10 Models Nobody Really Finds Attractive

Long gone are the days where being an authentic model meant that you were able to walk the runway with your fierce strut, pose just as good as Naomi Campbell, along with your style that always had to be on point. These days, anybody is considered a so-called 'model,' to the point where the title itself doesn't have much meaning to its name anymore. And while being a model is not all about being beautiful and glamorous, if one doesn't necessarily tick all the boxes to be categorized as a model, what does that person offer to the industry? Is it their last name that has gotten them the position that they are in? Or perhaps is it the fact that they have millions of social media followers, which is reportedly a big deal for fashion companies when it comes to marketing their products? All in all, upon heavy research, these ten models are those who people think most certainly should not be models, simply because they don't give off anything but plain when it comes to their looks. See if you agree.

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10 Coco Austin

Having originally stepped into the business as an aspiring model, Coco Austin continues landing gigs, but that hasn’t stopped people from thinking that she is so out of her own lane. It has often been said that Coco represents beauty that is not even tolerated or taken seriously in the modelling world; the plastic surgery, the fake hair extensions, and the 5’1 height. How can you be a model when you are that short? Coco has often been branded as anything but attractive because of her multiple plastic surgeries that she had allegedly done when she started dating the rapper, Ice T. Coco doesn't tend to strike anybody as someone that fits the modeling world.

9 Cara Delevingne

Many people have branded Cara Delevingne as a model who wouldn’t be anything without her signature eyebrows, which may actually be true seeing that the first thing that one notices about Cara is this particular facial feature. The British-model, who is slowly drifting into the movie business, has yet to convince anybody that her modelling is anything but average — in short, her eyebrows seem to be the only thing that is keeping Delevingne’s career afloat. At least in the modelling industry.

8 Daphne Selfe


Meet the woman who doesn’t know when too old is… well… too old. 87-year-old model (and I use that term very loosely) Daphne Selfe, considers herself to be one the most important figures in fashion simply because of her age. While Daphne, who resembles every other elderly woman out on the street, strongly believes that her modelling is something special, the masses agree that nobody aspires to wear anything that somebody who’s close to pushing 90 is advertising. At 87, would you really still be into fashion and dressing to impress? I sure won’t.

7 Chrissy Teigen

Everything is questionable about Chrissy Teigen — at least, that’s what people think. She has a successful modelling career and a hardworking husband who goes by the name of John Legend. Nonetheless, one shouldn’t shy away from the fact that an attractive model is not necessarily what people would associate Chrissy with. While she may be hilariously funny at times, several surveys have shown that Teigen is the public’s least favorite Sports Illustrated model, having often wondered what made Chrissy so attractive in the modelling biz.

6 Lily Cole

Often branded as the most average looking model in the industry right now, Lily Cole is paving the way for every girl in the world, telling them that modelling is no longer about being thin and attractive. To some degree, I agree. Modeling should be more than beauty and the glamorization of anorexia, but Cole doesn’t seem to strike a lot of people as a model. Many even go as far as saying that Lily is the standard girl you’d hire as your babysitter as she sure won’t catch your man’s eye enough for him to cheat. Ouch!

5 Kimberly Stewart


Kimberly Stewart and the word ‘model’ probably shouldn’t be used in the same sentence together, but whatever. One thing’s for sure, Kimberly is no model. At least, not with the way she’s been looking lately. Back when Stewart was best friends with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, she was booked for every magazine, but as she distanced herself from the party girls, so did the people in the fashion business. It should also be noted that Stewart began to age considerably fast; it must be hard getting modeling gigs at 26 when you resemble someone that could easily pass for 35. Of course, this is according to several surveys and fashion blogs, who have been left puzzled to think that Kimberly ever passed for a model.

4 Georgia May Jagger

Some say her odd beauty is mesmerizing, while others think that her beauty and her association with legendary rock star Mick Jagger, make her very unattractive. Having a famous last name can get you into many places, hence why Georgia May Jagger has enjoyed such a successful modeling career. But is she really model material? The fashion industry supposedly loves this particular woman because of her infamous gap teeth — she’s also said to pose really well in front of the camera. Clearly, the general public does not agree.

3 Ashley/Mary-Kate Olsen

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen have modeled for some of the most famous fashion campaigns in recent years, including their own clothing line. However, these two are far from models that appeal to the human eye. Following their shocking weight loss, the Olsen sisters have aged at least ten years, and the whole ‘skinny to be a model’ movement died out in 2007, so there’s really nothing attractive about that. Ashley and Mary-Kate should stick with just being businesswomen behind the scenes — oh, and adding a few pounds wouldn’t be such a bad idea, either.

2 Mehgan James


Former Bad Girls Club star, Mehgan James is supposedly an industry model though having only posed for magazines that not only the trendiest fashionista could name. The reality star, who often posts her modelling photos on Instagram, has often been criticized for claiming that being a model simply means applying lots of makeup on your face and having a photoshoot in your studio apartment. James is said to be 5’4, making her reasonably short to be any kind of model… unless it’s catalog modelling. They literally take anybody under their wings for a few bucks.

1 Sarah Oliver


Did I mention that everybody is a model these days? Just ask TV-personality Sarah Oliver, who firmly believes that posing semi-naked for cameras at cheap photo shoots with a measly wardrobe is professional modeling. Yikes! Just like James, Oliver has seen some harsh backlash in recent years, having openly admitted that she underwent several plastic procedures, including butt implants and an alleged boob job. She is also believed to have had some surgery done to her face, all for the sake of beauty. Well, it’s a bummer to do all of this and still be told that the whole modelling thing is not something she should continue pursuing. The surgery has made her look absolutely ridiculous, TV fanatics have said on social media. 

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