10 Male Celebrities Allegedly Addicted To Strip Clubs

Strip clubs used to have a reputation as the place where seedy guys went to take advantage of women who were working there to make ends meet. There’s lots of alcohol, and it’s not uncommon for a fight

Strip clubs used to have a reputation as the place where seedy guys went to take advantage of women who were working there to make ends meet. There’s lots of alcohol, and it’s not uncommon for a fight or some form of sexual assault to occur. However, these days, strip clubs are slightly changing their image, and are seen as places to hang out and even conduct business meetings.

Let’s be honest. We all know the main purpose of strip clubs, because we all know the reason that these establishments are in business in the first place. Unfortunately, there are some male celebrities who are obsessed with strip clubs and can’t seem to get enough of naked women. It’s no secret that most men appreciate the female form, but like all things, this can get out of hand if the “appreciation” gets too excessive. Not to mention, going to strip clubs can get really expensive. The strip club is also probably not the best place for a guy to hang out if he’s married or in a committed relationship. Here are 10 famous guys who allegedly can’t stay out of the strip club.

10 Juicy J

Rapper Juicy J makes reference to strippers pretty often in his songs, as many rappers do. He even penned the hit, Bandz A Make Her Dance, which is an ode to strippers and the fact that they’ll…well, dance for lots of money. Juicy J is a former member of Three 6 Mafia, and while he has a “professional” persona that suggests that the strip club is his primary form of entertainment, he’s actually sort of multi-faceted. His stripper anthem went gold, and he stated that he was pretty shocked and humbled by the news. He also plans to work on more music and has confessed that while he does enjoy spending thousands at the strip club occasionally, he wouldn’t go as far as “ordering” a woman from Mustang Ranch. Good to know.

9 Ludacris

Ludacris reportedly spent thousands at a strip club in Atlanta, and he’s long expressed his appreciation for the female physique in many of his songs. On this particular excursion to the strip club, Ludacris was accompanied by his then-girlfriend (now wife) Eudoxie. His cousin Monica and rapper Lil Scrappy, along with DJ Infamous, were with him as well, which kind of confirms that going to the strip club is a social outing, especially in Atlanta. Ludracis apparently spent about $10,000 that night, and that’s just during one strip club outing. Obviously, the strippers were pretty glad to see him that night, and his significant other doesn’t seem to mind that he has an affinity for strippers.

8 Bow Wow

Rapper, actor and television host Bow Wow (former Lil Bow Wow) spends a considerable amount of time at the strip club. Recently, he had a lot to say about singer Mya, who performed at a strip club. He was apparently ridiculing her for stooping so low in her career, even though she was there to do a celebrity performance (Mya is also a trained dancer) and not take off her clothes for money. Sounds pretty judgmental, since Bow Wow is often seen at strip clubs spending thousands of dollars with several of his celebrity friends, including Justin Bieber.

7 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is still trying really hard to be a bad boy, and it’s still not working. According to TMZ, the pop star spent $75,000 at a strip club in Miami, which indicates that it’s not his first time at the rodeo, or in this case, gentlemen’s club. Bieber flew in to Miami from Colorado, to go to King of Diamonds, a famous strip club in Miami, to celebrate rapper Lil Scrappy’s birthday. A representative from the club confirmed that Justin got $75,000 in singles, and proceeded to party.

6 Drake

Drake is well known for being an emotional rapper, and balancing this with lyrics about his love for partying and strip clubs. Reports about Drake visiting strip clubs all across the U.S. are quite abundant, and there were even reports that he went to a D.C. strip club, reportedly had an altercation, and after leaving the club, stormed back in and dropped a wad of cash on the counter. Perhaps he forgot to pay one of his dancers. Drake also spent $50,000 at a strip club in Charlotte one night.

Additionally, during that time when Drake was pretty determined to make Chris Brown angry, he and Rihanna (Brown’s ex) reportedly went on a date at a strip club.

5 Floyd Mayweather

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is known for blowing his money on frivolous things. Going to strip clubs happens to be one of those “things.” He once spent $100,000 at a strip club in Miami, and he frequents Vegas clubs as well. At least he used to enjoy the strip clubs in Vegas, until police warned the club owners not to let the boxer inside. Apparently, he can’t seem to stop sexually harassing the women who work in these establishments. Of course, Mayweather denies this, but he does have a history of domestic violence and overall disrespect towards women, so we’re not sure what to believe at this point.

4 Lil’ Wayne

Lil’ Wayne is another rapper who has been pretty vocal about his affinity for strippers in many of his songs. He once dropped $250,000 at a strip club, and like Justin Bieber, has paid a visit to King of Diamonds in Miami, a few times as well. During one visit, he spent $30,000. Lil’ Wayne also likes to hit the strip clubs with his buddy and labelmate Drake. Some would say that Lil’ Wayne has been a bad influence on Drake, and has coerced him into attending strip club parties, but we’re not so sure that’s the case. It’s been reported that the strip club is Lil’ Wayne’s go-to location for birthday and album release parties.

3 David Arquette

David Arquette, who used to be married to actress Courteney Cox, has spent some time in rehab for his substance abuse. However, he doesn’t seem to want to get over his addiction to strippers. He loves them so much that he purchased Crazy Girls, a strip club in Hollywood. According to reports, Arquette spent $1.5 million on the club, and has plans to turn it into a venue that features burlesque dancers. We’re wondering how he’s going to explain this business move to his daughter Coco, when she’s older.

2 Chris Brown

Chris Brown definitely doesn’t try to hide the fact that he’s addicted to strip clubs, and is often seen dancing with his friends at the clubs. At least he doesn’t leave the strippers to do all the work. Recently, Chris Brown hit the strip clubs with his buddy Tyga (he and the rapper are touring together) in Houston. The strip club outing came shortly after he spent some quality time with his daughter Royalty, on his tour bus. Nothing like seeing lots of women take their clothes off for money to ease the stresses of fatherhood. Maybe this is a sign that Brown goes to the strip club way too often.

1 Rick Ross

Rick Ross is obsessed with women, and if those women happen to be in the strip club, then so be it. The rapper once spent $1 million at a strip club, and was pretty proud of himself, since he detailed various parts of the night and made it clear that his entourage gave King of Diamonds in Miami a lot of business. We're not really sure if this is good publicity for Ross, or if it just reinforces the controversy that surrounds many of his degrading song lyrics about women. We'll assume it's the second one.


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10 Male Celebrities Allegedly Addicted To Strip Clubs