10 Most Ruthless Characters From Both The Marvel & DC Universes

Most of the characters in Marvel and DC are bestowed with abilities that set them apart from others. Heroes use their abilities for all things good. Villains use theirs for all things bad. Regardless of what type of character they are, the way these extraordinary beings use their skills is totally up to them.

Some of these gifted individuals try to hold back on using their powers; knowing very well that they are in a world filled with all too fragile humans. But there are some characters that just don’t care. What makes them similar is that they’re just so darn ruthless.

Contrary to popular belief, almost every extraordinary human is gifted with the ability to kill and destroy. There are those that prefer to take it down a notch instead of going all out. Some ruthless characters, are what they are just because they believe it’s fun.

The characters you’ll see below are a mixture of DC and Marvel’s most ruthless characters. We’re taking into consideration what they do with their abilities in battle, what atrocities they’ve done in their respective universes, and what they do to torment their worst enemies.


10 Superboy Prime


A powerless Clark Kent from an alternate universe were no heroes actually exist. His powers manifested at one point, and while he wasn’t naturally a bad guy, when the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths destroyed his universe, he went good to bad. He’s basically Superman minus all regards for life.

If you're still having second thoughts on why Clark Kent is ruthless, it’s worth noting that Superboy Prime made ripples through the entire DC universe timeline which affected several hero’s origins, costing the existence of some. He’s done a lot more than that but just think about what a mad man would do with the Man of Steel's abilities and you’ll get an idea.

9 Carnage

He’s affected by the symbiote virus, he’s blood red and his name is CARNAGE. Of course he’s ruthless. Before merging with the symbiote, Carnage was a man named Cletus Kasady. Sounds like a nice guy but he’s actually a serial killer. A serial killer CLOWN.

The symbiote virus changes how individuals act. It makes them more prone to violent urges. Even Peter Parker changes when the symbiote affected him. Merge that deadly virus to a serial killer, and you get a monster hell-bent on killing.

8 Bullseye

Despite being a tough adversary for Marvel’s heroes, Bullseye is not exactly imbued with extra ordinary abilities. He’s just really good at making projectiles of any object including his teeth, a toothpick, and a card.

Aside from being a deadly marksman, Bullseye is ruthless up close since he’s an expert is several martial arts. His defining moment may have been when he killed Elektra by stabbing her with her own weapons.

7 Rorschach

Don’t let the weird face fool you; Rorschach is one hero you wouldn’t want to cross paths with. He’s very determined to rid the world of evil and he’s willing to do a whole lot more than just putting crooks in jail.

In one of his more brutal “deeds,” Rorschach tracked down a kidnapper that killed an innocent girl and fed her remains to a dog. Once apprehended, Rorschach was good enough to offer the man a choice; cut of his own hand or burn to death. Rorschach ended up burning the man to death.

6 Magneto


The Brotherhood of Evil Mutant’s founder is perhaps the most spiteful villain in the Marvel universe. After all that’s happened to him, we can’t blame the poor guy. He always devises up plans on wiping out all beings that are non-mutants.

During the Ultimates arc, Magneto was able to kill millions of innocent civilians through his powers. And during the X-Men’s 30th anniversary, Magneto and his buds decide to wreak havoc. This of course pisses of the X-Men, including Wolverine. It took a while but Magneto finally thought of stopping Wolverine by ripping out all the adamantium in the X-Man’s body.

5 Lobo

Lobo is essentially the most brutal and ruthless bounty hunter not only on Earth, but in the entire galaxy. He has a lot of abilities that make him a ruthless character including

super strength, invulnerability, super speed, healing factor, alien technology and the natural ability to fight.

This bounty hunter once died and was sent to heaven. What did he do to get back be reincarnated? He killed every angel he could grab till they revived him. In one part of the massacre, Lobo kick one angel in the crotch so hard, his spine exploded.

4 Wolverine


The X-Men are nice and forgiving group of mutants that aim to always do good. Wolverine is part of the group but unlike the other members, his ruthless aggression could easily spell death for the bad guys. Wolverine can be forgiving at times but when his brain's all crazy and not functioning well, death will follow.

His pure ruthlessness is most especially prevalent during the Weapon X and Old Man Logan arc. He’s surely got an attitude and with adamantium claws to back up his savage ways. Wolverine is one hero you don’t want to be rivals with.


3 Punisher


A hero in his own right, Vietnam War vet Frank Castle feels no remorse in taking down villains. The Marvel universe is actually quite lucky that the Punisher is on the hero’s side as he is one mean guy. The Punisher’s ruthless ways isn’t natural. In fact, he became what he is only after his family was ruthlessly murdered.

The Punisher’s list of abilities include being able to kill possibly anyone. In an alternate storyline, Frank’s family was killed during an altercation between earth’s heroes and villains. Castle did the impossible and took care of things in a series known as Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe.

2 Deadpool


Everyone’s favorite nut job is coincidentally also the world’s best assassin. Even before becoming Deadpool, Wade Wilson was already a killer. He began his mercenary stint during his teenage years and he slowly built up his skills from there. When you give a nut job regenerative abilities, teleportation, superhuman attributes and a ton of weapons, you got one ruthless anti-hero.

Like Punisher, Deadpool got his own cool series called Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe. He put an end to numerous superhero lives including Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk and of course, the Punisher himself, Frank Castle.

1 Joker

Oh, where do we begin with this monster? The atrocities committed by the Clown Prince of Gotham is endless. The motives behind Jokers actions are often times hard to decipher but it always has something to do with tormenting Bruce Wayne, aka Batman.

Joker’s most ruthless moments are always topping each other off. In The Killing Joke, Joker kidnapped and paralyzed Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) and tossed her inside a cage, naked. He then tied Commissioner Gordon, showing him pictures of his poor daughter in hopes of driving him insane. But all comic fans will agree that Joker’s defining moment may be when he killed Jason Todd (Robin) by beating him to an inch of his life with a crowbar and then setting a bomb off.

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