10 Of The Most Extravagant Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, and while for most people, ordering a costume online or hand making one is as extravagant as it gets, for the rich and famous, that's out of the question. Hollywood stars have professional makeup artists and costumers right at their fingertips, which they take full advantage of to get ready for Halloween costume parties. From special effects to $1000 plus ensembles, these are the most impressive celebrity Halloween costumes of the past few years.

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10 Kyle MacLachlan as an Injured Golfer


Most pieces of Kyle MacLachlan's golfer costume could be found in anyone's granddad's closet. The golf ball protruding from his head, however, isn't so easy to pull off. MacLachlan made everyone do a double take when he wore this costume to Heidi Klum's eighth annual Halloween Party. MacLachlan is actually a pretty serious golfer when he's not starring in shows like Desperate Housewives, so we hope he never actually ends up in this kind of predicament!

9 Iggy Azalea as Creulla de Vil

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Australian rapper Iggy Azalea pulled off this classic Disney villain flawlessly, complete with a Dalmatian sidekick. Azalea wore this look to the 2013 VEVO Halloween showcase in London. Azalea tweeted about the event, "“So hype!!!!!!! Halloween is my fav! I love dress ups. It’s like music videos.” With all the exposure Azalea has gotten from her single, "Fancy," this summer, we can't wait to see what she'll do for Halloween this year!

8 Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy

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When Kim Kardishian hosted a Halloween party in New York for the melon flavored liquor, Midori Green in 2011, she was challenged to wear something green for her costume. Kardashian went all-out dressed as one of Batman's rivals, Poison Ivy. Her bright red wig could be mistaken for her own hair, and her curve-hugging dress was obviously custom made to fit her body. Those leaves must have all been hand sewn on by a designer, too!

7 Fergie as Honey Boo Boo

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Pop star Fergie dressed up as her favorite reality TV character at Heidi Klum's Halloween party in 2011. She embodied Honey Boo Boo in complete pageant wear from head to toe. Sparkling high heals, ruffled socks, a dress and sash, towering blonde wig and tiara were paired with a teddy bear and pageant trophy in each hand. Honey Boo Boo must have been honored for a star as big as Fergie to "redneckonize" her!

6 Heidi Klum as Cleopatra

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5 Michelle Trachtenberg as Sally

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In 2011, Hollywood sweetheart Michelle Trachtenberg channeled Tim Burton's Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Trachtenberg wore the costume to Heidi Klum's New York costume party. The quirky costume with striped stockings and a tutu skirt is super cute, but what's really impressive is the blue paint that's covering her upper body with carefully drawn stitching. Her thick lashes must have been challenging to apply, too. We're just left wondering how long it took to get all of that blue off of her skin!

4 Martha Stewart as Glinda the Good Witch

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3 Heidi Klum as the Goddess Kali

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In 2008, Heidi Klum astonished everyone again when she dressed up as Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction. Klum started with a completely blue body suit and face paint for this costume, topped with a terrifying skirt made of rubber body parts, a giant black wig, gold jewelry, jaw-dropping skull high heels, and of course, eight arms. Klum's costume actually offended a lot of Hindus, who said her portraying a sacred figure in their religion for a costume party was extremely disrespectful. Klum replied to the backlash by simply saying, "I loved my costume and I love Halloween."

2 Katie Couric as Donald Trump

via nydailynews.com
via nydailynews.com

Today show host, Katie Couric went big for the show's Halloween episode when her and her co-host, Matt Lauer both cross-dressed as celebrities for their costumes; Couric portrayed Donald Trump while Lauer portrayed Paris Hilton. She must have had to get that men's suit custom made to fit her petite 5'1" frame. Even more impressive are the bushy eyebrows, perfect Trump-like wig, and her hilarious facial expressions that mimicked that of the famous business magnate.

1 Heidi Klum as an Elderly Woman

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The most impressive celebrity Halloween costume ever goes to Heidi Klum who dressed as an elderly version of herself at her 2013 party. The costume part would be really simple to pull off, but her skin was obviously done by an experienced makeup artist. It's not only her face that was given wrinkles, age spots and varicose veins, but all of her exposed skin. With the help of prosthetics and airbrush makeup, it took an entire team most of the day to help Klum get ready for her party. You would expect a supermodel like Klum to wear something pretty and sexy to every event, but Klum shocked us once again with this one!

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