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10 Marvel and DC Characters That Are Almost The Same

10 Marvel and DC Characters That Are Almost The Same

As long as there are comics, the competition and comparison between Marvel and DC will never end, even if it has always been a healthy competition between the two. While DC is trying to catch up, Marvel is (a bit) one step ahead – thanks to those blockbuster films, the audience became more familiar with their characters compared to DC who waited years to start working on their cinematic universe.

And speaking of characters, we can’t deny that some of their characters’ looks and powers are somehow alike. But yeah, being compared to others sucks. Still, they are so identical that if you are not familiar of the brands where they came from, you wouldn’t be able to tell if they are from a different company. Here are the 10 pairs of DC and Marvel characters that are nearly identical. And no, these characters are not twins, nor are they actually related.

Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? Are they just doppelgängers? You be the judge.

10. Deadpool and Deathstroke


These characters are almost identical that even their real names are almost the same – Wade Wilson (Deadpool) and Slade Wilson (Death Stroke).

Deadpool gained his abilities by volunteering for a Weapon X program after he found out that he had cancer. Meanwhile, Deathstroke gained his abilities after being chosen for a secret experiment in an attempt to create a superhuman soldier for the U.S military. Both of their superpowers and abilities are the same, as well as their usual weapons. They say that Deadpool is the total rip-off of DC’s Deathstroke. Still, Deathstroke is not as insane as Deadpool.

9. Wasp and Bumblebee


Bees and wasps have usually been mistaken for one another – even DC and Marvel characters’ Bumblebee and Wasp.

Their abilities were both gained as a result of advanced science. Janet van Dyne (also known as the Wasp) underwent a biochemical procedure to avenge her father’s death. On the other hand, Karen Beecher (a.k.a Bumblebee) has no true superpowers. Her abilities were only acquired from a high-tech battle suit she created for herself. Bumblebee was made in 1976 – years after the Wasp’s first appearance. DC may prepare to concede since the Wasp is likely to be included in Ant-Man’s sequel.

8. Flash and Quicksilver


These blazing speedsters are both the fastest characters in Marvel and DC. But Flash’s strength is just of a normal human, unlike Quicksilver who has enhanced strength.

Pietro Maximoff (or “Quicksilver”), who came into view almost two decades after the Flash’s first appearance, is the son of Magneto. He is born with natural superhuman powers, and can run at roughly the speed of sound. While The Flash (with many known incarnations – Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen) gained his abilities by accident and has the ability to run faster than the speed of light if he wants to.

7. Hawkeye and Green Arrow


These archers are almost identical with their suits, similar weapons and tools, similar traits, similar skills, and both are in an unstable relationships with blondes who have bird names (and are also almost identical) – Mockingbird and Black Canary.

Oliver Queen (known as Green Arrow) is a wealthy businessman turned guardian archer; and also often resembles Robin Hood. On the other hand, Clint Barton (or Hawkeye) is an orphan who ran away from the orphanage to join the Carson Carnival of Travelling World. It was when he saw Iron Man rescuing civilians that he realized to put his talent to good use.

6. Aquaman and Namor


These two are half humans who rule the Atlantis in their separate universes. Their backstories are nearly identical too – both of their fathers are human and their mothers are Atlantean. Even their powers and abilities are almost the same; the only thing Namor lacks is telepathy. Both have incredible strength, both have a trident, and both have control over sea creatures.

Even if Aquaman debuted two years after Namor, Aquaman gained more mainstream exposure because of the Super Friends cartoon where he was featured in the 70s; also, luckily for him, he is about to make his first big screen appearance.

5. Black Canary and Mockingbird


These two bird-named blondes are almost indistinguishable. Other than Black Canary’s (Dinah Lance) genetically enhanced vocal cords that is called “Canary Cry”, their abilities are the same –both are strategy-minded martial artists. Also, both of them are clothed in less clothes and are sporting big pirate boot cuffs when they actually want to be disguised. They look so identical that if it weren’t for Mockingbird’s (Barbara Morse) mask, you would think that they were the same person. The two of them are also involved in an unstable relationship with an archer.

Could one of them be a rip-off of the other?

4. Vision and Red Tornado


These cape-wearing androids are both created by villains. Both of them struggled with their identities and rebelled against their creators. Also, both Vision and Red Tornado married human women. When it comes to their abilities, they are both strong, both can fly, both has the ability to repair themselves, both have red skins, and both made their first comic book appearance in 1968.

The Vision appeared two months later after Red Tornado’s first appearance, making him look like a rip-off of Red Tornado. However, the process of creating a comic book (from conceptualization and printing of products) takes three to four months.

3. Catwoman and Black Cat


Most people might think that Black Cat is Catwoman’s copy-cat but technically, it might be the other way around. In 1940, she made her debut in Batman #1 as “the Cat”, in which she was portrayed as Batman’s supervillain who wore a green dress without her famous mask. Her cat persona did not come around until after Marvel’s Black Cat appeared in the comic books in 1979.

These cat-themed thieves both share feline-like abilities and cat-like loner attitudes. Aside from Catwoman’s whip, these kitties have matching weapons. Both also wears a skintight black suit, although Black Cat’s costume was evidently made for male readers.

2. Darkseid and Thanos

Aside from Darkseid’s skirt, there is not much of a difference between him and Thanos; and they both want to conquer not just the world, but the whole universe.

One thing that separates Thanos from the other villains is his goal in life – to increase his strength by gathering all of the Infinity Gems and to impress the love of his life, Death. Darkseid, on the other hand, is in quest to find the Anti-Life Equation which has the power to control the will of the sentient race. Luckily for Thanos, though, he is the first one to appear on movies.

1. Timber Wolf and Wolverine


These canine-like heroes were both products of experimentation. Both of them have enhanced senses, and even their hairstyles are almost the same. Timber Wolf has claws which he can fire like bullets; while Wolverine has Adamantium-plated bone structure and retractable claws.

To modern generation, you might think that Timber Wolf is the copied version of Wolverine; well, guess again. Timber Wolf made his first appearance in comic books as “Lone Wolf”, in 1964. Years after his debut, Wolverine made his first bow to the audience in 1974. Whoever came first, Wolverine wins for being Mr. Popular since he’s the one who made it first to the big screen.

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