eye — that’s how bad things got. He was sentenced to two years in prison but only ended up serving six months for good behavior. By the look of things, as long as you behave well in prison, you can beat up whoever you want, because all you will be slapped with is a measly six months behind bars.

7 Brandy


Brandy killed a mother-of-two when she was driving through the streets of Los Angeles — it is unclear whether she was driving recklessly, although, she claims she wasn’t. The two came into collision and the unidentified woman died at the scene, which not only left Brandy in shock, she was traumatized by the thought of having killed an innocent woman. But, again, who is at fault is still unclear to this day. But get this: Brandy was never charged or arrested due to lack of evidence, so she went back to her Hollywood life and recorded another album.

6 Justin Bieber

With all of the things Justin Bieber was doing in 2014, it is unbelievable to think that the singer never faced any criminal charges that would set him as an example to those thinking they can hurt others and get away with it. There was the infamous vandalism case, where Bieber allegedly egged his neighbor’s house, the spitting on fans incident, and that time he was fighting people in London for no apparent reason whatsoever. The underage drinking in nightclubs he wasn't even supposed to be in contributed to his new-found bad boy image. But when you’re Justin, you can get away with all of these shenanigans — just have a good lawyer by your side.

5 Britney Spears

During Britney Spears’ insane meltdown in 2007, the songstress was really starting to lose the plot when she placed her son, Sean Preston, on her lap while she was driving home from a nearby grocery store. The photos were scandalous to say the least. Britney held the vehicle’s driving wheel with one hand, while the other was firmly around her child, acting as a seatbelt to the infant that was clearly not supposed to be in the front seat to begin with. Let alone with his baby seat. Spears was never charged with her reckless decision-making. She wasn’t even fined.

4 O.J Simpson

One of the most notorious cases in history would be O.J Simpson murdering Nicole Simpson. I say it like I know it’s true, but at this point, practically everybody knows O.J killed Nicole because he was an insecure partner to her. Having separated from the athlete, Nicole reportedly called the police on numerous occasions, stating that she was being watched by her ex through her window, adding that she feared for her life. In the end, she was killed and O.J was acquitted of all charges.

3 50 Cent


50 Cent was really lucky not to face a decade in prison back in the mid-90s. Before his career took off in 2003, Fiddy was just another drug dealer in New York, trying to make a living. In 1994, the rapper ended up selling drugs to an undercover cop, who discovered an unbelievable amount of substances at the musician’s home, following a search warrant that had been granted by a judge. 50 was told that he could either go to prison and serve up to ten years, or he can snitch on the person he was getting all his drugs from. He settled with the latter and only ended up serving six months before seeing an early release.

2 R. Kelly


Whenever the whole R. Kelly underage sex scandal is brought up, all that anybody can think of is urine. You’d know the reference if you’re familiar with the scandal. Yuck. The legendary icon was placed in front of a judge after evidence came forward, proving that the ‘woman’ R. Kelly was sleeping with in the leaked sex tape was, in fact, an underage girl. They say that he was aware of this prior to engaging in sexual acts with the teenager, but claimed otherwise during his trial. Fortunately for him, R. Kelly’s charges were dropped thanks to his lawyer, who quite literally saved the singer from decades behind bars.

1 Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger couldn’t have cared less when he was beating up a photographer for reasons that have yet to be revealed. But according to sources close to the situation that took place in 1972, Jagger was arrested following the brawl but was fortunate to walk away with no charges being filed against him. Considering it was a photographer, Jagger was very lucky to see the man walk away with bruises and choosing not to get a huge sum of money from the multi-millionaire.

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