10 More Pairs Of Characters You Didn’t Know Were Played By The Same Actor

In a recent article, we discussed the idea that there are a number of fairly iconic (or at least well-known) characters who you didn't know were played by the same actor - and it seemed to garner a fa

In a recent article, we discussed the idea that there are a number of fairly iconic (or at least well-known) characters who you didn't know were played by the same actor - and it seemed to garner a fair bit of interest, so we've decided to produce a sequel (which, to keep on theme, will be written by the same author!).

Thanks to factors such as the actor in question not being very well-known, the actor in question being hidden behind make-up/a costume, or the fact that the actor in question played two characters many years apart or played two characters so different that you simply wouldn’t associate them with each other, it's often a surprise to learn that two characters had the same actor portraying them.

Of course, in the case of very famous actors, this doesn't really happen. For example, everybody knows Michael Keaton played Batman and Beetlejuice, everybody knows Halle Berry played Catwoman and Storm, everybody knows Anthony Hopkins played Hannibal Lecter and Alfred Hitchcock, and everybody knows Angelina Jolie played Lara Croft and Maleficent - but, in the case of not-so-A-list actors, it's easy to miss that they might have played two recognisable roles.

So let's get to it - here are ten more pairs of characters you didn't know were played by the same actor.

10 Jason Voorhees & Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder)

via:Paramount Pictures / Anchor Bay Entertainment

Kane Hodder is an actor and stuntman who, in his acting roles, tends to perform behind make-up, so you can't tell it's him most of the time. The heavy-set 6' 2.5" giant usually plays intimidating characters - and in the case of two iconic horror killers, that notion definitely applies.

9 Wesley Wyndam-Pryce & The Other (Alexis Denisof)

via:Mutant Enemy Productions / Marvel Studios

Alexis Denisof is, of course, best known for his role of wimpy Watcher-turned bad-ass Wesley Wyndam-Pryce in Joss Whedon's hit television shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. However, he also took on a much less prominent (and far more disguised) role for Whedon on the big screen.

8 Luke & The Judge (Brian Thompson)

via:Mutant Enemy Production / Mutant Enemy Productions

Brian Thompson is an actor who has appeared in a number of films over the years - The Terminator and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, for example - but he also played two major (and heavily made-up) Buffy the Vampire Slayer villains within the space of a year in 1997 and 1998.

7 Gozer & The Twisted Nurse (Slavitza Jovan)

via:Columbia Pictures / Dark Castle Entertainment

Slavitza Jovan is a former Serbian model who also dabbled a little bit into the world of acting. While you might not know her by name, you will almost certainly be familiar with her most notable role, which is undoubtedly that of Gozer the Gozerian - the ancient evil Sumerian shapeshifting god who served as the primary antagonist of the classic 1984 horror comedy movie Ghostbusters.

6 Buliwyf & The Beast (Vladimir Kulich)

via:Touchstone Pictures / Mutant Enemy Productions

The 1999 Antonio Banderas movie The 13th Warrior is a loose retelling of the classic tale of Beowulf. In the movie, Beowulf (or Buliwyf, as he is known in the movie) is portrayed by Czech actor and former professional ice hockey player Vladimir Kulich - a role which was undoubtedly his biggest.

5 Commander Strax & Ian The Elf (Dan Starkey)

via:BBC / BBC

Doctor Who is a British television show that has captured the imagination of science fiction fans all around the world. It has introduced an abundance of weird and wonderful characters and alien species to the sci-fi zeitgeist and two rather prominent examples of those characters were played by the same actor.

4 John Connor & Yellow Bastard (Nick Stahl)

via:Columbia Pictures / Dimension Films

It's actually easy enough to forget that Nick Stahl played the leader of the Human Resistance John Connor, given that the movie in which he portrayed him - 2003's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines - was awful, but at least you can tell it's him when you're watching it. But it's very difficult to tell that he played a certain vile character in 2005's Sin City.

3 Quinn Lord (Sam & Annie Smith)

via:Legendary Pictures / Bold Films

When you think of the brilliant 2007 horror anthology movie Trick 'r Treat, you undoubtedly immediately think of the little villain of the piece known as Sam. And when you think of Sam, you tend to think of a little boy - because that's what the character was presented as in the movie - but Sam was actually played by an actress named Quinn Lord.

2 Silver Surfer & Abe Sapien (Doug Jones)

via:20th Century Fox / Columbia Pictures

There are now countless actors who have appeared as multiple comic book characters and, in most cases, it's very obvious (Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds and Halle Berry to name but a few), but one actor who has gone under the radar in more than one comic book role is definitely Doug Jones.

1 Alien & Pumpkinhead (Tom Woodruff Jr.)

via:Brandywine Productions / De Laurentiis Entertainment Group

The various Xenomorph creatures have been played by a number of actors over the course of the Alien franchise - most notably by the eerie, lanky Nigerian design student Bolaji Badejo in the first movie in 1979 - but one of those actors is performer and special effects artist Tom Woodruff Jr.

Woodruff Jr. portrayed the lead alien in the fourth movie in the franchise - 1997's Alien: Resurrection - as well as having portrayed other Xenomorphs (and the Predator known as Wolf) in other movies in the franchise, but he had also portrayed an equally iconic horror character years before. He was the titular monster in 1988's Pumpkinhead.

Sources: IMDB, Wikipedia.

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10 More Pairs Of Characters You Didn’t Know Were Played By The Same Actor