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10 Most Embarrassing Moments of Katy Perry’s Career

10 Most Embarrassing Moments of Katy Perry’s Career


Katy Perry has made a name for herself as a pop star icon, one that is always surprising us. So, it’s no wonder that the singer has had some embarrassing moments throughout her career. From supposed one-night-stands to an admission that she is pimply and proud, Katy has endured some pretty outrageous moments. Still, she is a diva, and one that continues to produce hit songs and sell out arenas and stadiums around the world.

Katy has shown us that she has a passion for fashion, and her clothing choices are not always the most sensible. Yet, if anyone is going to sport a flesh-colored ensemble or Nirvana-era garb, it is Katy Perry. Whether she is on the stage or off of it, on the red carpet, or in her tour bus, she is a fashion maven who is always surprising us with the next big thing.

Her stunts are also pretty intriguing, yet they have backfired once or twice. From pre-recorded instrumentation and a French concert debacle that was especially embarrassing, Katy has managed to come out mostly unscathed from some sticky situations on the stage. Have fun reading 10 of the most embarrassing Katy Perry moments. Who knows? This celeb might have more tricks up her sleeve!

10. When She Wore a Nude Bodysuit at the MuchMusic Video Awards



Well, this was a bit…weird, but we have come to expect the bizarre and strange from Ms. Katy Perry. At the MuchMusic Awards, she showed up on stage with this little number that did not leave much to the imagination! We are pretty sure that she ended up regretting this clothing choice once she was in front of a huge crowd. Yet, if anyone is going to pull off a nude, form-fitting bodysuit, it would be Katy Perry. She has certainly never held back from sporting some odd clothing, and she actually seemed to pull it off as well as anyone would be able to. Bonus points for add sparkles to the mix!

9. When She Exposed Her Fake Flute-Playing

Oh, this was embarrassing. Katy was giving a performance to some of her fans, and was doing some flute-playing during a musical interlude. She playfully blew into a recorder while a light melody played, and during the breaks, smiled back at the audience. Yet, Katy was thrown for a loop when the pre-recorded flute-playing went on without her mouth on the mouthpiece! Busted! She let out a yelp, covered her face in shame, and then owned up to the false playing. “I can’t play the flute!” she yelled, but the audience did not seem to mind too much. Her singing makes up for it!

8. When She Fell and Could Not Get Up

This is a celebrity fall that will go down in the record books. During a performance of her hit “I Kissed A Girl,” Katy jumped from a platform on stage and landed in a huge pink cake. That much was planned, but when the singer tried to get up from the cake-y mess, she slipped and plummeted to the floor. Okay, she took it all in stride and laughed at herself while pumping her fist in the air. That was all well and fun, but when Katy tried to get up again, she had another tumble. And another. Finally, she just slid off stage.

7. When She Lip-Synced At the NRJ Music Awards

This was a pretty embarrassing lip-syncing scenario. In Cannes, France, Katy was giving a performance of her popular song, “Roar.” However, there must have been a pretty long delay in her earpiece, because she was clearly not even mouthing the words in sync with the pre-recorded singing. A minute into the performance, the host of the show ambled onto the stage and asked Katy to kindly start again. He was nice about it, but it was pretty obvious that Katy’s lip-syncing was worse than a badly-dubbed Japanese film. This was definitely an embarrassing moment for everyone at the French venue that night.

6. When She Got Suspended For Humping a Tree

Okay, so that is only half of the story. When Katy was in school, she was outside rehearsing for a part she had in the school play. She was going through a love scene, and was caught by a teacher for “humping a tree.” She ended up getting suspended for her behavior! What an embarrassing reason to get sent home from school. We wonder what her parents were thinking. Forget about kissing a girl, they probably were concerned about their daughter trying to kiss a tree! Talk about being a tree-hugger! Yet, this was only the beginning of some strange Katy-behavior.

5. When a Chimp Peed On Her



Back in 2009, Katy was doing a photo shoot for photographer Jeremy Scott. She was posing with a primate friend, when the chimpanzee peed on her! Katy was left feeling quite embarrassed about the whole animal fiasco, but she later wrote about the incident on her blog, stating that she had to take “a silkwood shower in the middle of the shooting.” She praised Jeremy Scott for his photographing skills, as well as his wonderful creations, which she posed in. This encounter with an animal did not seem to faze Katy too much, since she went on to film a video full of jungle critters in her “Roar” video.

4. When She Performed the Walk of Shame



Katy was seen leaving John Mayer‘s home in New York City after treating him to a special dinner for his birthday. It looks as though she may have treated him to something else, too, judging by the photographs of her slipping out of Mayer’s digs in a sweatsuit with the hood pulled up. Mayer, for his part, was seen exiting his place looking calm, cool, and collected, while Katy looked visibly embarrassed. We guess Mayer was pretty pleased with himself for spending the night with one of the hottest pop singers in the world! At least he did not make her endure the Walk of Shame alone.

3. When She Got Her Nose Pierced On Camera

It turns out that Katy tried to pierce her own nose by herself when she was just thirteen years old. Apparently, the stunt caused a scar on her nose, which she finally tried to cover up by getting her nose pierced – professionally this time! To make things even more interesting, Katy decided to have her nose pierced with the cameras filming. The ordeal was less than glamorous, with Katy wincing as the needle was pushed through her right nostril. The person piercing her nose seemed to be quite nervous, saying they were sorry and that Katy needed to stay still!

2. Her Raw Video from Her Early Singing Days

Oh, sweet young Katy. Back then, she was known as Katy Hudson, wore grungy 90s-style clothing and hair accessories, and sang religious songs. If you search the Internet, you can find some raw footage of a very young Katy, speaking to the camera and talking about performing on stage for an audience. As she plasters makeup on her face, she claims that it must be done because she has a “pizza face.” She then smiles at the camera and asks “Pepperoni or cheese?” Cute, yet embarrassing, considering Katy is now one hot sex symbol know all over the world.

1. When Ellen Degeneres Gaped At Her Cleavage



Of course, it was all in jest. At the 2013 Grammy Awards, Ellen Degeneres was photographed while gaping open-mouthed at Katy’s well-endowed chest. Katy was seen laughing it off, but it is a bit embarrassing that her breasts are often ogled at. Ellen is one funny lady, and of course, she meant no harm by the joke. Still, it is always a bit embarrassing when someone points out how large your boobs are. I mean, it is no secret that Katy has a womanly figure, but when it is blatantly pointed out at a prestigious awards show…well, that is not necessarily the best compliment one could receive!

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