10 Most Famous Controversial Deaths

Dealing with death is never easy, coping with a sudden death is no easier, for it reminds us of how fast our lives can be taken. Most high profile deaths have a big impact on the public, most likely

Dealing with death is never easy, coping with a sudden death is no easier, for it reminds us of how fast our lives can be taken.

Most high profile deaths have a big impact on the public, most likely because of how invested we become with celebrities we adore. According to Michael Jackson's memorial exceeded 31.14 million viewers, making it the second most watched memorial service, after Princess DianaMany die-hard fans would be willing to do anything to bring their idols back.  This can lead to the creation of extreme theories such as believing or claiming that the deceased celebrity is in fact alive and well. Who can blame them? After all, people have different ways of coping and dealing with the death of a loved one.

There are some people that the world may not want to bring back, just want the mystery around their death solved. Certain deaths have been announced but the bodies never found. Some people may have faked their death, fled their country and lived the rest of their lives in hiding. But will we truly ever find out?

Either way you put it, loved or not here is the list of famous figures who's deaths have left a lot of questions unanswered.

10  10. Andy Kaufman 1949-1984

Andy Kaufman was an American actor, entertainer, and comedian. Kaufman often joked about faking his death and known to be a big prankster. In 1984 he announced that he had cancer, at the time no one believed him. He passed away later that year on May 16, 1984 due to lung cancer. Many fans waited for Andy to end the joke and reveal that his death was a hoax.

20 years after his death, on May 19, 2004, a press release came out announcing that Kaufman was alive. It soon proved to be a joke made by a fan.

Another headline came about in recent years of a young woman claiming to be his daughter, that also turned out to be false.

Kaufman would have been 64 this year.

9 Walt Disney 1901- 1966

The famous Walt Disney is regarded internationally as an icon regarded for his influence to the field of animation and entertainment. He along with his brother Roy O. Disney, co-founded Walt Disney Productions, still known today as the highest earning media conglomerate in terms of revenue.

Disney was a heavy smoker and known to hide his habit when he was in the presence of children. He wasn't public about the fact that he was facing medical issues. So it came as bit of a shock to the world when he died in the hospital on December 15, 1966, due to lung cancer.

Fact according to The last thing he reportedly wrote before his death was the name of actor Kurt Russell, the significance of which remains a mystery, even to Russell who confirmed that story to be true while guest starring on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  

A famous legend remains that Disney was cryogenically frozen and his body stored underneath a ride at Disneyland, known as the Pirates of the Caribbean. This legend was so widely known that Disney’s daughter Diane responded, saying there was no truth to the legend, that her father was in fact cremated on December 17, 1966, his ashes spread at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. She also doubted her father even knew of cryonics.

The reason for the rumour was addressed by a French publicist in 1969,  she stated that the hoax began as a prank by a former Disney employee. I doubt they knew what kind of impact the joke would have.

8 8.Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia 1901 - 1918

Anastasia Romanov’s death among one of the greatest conspiracy theories of the twentieth century.

Princess Anastasia was the youngest of three children of Russia’s deposed emperor, Nicholas II. In July 1918, the Romanov family was was forced into the basement of the home they were being held at and shot by local Bolshevik forces (local communists). Their bodies were then thrown to an unknown location. Because the bodies hadn’t been found this led to many claims that some members of the family had escaped the killing and fled abroad. Eventually the conspiracies were narrowed down to Anastasia being the only one that had escaped.

In 1922, a woman by the name of Anna Anderson insisted that she was the famous Princess Anastasia. When Anderson died in 1984, Anderson her DNA was examined and proved she was not the lost princess. The story became so famous that it was made into the film  Anastasia.

In 2008, Russian scientists found the remains of children believed to be the Romanov's, and in 2009 it was proved conclusively that Anastasia had died. But the romance of the story will live forever. Anastasia would have been 112 today.

7 D.B. Cooper - Vanished 1971

D.B. Cooper is the unidentified man who hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft while flying between Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon on November 24, 1971. He extorted around $200,000 in ransom cash. Afterwards, he parachuted out of the plane. Despite an extensive investigation, he was never located nor positively identified. Some theories about his location include crawling out of a sewer in East Nashville and staying with American singer and songwriter Todd Snider. This explains the singer’s song entitled D.B. Cooper. Cooper is reportedly keeping a low profile to avoid detection by the cops. He would have been 85 years old this year.

6 Adolf Hitler 1889 – 1945

There are many versions of Hitler's death. Most commonly believed is that Hitler shot himself and his wife (of one day) poisoned herself. Both their bodies were then set on fire, and ashes thrown into the Elbe River. Many people believed that the couple faked their deaths and fled the country.

Joseph Stalin had stated that he thought Hitler may have run off to Argentina or Spain. Other people believe that he had help from the German's in planning his grand escape. Many people had come forth stating that they had spotted Hitler years after his alleged suicide. Since his death, multiple sightings had been reported. One sighting came from a doctor in 1954 who claimed to have treated Hitler for an intestinal disorder. Many had said Hitler was residing in the United States.

Surely even if he had escaped he would have passed on by now, otherwise he would be 123 this year.

5 Kurt Cobain 1967 –1994

Lead singer and guitarist for the band Nirvana, Kurt Cobain had many adoring fans. It came as a shock on  April 5, 1994 when news broke out that Cobain had shot himself to death. If you think that was hard for fans to hear then imagine this, no autopsy was ever performed and the only photograph of his corpse didn't show his face. The real kicker is that Cobain sang the lyrics  “And I swear that I don’t have a gun. No I don’t have a gun” in “Come as You Are”. No wonder there are conspiracy theories about his death. Those who believe he is still alive think he faked his death to escape the music business and maybe Courtney Love.

Cobain would have been 46 this year.

4 Amelia Earhart  1897 – Declared Dead on 01/05/1939

Amelia Earhart was an author and a pioneer in American aviation. She was the first female pilot to fly by herself across the Atlantic Ocean. She was also an early supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment. She disappeared on July 2, 1937 when her plane allegedly ran out of fuel and crashed over the central Pacific Ocean near Howland Island. It happened during her attempt to make a circumnavigational flight of the globe in a Purdue-funded Lockheed Model 10 Electra. Theories about her location include hiding in Tangiers in Morocco, then becoming an actress under the name Estelle Getty. She would have been 116 years old this year.

3 Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009

Michael Jackson, known as the King of Pop was a loved American singer, dancer, songwriter, philanthropist, and businessman. Although he lived quite a controversial life (and controversial even in death), we cannot argue that he left a huge impact with his career spanning over four decades. He died on June 25, 2009 due to cardiac arrest that was suspected to be induced by drugs. The announcement of his death came as such a shock, as he was preparing for his  "This is it Tour" , set be 50 shows spanning from July 13, 2009 – March 6, 2010.

Many people believe that he could no longer take headlines in the media and being constantly targeted for wrongful doing. While being the King of Pop endured a life of fame beyond most celebrities, it came with its ups and downs. Some people believe he is relaxing somewhere remote, away from controversy and away from criticism.

He would have been 55 years old this year.

2 Tupac Shakur 1971-1996

Tupac Shakur was an American actor and rapper, known for his stage name 2Pac. His double disc album, All Eyez on Me, is one of the best selling hip-hop albums of all time. He died on September 13, 1996, six days after he was shot several times in a drive-by shooting at the intersection of Koval Lane and Flamingo Road in Las Vegas, Nevada. This happened after the Tyson-Seldon bout. Some believe that the drive-by shooting was staged and he now lives in Honduras where he ghostwrites poetry books and lyrics for popular rappers of the past decade. He would have been 42 years old this year.

1 Elvis Presley 1935-1977

Just like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley is among the most popular and missed music icons. He was an American musician, actor, and singer. He is popularly known as the King of Rock and Roll. He died on August 16, 1977 after several years of prescription drug abuse, which severely deteriorated his health. Some people believe he faked his own death because he was burned out of the music business and he was tired of performing. He is believed to be staying in a subterranean lair hundreds of feet below his property Graceland in Memphis. From this location, he works as a Federal Agent At-Large and he frequents Las Vegas for vacations. After all, it provides perfect cover with all its Elvis impersonators. He would have been 78 years old this year.

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10 Most Famous Controversial Deaths