10 Kids Who Are Mini Versions Of Their Celeb Parents

Children often resemble their parents as they get older and grow into their mature looks. Most of the time, it can be seen as a beautiful thing with the exception of those unfortunate times when certain fathers and their genes overbear their daughter’s features too much. Did anybody say, Jay-Z? That was no shade to Blue Ivy. She simply carries more of her daddy’s looks than her stunning mother, Beyonce. Still, there must be nothing better than being a youngster and sharing a mixture of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s looks, so much that people start calling you the ‘ideal child’ they’d want to give birth to. On top of this, being born into a rich family is a double bonus, right? Shiloh would know. Whether it’s strong facial features that instantly stand out, or by their overall image, should these guys ever wanted to portray their famous parents in a biopic, they’d instantly land the role simply because of the undeniably strong resemblance they tend to share with one another. If Hollywood wasn't already filled with enough beautiful people — whether surgically enhanced or not — these celebrity children will put many of them to shame with their natural looks carried through by their good looking parents.

10 Reese Witherspoon and Ava


Reese Witherspoon’s 15-year-old daughter Ava, has always resembled her mom’s features from a very young age, but it has most definitely become more apparent over the years. It's literally at the point now where the two could actually be considered identical twins (not that her father didn't pass over some good genes, too). Though photographers rarely catch a snap of Reese’s only daughter, when it does happen, Ava is always seen spending time with her famous momma as they participate in fun activities together. That's sweet.

9 Madonna and Lourdes


Madonna’s Italian genes go a long way. Certainly strong enough to create a duplicate version of herself with daughter, Lourdes. It’s ridiculous how much the two resemble one another — especially when comparing Lourdes to photos of her mother when she was just a young teenager. The chin, the nose, the eyebrows, the cheeks, the hair — basically everything is identical. I’m sure the similarities would stand out more if Madonna would stop finding the need to visit her surgeon and mess with her face.

8 Teresa Giudice and Gia


Reality TV-star Teresa Giudice, has four daughters, but only one tends to look like their mother’s doppelganger. Fans of Real Housewives of New Jersey are already know which daughter we are talking about. Gia and Teresa share the same tendencies; they consider themselves to be more like sisters than mother and daughter. Another thing that really stands out between the two is that both Gia and Teresa share the same hairline and facial features. If those aren't some strong genes, then we don’t know what are.

7 Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Shiloh


Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has to be one of the most stunning celebrity kids in Hollywood. Just by looking at the youngster, you can absolutely see the 50% of resemblance she carries from her gorgeous mother, Angelina Jolie, and 50% from her handsome dad, Brad Pitt. Let’s face it, some children look nothing like either of their parents; never-mind sharing the exact half of each of their best features. But with two good looking Hollywood stars, they were bound to have an interesting and unique looking child. So beautiful.

6 Wendy Williams and Kevin Jr.


Gossip Queen Wendy Williams, is a parent to her teen son, Kevin, and it’s quite surprising how much the two look-alike. The two have the exact same eyebrows, mouth and lips, while their personalities also happen to be extremely similar. Both are very outspoken and will share their thoughts in any given situation. Not shocking, considering Wendy loves to say exactly what’s on her mind. Williams also recently shared how she and her son love a good meal, calling themselves ‘foodies’ who are always willing to try out new restaurants in New Jersey.

5 Johnny Depp and Lily-Rose


Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose, looks identical to her father — but not in a bad way. Sometimes girls tend to pick up too much of a resemblance from the male’s side, but Lily-Rose doesn't fall under that category. She still has a delicate feminine look to her, despite the strong features she carries from Johnny. The traits most notable that have Lily resembling her father would be the dark eyes and the eyebrows. Without knowing that the teen was Johnny’s daughter, one could easily make out who her celebrity father was.

4 Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner

Ah, the famous Kardashian family. Many have pointed out how Kim Kardashian has started to look more and more like her manager/mother, Kris Jenner, the older she gets. Well, it’s true. The two share quite the resemblance to the face -- eyes, eyebrows and nose are considerably the same. If Kim was to chop off her long, Armenian locks to a shorter ‘do' like her mother, the two could probably pass off as twins. Although, one could probably still tell them apart, as one has a huge booty, and the other doesn't.

3 Eminem and Hailie Jade Scott Mathers


Remember when Eminem would share his love for his daughter Hailie, in many of his songs? Well, the 19-year-old is all grown up, and if anybody ever doubted whether she really was Eminem’s daughter or not, the speculation can finally be put to an end. Hailie is the spitting image of her dad and her mother, Kim. Her good looks have even landed Hailie to be crowned homecoming queen in 2014, the same year she went on to graduate high school. So not only is she good looking, she’s smart and focusing on her education. Awesome.

2 Jaden and Will Smith

There's no denying that these two share a strong resemblance. When Will Smith was prepping to star in the blockbuster hit, The Pursuit of Happyness, casting directors were on the hunt for a youngster to play the role of Smith's son. It didn't take very long when wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, suddenly suggested their son Jaden, should land the part since he looks just like his father. It seems the decision pulled off, despite the fact that Jaden didn't really have much knowledge when it came to acting at the time.

1 Jennifer Garner and Seraphina Affleck


Out of both adorable daughters that Jennifer Garner has given birth to, Seraphina Affleck tends to resemble her mother the most, and it's actually quite freaky. As the six-year-old continues to grow up, there's no doubt that she'll continue to blossom into her mother's gorgeous looks. She already carries the smile, the lips, the eyes -- pretty much the entire face. Not to forget those cute dimples both Jennifer and her daughter tend to share (not that it would really matter if she suddenly started to look a little more like her father, Ben Affleck, than her mother).

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