10 Most Memorable Villains from 24

On May 5, 2014 Fox's tremendously successful espionage Drama series, 24 will return with a 12 episode miniseries. This also means the return of former Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) agent Jack Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland. The series ran initially for eight seasons with the last season airing in 2010. It was a critically acclaimed show and won the 2006 Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series. 24 was notable for each episode being an hour out of the day and takes place in real time. Jack Bauer is portrayed as the ultimate good guy that will overcome the odds and always do what's right no matter what the cost, although he is known to go rogue from time to time. Jack spent most of his time chasing international terrorists but many times, the real threat was closer to home. Regardless, the series produced many villains that were a challenge to Jack and the perfect counterparts to the hero. Since the series is returning soon, here is a look at some of the most notorious and memorable 24 villains.

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10 Jonas Hodges - Jon Voight

Season seven featured the much feared villain, Jonas Hodges who is a defenses contractor and leader of Starkwood. His goal is to help terrorists attack the U.S.A and then become the nation's only military replacing the army to combat these terrorists. He supplied the terrorist with weapons and then held the nation hostage with his missiles ready to attack America. However, he is captured by Jack Bauer and agrees to go into witness protection but his killed by a car bomb.

9 Peter Kingsley - Tobin Bell

Peter Kingsley was the main villain in season 2. He was attempting to denote a nuclear weapon on U.S soil and then frame countries in the Middle East in an attempt to start a nuclear war. His main goal was of course, to gain access to oil in the Middle East. He was working with Sherry Palmer, the ex wife of David Palmer, to bring down the President and start at war. In the end, he is shot down by a sniper during a battle with Jack Bauer.

8 Cheng Zhi - Tzi Ma

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The head of Security for the Chinese Consulate is the ruthless and determined Cheng Zhi. In season four, Jack leads a strike team on an illegal and covert operation into the Chinese Consulate in Los Angles, in order to get a suspect that is hiding in there. During the operation, the head of the consulate is accidentally killed. Cheng Zhi and the Chinese government hold Jack Bauer responsible for the death. In the season 5 finale, the Chinese finally capture Jack and take him to China. Two years later, he returns with Jack, whom he tortured for two years and claims that Jack never spoke a word the whole time. In the end, Jack is able to get revenge and Cheng Zhi is arrested for other crimes he committed against the U.S, such as stealing a nuclear component.

7 Sherry Palmer - Penny Johnson Jerald

Sherry Palmer was more of a threat to her ex-husband, David Palmer, this indirectly effects Jack as he considers David to be one of his very good friends. Sherry appears in Season one, and initially she and her then husband, Senator David Palmer, seem to have a very loving relationship. However, as the day goes by, it becomes clear to David that all Sherry cares about is that he becomes president. David finally sees Sherry for who she really is and by the end of the season, David decides to divorce her. In season 2, she is a part of a plot to bring down Palmer's presidency for divorcing her. In the end, Jack finds out and in order to help David, Sherry agrees to help Jack to find the terrorists. The actions of Sherry and the deaths that followed, led David to decide not to run for re-election.

6 Philip Bauer - James Cromwell

Jack Bauer has battled international terrorists, home grown criminals and even politicians. However, nothing causes more stress then family and Jack finds that out in season six. The main villain is Jack's very own father, Philip Bauer. Jack had not spoken to either his father or brother in years, mainly because he did not approve of their actions. Philip is behind a nuclear threat against the United States and Jack has to uncover this. Jack interrogates his brother but before he can get answers, Philip murders his own son Graham to keep him quiet. Eventually, he kidnaps Graham’s son, Josh and Jack is in hot pursuit. In the end, it’s Josh that shoots his grandfather and Philip is left to die in an air strike.

5 Mandy - Mia Kirshner

The ever mysterious, Mandy is one of the few villains in the history of the series to not be in jail or killed. Mandy is a highly skilled assassin and is also one of the few characters that Jack recognizes as having his same skill level. She first appears in season one, where she acts innocent and seduces a photographer on an airplane to steal his wallet. In what many fans consider one of the most memorable moments in 24 history, she then parachutes out of the plane and denotes a bomb, killing everyone on the plane. She was a part of the plot to kill David Palmer and returns in season 2 in another attempt on Palmer's life. In season four, she helps with the kidnapping of James Heller and Audrey Raines but is captured by Jack. Mandy received a presidential pardon for all her crimes for agreeing to help Jack. Mia Kirshner's character remains one of the most popular amongst fans.

4 Christopher Henderson - Peter Weller

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Since the beginning of 24, many had attempted to assassinate former President, David Palmer. In Season one, Victor Drazen put all his best efforts and couldn't pull it off. However, in the first few moments of the season 5 premiere, David Palmer is shockingly murdered by an assassin. It's revealed that the assassin was working on orders from the very man who was at one time, Jack Bauer's mentor, Christopher Henderson. Henderson was working for the corrupted President of the U.S, Charles Logan and helped create and distribute a nerve gas to terrorists who then detonated it on U.S soil. In the end, Jack outsmarts his former mentor and kills him. In his final moments, Henderson seems a little proud that Jack was finally able to get the better of him.

3 Victor Drazen - Dennis Hopper

Season one featured one of the most ruthless and feared villains that Jack would encounter in Serbian Warlord, Victor Drazen. Initially, the season starts with his sons on a quest for revenge against both, Jack Bauer and Senator David Palmer for the death of their father, mother and sister. Before the start of the series, David Palmer approved Operation Nightfall that was carried out by Jack Bauer and his military team, which resulted in the Drazen family deaths. However, Jack and future President Palmer where unaware that Victor Drazen had in fact, not died. It's revealed that he was the one behind the assassination attempt on David Palmer and also behind the kidnapping of Jack's wife and daughter. In the end, incorrectly thinking that Victor Drazen had killed his daughter, Jack vengefully murders Victor Drazen. Dennis Hopper received critical acclaim from viewers and critics for his outstanding performance as the ruthless mercenary.

2 President Charles Logan - Gregory Itzin

Charles Logan makes his first appearance in season four, at the time he is the Vice-President but after President Keeler is injured, he is sworn in as President. Unlike with Palmer, Jack and Charles never got along with Logan being an obstacle many times. Charles Logan was portrayed as being indecisive and not a confident leader. However, in season 5, it’s revealed that Charles Logan was behind a conspiracy that included assassinating David Palmer. Logan and Jack were constantly at odds, even when it appeared Logan was one of the good guys. With the help of Martha Logan, Jack reveals Charles Logan's involvement in the conspiracy, including detonating a nerve gas on American soil. Gregory Itzin received widespread acclaim for his role as Charles Logan.

1 Nina Myers - Sarah Clarke

Nina Myers was one of the most notorious and greatest villains Jack had to face. She first appears in season one, at the time Jack was the head of CTU and Myers was his most trusted confidante. The two were very close. When Jack started having problems at home with his wife Terri Bauer, Jack and Nina had an affair. Unbeknownst to Jack, Nina had infiltrated CTU long ago and was actually helping the Drazen family in their attack on Jack, his family and David Palmer. Throughout the season, Jack is trying to prevent an assassination attempt on David Palmer, while also trying to find his wife and daughter. Jack thinks Nina is helping him but in the end, it's revealed that she was just setting him up. Of course, Jack finds out that she is a traitor and is able to capture her. However, Nina is able to hurt him one last time, as moments before her capture, she murdered Terri Bauer. Jack gets his revenge in season 3 when he shoots her down in cold blood in the same room she murdered his wife.

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