10 Male Celebrities That Women Love To Hate

Bad boys are men women love to hate. As the Urban Dictionary puts it, boys will say they are bad to attract good girls. And in Hollywood, bad is big business.

That quintessential bad boy, Charlie Sheen, has recently announced that Brett Rossi, his ex-porn star fiancé, is a “great gal” with whom he has had a great year, but that there won’t be any wedding bells. Back in February, Charlie marked the Hawaiian Valentine Day’s sunrise with a down-on-his-knees proposal. But, that’s all over. In a statement, he said adios, wished her all the best (ouch), and signed off saying he would be spending more time with his children. Bets are on about the likelihood of that happening.

Or take Anjelica Houston’s just published memoir on the subject of 1970’s heart throb, Ryan O’Neal, claiming head butting and vicious assaults. O'Neal's assaults apparently sent her running back into the arms of another bad boy, namely Jack Nicholson. Another thing about bad boys: some women never learn.

The bad boy breed is alive and well, and thriving in today’s Hollywood. From the more “mature” ranks of  Sheen, Nic Cage, and Jack Nicholson, to the likes of Chris Brown, Russell Brand, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, rapper Eminem, Christian Bale and Colin Farrell, down to fledgling bad boys like Josh Hutcherson, these are the Hollywood stars women love to hate.

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10 Chris Brown


Rapper, actor, singer and song writer, Chris Brown is a talented 20-something who dated singer Rihanna, a few years back. Then it all went wrong. Just after midnight on February 8, 2009, the couple were sitting in a car arguing. Words turned to violence and Rihanna went to the hospital with facial injuries, and Brown ended up behind bars. Rihanna later said that, having suffered abuse as a child, she simply could not believe she had gotten herself into that situation. Rihanna went from Brown to Canadian rapper, Drake. After a night club altercation between Drake and Brown, a feud erupted between the two men. A kind of bad boy dust up. Some women just don’t learn. Brown has since apologized and appears to be mending his ways.

9 Russell Brand


8 Charlie Sheen


Breaking up with his fiancé is just the latest, in a long line of bad boy stunts pulled by Sheen. Recently, he has been in the press for failing to show up for the filming of Anger Management. With Sheen, bizarre blends with bad. In 2006, he claimed that the U.S. Government was behind the 9/11 attacks. Then, in 2011, when he was sacked from Two and a Half Men, he went into meltdown mode, ranting and raving at CBS and the world in general. Things got really bizarre. Sheen claimed to be a warlock and posted YouTube videos showing him smoking cigarettes through his nose. Hospitalized for a cocaine overdose in 1998, he admitted to cocaine and alcohol use, prior to trashing his New York hotel room in 2010. Unlike Chris Brown and Russell Brand, Sheen shows no signs of recanting his bad boy status.

7 Josh Hutcherson


We all rooted for Hutcherson’s Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games, and hoped he would win the day and the girl. Maybe that was because we were never quite certain Peeta was genuine, or whether there was a sinister agenda lurking behind that kindly visage. We thought we had him pegged, and then he seemingly slipped away. Hutcherson himself is a bit like that. Defending his Hunger Games co-star, Jennifer Lawrence when nude pictures of her recently surfaced on the one hand and having a giant anchor with lips inked onto his torso on the other. We like him, but there’s something about the eyes, the side ways glance, that simply makes us wonder.

6 Christian Bale


His fans are thrilled. It has just been announced that Bale will play Apple founder Steve Jobs in a film to be based on Jobs’ biography. Playing Batman in a series of films, including The Dark Knight Rises, Bale brought a edgy, sinister feel to the character. His bad boy status was earned principally by a ranting meltdown that took place on the set of Terminator Salvation in 2008. Angered when the director of photography walked onto the set, breaking the method actor’s concentration, Bale shouted profanities and threatened to quit the picture. Some associated with the picture have called it a “one off”, but others might wonder.

5 Eminem


Sued by his own mother for libel, and dogged by his well documented abuse of prescription drugs, the rapper, singer and song writer, has had many highs and lows in his career. His ex-wife, Kim, attempted suicide after he depicted her violent death in a song. He has pulled guns on store clerks and eulogized a friend who was shot in the head by a night club bouncer. Starting in 2008, Eminem sobered up and started running, some say compulsively. Has he turned it around? Or once a bad boy . . .  After all, his lyrics talk of violence, death and murder of women, and have caused some to accuse him of being homophobic.

4 Jonathan Rhys Meyers


The man who played Henry VII in The Tudors and won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Elvis in the mini-series has been in and out of rehab for alcohol abuse, arrested for public intoxication, and earned a reputation as a difficult-to-work-with actor. Some have cited his “short fuse” and his stern no nonsense approach to his craft. With his relatively low profile (he insists on living in Ireland) and a slightly aloof and sinister air, he is dangerous because women aren't quite sure about him. “Brooding”, a trait that seems to attract and repel women in equal measure, is a word often used to describe him. He seems perfect for his recent role as Dracula.

3 Nicolas Cage


He just seems to be the guy people, especially women, love to hate. His career has been all over the place, with great movies and real stinkers in the mix. Some describe his career as “bizarre”. Rumors persist that he is difficult to work with, causing problems on movie sets. He has had a lot of money and then seems to lose great chunks of it. His hair seems to morph and change, causing some to whisper the “T” word. Also, Cage seems erratic. He married Lisa Marie Presley in August of 2002, and filed for divorce before Christmas. He also has a temper. In 2011, he was arrested in the French Quarter of New Orleans for public drunkenness, disturbing the peace, and the suspected abuse of his wife, Alice Kim. There’s just something about him that is bad and bordering on dangerous. Unlikable even.

2 Colin Farrell


Famous for his smoldering eyes and bad boy scowl, the Irish actor who has starred in films such as Saving Mr. Banks and Horrible Bosses, has been linked romantically with many, many women, including Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore and Playboy cover girl Nicole Narain. He has done stints in rehab for addiction to recreational drugs and pain-killers. He has talked of the highs of those days, and how the world suddenly crumbled around him. In 2006, he was involved in a scandal over a 6 minute sex tape of Farrell and Narain that was on the verge of being outed. He claimed Narain was trying to get the tape out for the publicity it would bring. She denied it.

1 Jack Nicholson


Probably the original Hollywood bad boy, Jack Nicholson, approaching 80, still has that devilish grin and "who cares?" air that both attracts and infuriates women. He has jumped from bed to bed, from woman to woman, with at least one of his partners claiming her child is Nicholson’s. Notorious Madam Heidi Fleiss has called him “very kinky”, citing bottom spanking episodes. And he’s got a temper. A bad one. In the 1990’s, he reportedly took a golf club to the windshield of a Mercedes whose driver Nicholson claimed had cut him off in traffic. A big L.A. Lakers basketball fan, Nicholson has been threatened on many occasions with expulsion for his meltdowns over disputed calls. Together with Warren Beatty, he lived on Mulholland Drive, causing that august Beverly Hills street to be dubbed “Bad Boy Drive”. The original Hollywood bad boy may have aged and mellowed, but originals are just that. He is one of a kind.

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