10 Most Parodied Superheroes In Adult Movies

Rule #34 states that if it exists, there ARE adult movies based on it. Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, WWE wrestling, Star Trek, Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer - if you can name a franchise, there is undoubtedly a movie depicting parodied versions of the characters in those franchises indulging in hardcore sexual activity.

Comic book franchises and the superheroes in them are no different in that regard. In fact, these days - thanks largely to the huge success of mainstream comic book movies as a genre - adult entertainment is absolutely littered with parodied versions of the characters who star in them.

If you can name a popular comic book character, the likelihood is that they've been parodied in an adult movie - some more so than others - and that's exactly what this article is going to take a look at. Here are the ten most parodied superheroes in adult movies.

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10 Thor

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With an alias like the God of Thunder, is it any wonder that the Asgardian member of The Avengers has been parodied so often in adult movies? It is, after all, the kind of nickname someone would love to earn for their sexual prowess! He also possesses a big magic hammer and you can see why that would be relevant.

Thor's popularity - and obviously his sex appeal - has soared since Chris Hemsworth took on the role of the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2011 and adult entertainment companies have taken note to exploit that fact. Parodies of the character have starred in such titles as Thor: A XXX Parody and Thor XXX An Extreme Comixxx Parody.

9 Black Widow


Black Widow AKA Natalia Romanova AKA Natasha Romanoff has always been something of a sexy comic book character - and the fact that her very name invokes images of a creature who devours her mate after sex lends itself perfectly to adult entertainment. Now, add the fact that Scarlett Johansson has portrayed a beautiful and sultry version of the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2010 and it's no surprise that she's been parodied so much in adult movies.

Tight black leather-clad versions of the character have appeared in such productions as Spider-Man XXX: A P*rn Parody and Avengers XXX: A P*rn Parody.

8 Batman & Robin


In this case, where there's one, there tends to be the other, so Batman and Robin share one entry on this list. The Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder are two nicknames that just work when it comes to adult entertainment and, given the general popularity of the two heroes, it's no surprise that they've been parodied so much in the industry.

Their masks add a touch of mystique to proceedings while their costumes - depending on which source they're influenced by - can either enhance that mystique or make the production intentionally comical. Titles the pair have starred in include Batman XXX: A P*rn Parody and Batman & Robin: An All-Male XXX Parody (yeah, sometimes they "perform" with each other).

7 Catwoman


Catsuits have always been a sexy form of clothing and they're regularly used in adult entertainment almost by default. The fact, therefore, that Catwoman famously wears one was always going to result in her being parodied in the industry (as if the sexual connotations of the term "pussycat" and the obvious sexuality of the character weren't enough reasons for that to happen anyway).

Parodied versions of the character regularly appear alongside her comic book co-stars Batman and Robin in adult productions and she has starred in such titles as Catwoman Vs Batgirl - The Cats Eye Diamond and Batman XXX: A P*rn Parody.

6 Spider-Man


Peter Parker's transition from being an ordinary boy to a spider-themed superhero has always been seen as a reflection of sexual development - a teenager who can shoot white stuff? Come on! With that in mind, is there any wonder he's been heavily parodied in the adult industry?

Spider-Man is arguably Marvel's most popular character, so if anyone from the comic book company was going to be parodied in any medium, he would always be amongst those chosen. His costume is strangely suitable for the adult industry too and he has appeared in such productions as Spider-Man XXX: A P*rn Parody and Superman vs Spiderman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody.

5 Batgirl

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In the comic books, where Batman goes, Batgirl often follows - and it's no different in the world of adult entertainment. Her tight black leather suit is inherently sexy and the mask she wears adds a touch of mystique to any movie she's in - the character was essentially born to be parodied in adult movies!

She can regularly be found cavorting with her female counterpart Catwoman or being the object of the "affections" of both Batman and Robin at the same time. Productions she has starred in include the likes of Batgirl XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody and The Dark Knight XXX: A P*rn Parody.

4 She-Hulk


You only have to look to hentai and the years and years of adult movies based on aliens and science fiction to know that, for whatever reason, there is a market for adult actresses with their entire bodies painted green. With that in mind, She-Hulk represents an ideal character to utilise and she has been parodied on many occasions.

Most famously, former WWE superstar Chyna AKA Joanie Laurer has portrayed the character in adult movies, having ventured into the adult industry following the leak of her homemade sex tape with fellow former WWE superstar Sean Waltman. She-Hulk has, however, been portrayed by a number of actresses and her titles in the adult industry include She Hulk XXX: A P*rn Parody and Avengers XXX: A P*rn Parody.

3 The Joker


While obviously not a superhero, The Joker is just as much of a beloved character as his heroic counterparts in comic books - especially since Heath Ledger's iconic portrayal in 2008's The Dark Knight - and, as a result, he has quite prolifically been parodied in adult movies.

Bizarrely, he's actually appeared "working alongside" his nemesis Batman in some adult movies and his appearances in such productions add a real sense of weirdness to the proceedings. Most often stylised with the Ledger look, he has been depicted in various versions of the character's costume and has appeared in such titles as The Dark Knight XXX: A P*rn Parody and Batman XXX: A P*rn Parody.

2 Superman


It shouldn't really come as a big surprise to learn that the most popular superhero in all of fiction has been parodied a lot in the adult industry. Superman - notably known as "The Man of Steel" of course, which is somewhat appropriate - is a regular star of adult movies and he usually comes complete with his full costume, including outwardly-worn underpants, cape and kiss curl.

As the leading man in such movies, parodied versions of the popular Kryptonian hero have appeared in titles like Superman XXX: A P*rn Parody and Batman V Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody. X-ray vision not required, in these cases.

1 Wonder Woman

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It's probably fair to say that most adult entertainment is geared towards a male audience (although this is becoming less true in recent times, it is still undoubtedly the case), so it's really not a shock that the most popular superheroine in fiction is a regular feature in parodied adult productions. Wonder Woman has a sexy outfit, possesses items called "Bracelets of Submission" and has a weakness to being tied up - you can see how this would work nicely in the adult industry.

Parodied versions of the Amazonian warrior have appeared in such titles as Wonder Woman XXX: A Hardcore Parody and Batman V Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody.

Sources: IMDB

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