10 Marvel vs. DC Fights You Didn't Know Actually Happened

Every comic book fan, aficionado, and enthusiast has the ultimate dream of seeing their favourite heroes go at it to determine who truly is the best. At the box office, we’ve seen Iron Man bash heads with Captain America, Batman with Superman and it’s exciting to watch. But our biggest dreams may be seeing the two massive comic universes collide in one epic series.

Luckily, this happened way back in the DC VS. Marvel comic series that ran from April to May 1996. The battles, as expected were epic, and every fanboy earned his stripes when bragging about which hero was better than the rest.

The premise of the comic was pretty simple. The DC and Marvel Universe discovered that the other existed, and as with any other sibling rivalry, the two had to figure out which world was better. The winner was to be determined after a set of fights. The losing team would, of course, suffer the consequences of no longer having to exist.

There weren’t a lot of battles. But this doesn’t mean that the series was a bore. What’s even better is that fans were involved in the ultimate battle as they were the determining factor in finding out which of the heroes would win. The hero with the most votes would eventually win his battle.

Below is the top 10 DC vs. Marvel battles that actually happened:


10 Jubilee vs. Robin

It was a battle between up and comers from both universes. Jubilee had a ton of fireworks in her disposal, hence her mutant powers. Robin, much like his mentor and partner, had wits, pure skill and a lot of gadgets. It was Robin's wits that bagged him the win by using his cape as a decoy and then suppressing Jubilee.

We can’t see how the battle would’ve gone Jubilee's way since Robin had nothing to rely on aside from his cleverness and near perfect planning.

9 Namor vs. Aquaman

It’s basically a perfect match-up. Both heroes are at their best when in water. Both are proud natives of Atlantis, and both are pretty chummy with deep sea creatures. The only difference between these two is that Namor can actually take the fight on land as one of his innate abilities is flight. Sadly, the fight never went above sea level.

Aquaman overcomes Namor by commanding a whale to crush him when the latter was preoccupied. It would’ve been way better for Aquaman to have finished off Namor with his trusty trident, but if Namor managed to take the fight off sea, he would’ve won easily.

8 Thor vs. Shazam (Captain Marvel)


It’s an odd match-up, but it had to happen for the sake of one of the universe’s existence. It’s a fight pitting one of the Gods versus a kid with really awesome abilities. Billy Batson has a lot of abilities when he’s Shazam but that’s about it. He’s a mere child once he says his magic word.

Thor wins this one by taking advantage of the moment when Shazam had to revert to his original self. It wasn’t a noble move by the Norse God, but he had to do it. He lost his trusty hammer in the process as well.

7 Silver Surfer vs. Green Lantern


These two guys feel at home outside Earth, so there’s no surprise when their fight took place in space. The two have very distinct powers and there’s a lot of ways Green Lantern could have dispatched Silver Surfer, but the latter takes the win because of his sheer invulnerability. The two collided with each other and the result barely damaged Silver Surfer.

Before meeting on the battlefield, the two actually met in a 1995 crossover comic. This was actually the comic that set-up the Marvel vs. DC arc.

6 Storm vs. Wonder Woman

One is the most prominent female hero in the DC universe. The other is the most prominent force in X-Men. When this fight began, Wonder Woman actually had Mjollnir, Thor’s hammer. However, Wonder Woman decided not to use it for a fair fight (no wonder she was worthy enough to pick it up). This was a decision Wonder Woman would regret.

Storm overwhelmed Wonder Woman by doing what she does best - conjuring up lighting storms and a hurricane. All Storm had to do was shock Dianna into submission and that’s it. If Wonder Woman didn’t let go of Mjollnir, the result may have been very different.

5 Spider-Man vs. Superboy

Son of Krypton versus Spider of New York. The match-up itself spells doom for Peter Parker. Superboy, like Superman, possesses a ton of abilities - one of which includes superhuman strength which is more than enough to squash a bug. Luckily, our favourite crime fighter manages to win by using an electrified web.

Spider-Man may not possess super strength as powerful as Superboy, but he is the more clever one of the pair. Spider-Man had to use more brains than brawn to avoid getting squashed like a bug by the Krypton native.

4 Quicksilver vs. Flash


The fastest men on their respective universes, Quicksilver vs. Flash was a dream match-up, in which Flash won. Though both were way too fast for the eye to see, Flash was somewhat faster than Quicksilver in the DC vs. Marvel comic.

It’s been a long debated as to who is actually faster, but the answer will always change with each story arc. This comparison shows that when pitting the TV adaptation of Flash against the movie adaptation of Quicksilver on X-Men: Days of Future Past, the mutant was faster by a big margin.


3 Wolverine vs. Lobo

These two characters were very popular for a lot of reasons. They’re brash, brutal, unforgiving and last but not least, charming. Wolverine is everyone’s favourite mutant and Lobo is the DC universe’s antihero. Based on their personalities, these two would probably fight in a bar - and that’s what exactly happened.

Wolverine takes the win here by the use of his trusty claws. Lobo is a formidable foe, but let’s face it, almost everyone in the Marvel Universe can’t kill Wolverine because of his regenerative abilities.

2 Captain America vs. Batman

These two fighters are the undisputed leaders of their super groups - Batman for the Justice League and Captain America for the Avengers. There was no denying that these two would eventually meet on the battlefield. Based on their abilities, super soldier Steve Rogers would’ve simply mangled the normal human that is Bruce Wayne, but there was a reason as to why he’s feared in the DC Universe.

Batman takes the win by a perfectly timed Batarang to Cap’s head. Batman really can’t win in a strength battle against cap, but with the skills of the World’s Greatest Detective, no foe is unbeatable. (At least Cap’s got a chance at the box office.)

1 Hulk vs. Superman

We’ve all had debates regarding who was stronger between Goku and Superman (Goku of course), but fans may have forgotten that Clark Kent’s mettle was once tested by the Hulk. Both superheroes possessed unimaginable strength, with one being simply more angrier than the other.

The winner of this match-up was Superman. Although the Hulk was freakishly strong, let’s not forget that the "Man of Steel" had more powers including laser eyes, super speed, flight and many more. Kent could beat Bruce Banner any day. The two actually fought outside the DC vs. Marvel arc, too, with the Incredible Hulk Vs Superman comic.

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