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10 Male Actors Who Aren’t Afraid To Go Full Frontal

10 Male Actors Who Aren’t Afraid To Go Full Frontal


While it is more common today than it was some 20 or 30 years ago, male-full frontal nudity in movies tends to be as elusive as finding a leprechaun riding a unicorn with seventy bags of gold. However, once in a while an actor will get the cojones (pun very much intended) to bare it all for the camera. Why do they do it? Well, some do it for laughs, while others put their junk on screen for the shock value. Perhaps some just do not care what the world thinks and feel okay letting it all hang out. Whatever the reason, seeing an actor put themselves out there like that can be a real eye-opening sight.

In case you have not guessed, this is a list of the top 10 actors who do not mind going full-frontal for the camera. But unfortunately, we did not include Mark Wahlberg for his notorious reveal in Boogie Nights, since that was a prosthetic. However, the ones on the list used their real members, which is saying something.

10. Harvey Keitel



When you think of actors who have done full frontal nudity, Harvey Keitel is probably not the first one that springs to mind. However, Keitel allowed his lower half to be featured in two different films: Bad Lieutenant and The Piano. The first was an intense look at a cop dealing with his own dark side, while the second had him plan an Englishman who lived among native Maoris. Keitel is the kind of actor that really likes to get into his roles, puts it all out there on the screen. That means that he likes to let it all hang out for the world to see, both literally and figuratively.

9. Kevin Bacon


Wild Things was a steamy, trashy enough ride of movie; the kind of guilty pleasure that you will watch more than once, but then go into full denial if anyone ever finds out. With its murders, three-ways and backstabbing, you would think it had already gone far enough. However, fans of Kevin Bacon got an extra special treat when the actor went “full-Bacon” after stepping out of the shower for a brief scene. Things do not end particularly well for his character, but at least Bacon will always have that moment. While not as prominent, you can also get a digital glance of Bacon in Hollow Man; be warned, it’s a blink and you miss it kind of moment.

8. Bruce Willis



1994’s Color of Night was Bruce Willis’ attempt to get really steamy; unfortunately, the movie was a complete mess as it tried to be an erotic take on Hitchcock. With all the psychobabble going on, one thing emerged victorious: Bruce Willis’ male part, which made a quick appearance when he takes a dip in the pool with a femme fatale. Filmgoers in Europe got to see it firsthand, but American fans had to wait since the footage needed to be trimmed in order to secure an R rating. A director’s cut was later released on video, and included the “lost” footage.

7. Jason Segel



Some actors go full-frontal to show intensity, while others do it for the sex appeal. But once in a while, an actor will come along who uses what he was born with to give the audience a few giggles. Jason Segel is one such actor. Segel decided to let his member fly freely in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and literally displayed vulnerability when Kristen Bell’s character dumped him. While we can say the scene was hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time, we can applaud Segel for going for broke and being completely fearless.

6. Daniel Radcliffe



While no one can deny that Daniel Radcliffe has grown into a very handsome young man, yet that still does not take the image of him in those over-sized glasses and Hogwarts attire when he appeared in the first Harry Potter movie. That’s why it sort of creeped the world out when it was announced that Radcliffe would be going full frontal on stage during a run of Equus. We do have to hand it to Radcliffe though; it is one thing to show everything for a movie, it is another to go on stage night after night without fail.

5. Ken Jeong


Another actor who used his nudity for laughs, Ken Jeong made quite a splash when he burst out of the trunk in the first Hangover picture in complete full-frontal glory. But apparently once was not enough for the Dr. Ken actor, since he decided to go ahead and make two more appearances in the buff. The good natured Jeong is a really good sport, and obviously knows that his package’s debut was not the stuff of legends, but it still earns a high place on this list.

4. Gilles Marini



Some actors get famous then decide to show their stuff on screen. But once in a while, there will be that rare actor who gets famous simply for showing their, how do we say, quite ample goods. That is exactly what happened with Gilles Marini when he appeared in the first Sex and the City movie. The French actor had his very toned body put on prominent display in early scenes, and while it was impressive from behind, his later shower scene literally had people’s jaws drop to the floor. Let’s just say the man made a huge impression on both Samantha and the viewing public.

3. Shia LeBeouf


Like Daniel Radcliffe, Shia LeBeouf started his career as a cute kid who everyone saw as their geeky little brother. LeBeouf eventually grew into his looks and became quite the movie star. But then a funny thing happened. Slowly but surely, it appeared that LeBeouf was starting to lose his mind with one weird antic after another and a few odd career choices. One of those choices was appearing in video for the Icelandic band Sigur Ross. The video was part of a project that the band had commissioned to promote their latest album, and it featured the former Transformers actor completely nude. That’s right, it exposed everything the actor had to offer. The video is an intense view on its own, but having the guy from Even Stevens in the nude just makes it feel extremely weird.

2. Tom Hardy


Tom Hardy is a hunk; there is no doubt about that. While plenty of people wish that they could see him naked, his full-frontal scene in Bronson was probably not what they had in mind. In the film Hardy plays England’s most dangerous convict Michael Peterson, who was otherwise known as Charles Bronson. Bronson is not an easy movie to sit through, and even while Hardy is on full display, it is a little hard (no pun intended here) not to sneak a peak with all the disturbing things happening on screen.

1. Ewan McGregor


For a recent champion of “full frontal” actors, look no further than Ewan McGregor. Right from the get-go, the man who would later become Obi Wan Kenobi was not afraid to show the camera what he had going on in Trainspotting, followed by equally nude roles in The Pillow Book, Velvet Goldmine and Young Adam. That kind of bravery is to be admired, especially since people tend to be very critical when it comes to a certain appendage (not that he should be ashamed).

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