16 Instances Of Crazy Fans Getting Past Security

It is safe to say that celebrities are used to having adoring fans, and they do not shy away from the praises that come from those fans, especially when it is in the public eye. However, when the adoration and praises turn violent it raises some eyebrows; mainly from the celebs themselves. There have been several instances of fans physically getting way too close to some of their favorite celebrities. Taylor Swift was handed a love letter of sorts, Emma Bunton was yanked into a security bar, Lady Gaga was prayed to (the fan was literally on her knees praying to Gaga), Harry Styles was nearly pulled off stage and Nicki Minaj was manhandled. These are just a few of the celebrities who fell victim to raving fans. Some of these incidents can be humorous though, like Demi Lovato’s group hug gone wrong, Justin Bieber’s toppling piano and to a lesser extent, Avril Lavigne’s frightened reaction to a lunging fan. Although security is usually there to serve and protect, they do not always make it to the celebrity before the fan does, and when they don’t, some pretty interesting things take place. All of these incidents play out like an episode of MTV’s Fanatic, where a lot of people are left confused and the celebrities themselves are left feeling a little violated. Here is a list of 16 over excited fans that somehow got passed security.

16 Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion, as he likes to be called, took a hit on stage while performing the classic single, "Gin and Juice". We all know Snoop rolls with a large crew that includes; friends, fellow artists and hype men, so when a fan ran up on Snoop and basically jumped on his back while he rapped and sipped (probably gin and juice) from his cup, he was obliterated. The fan took a beat down from almost everyone on stage while Snoop continued to perform and simply not give a damn. He kept it cool as usual; he was probably just really really high.

15 Nicki Minaj

In 2012, an excited fan got a little too close to Nicki Minaj during a performance. A male fan jumped on Nicki’s stage while she was giving a loving speech to her fans. He ran up and grabbed Nicki by her waist and for a split second, he was in heaven, until he was knocked over by Nicki’s security. Not only did he get knocked down, he was also brutally jumped by a group of about six men who repeatedly kicked and punched the fan off stage; (he was literally kicked into a corner of the stage). All Nicki could do was laugh and shrug her shoulders; guarantee he will not be doing that again.

14 Kid Cudi


Kid Cudi is not one to mess with; during a 2010 performance at an outdoor concert in Ohio, a fan ran on stage and jumped on Cudi. His security quickly pushed the guy off stage and Cudi tried hard to continue his performance. However, the hood in him took over and he decided to deal with the fan himself. Cudi jumped off stage and into the crowd of crazy fans to find his attacker, when he did find him, he threw a few punches and his security had to hold him back. When will people learn that rappers who claim to come from the hood will always fight you back?

13 50 Cent


50 Cent was getting down on a Brazil stage during his concert when he was man handled by an enthusiastic fan. The one minute fan video has bad sound quality but it was very clear in showing the fan attacking 50. Like Nicki Minaj, 50 was attacked from behind and like Nicki’s attacker, 50 was also beat silly for not knowing how to keep his hands to himself. Not only did 50’s security beat up the fan but it looks as though one of 50’s hype men also got a few hits in. Will these crazy fans every learn? Nothing good can come getting too close to your favorite celeb.

12 Emma Bunton

Baby Spice Emma Bunton has had her fair share of run-ins with over excited fans, but the worst one by far would be when she got pulled into a metal barrier. Let’s back up; during an appearance on a talk show, the girls were greeting their fans as they made their way to the stage. When Emma reached out to one fan, he viciously pulled her in and grabbed her by the neck and pretty much refused to let go. She had to be pulled out by her band mates and compose herself. Emma was rightfully shocked and even a little scared; we wonder if she'll ever put her hand out like that again.

11 Taylor Swift

During an appearance at the O2 Arena in London, an overzealous fan tried his hand at rushing the stage during the pop princesses’ performance of her hit song We Are Never Getting Back Together. The fan can be seen running in between dancers and backup singers and up a flight of stairs to meet his celebrity crush Taylor. The fan handed Taylor what looked to be a love letter and was quickly escorted off stage by her security. Taylor did not seem to mind much, and she definitely played it cool as that strange man rushed her in the name of love.

10 Justin Bieber

As annoying at some may think singer Justin Bieber is, he has a large fan base and some will do anything just to touch him. This was the case during a concert in Dubai, when a fan came running at Justin while he was playing the piano and singing. The over excited fan ran up and tried to hug Justin; he jumped from his stool and stared at the fan until he was tackled so hard that the piano was knocked over and Justin had to basically run for his life. You have to give it to the singer, he did not miss a beat and kept singing like nothing happened, pretty professional of him.

9 Robbie Williams

Singer Robbie Williams had one of the worst “fan” encounters possible. During a 2001 performance in Germany, a supposed fan sprinted to the stage and pushed Robbie so hard that he flew into the crowd. In a panic, Robbie’s band dropped their instruments and went diving into the crowd after him. Like a trooper, Robbie got back on stage and tried to re-start his song but was rightfully baffled and had to take a much needed break. One has to question, what kind of “fan” is that? And if he was not a fan, he just spent a butt load of money on a concert ticket only to pull that stunt. You must admit, that is dedication.

8 Avril Lavigne

Canadian songstress Avril Lavigne was scared ‘soundless’ when she was confronted by a fan on stage in 2011. During a concert in Brazil, Avril was barely able to start her song when a fan ran up to her sitting on top of a piano and got right in her face. Instead of using her mic for singing Avril used it to let out a series of loud shrieks and tried to slide off of the piano top. Luckily for her, security got there in enough time to reprimand the fan and take him off stage. The singer was clearly shaken up, the music stopped and the crowd went silent. She recovered quickly and eventually laughed about how scared she was.

7 Lil’ Wayne

Rapper Lil’ Wayne was ending a show when a fan randomly ran up on stage, stopped dead in his tracks and put his arms out as if to say ‘what up Wayne’. The shocked rapper just kind of stood there and out from the right side of the stage came his security who tackled the poor fan before he could make another move. The tackle was pretty severe and in the video you can hear when the fan hits the ground. Wayne simply looked at his audience and said “you don’t want that to happen to you”. Those are some wise words from the hip hop artist.

6 Demi Lovato

Everybody knows that Demi appreciates her fans to the fullest extent and she loves to get up and close with them. Unfortunately, Demi’s 2012 attempt to bring two fans up from the audience to sing along with her was thwarted when she was rushed by a majority of the front row. After pointing at two fans to come up and sing with her, they all started running from every end of the stage, grabbing and pulling Demi; luckily she managed to escape and run off the stage. It took the security several minutes to calm the crowd down and clear the stage.

5 Britney Spears

In 2009, Britney Spears was performing her hit song “womanizer” when she was confronted head on by a random fan that jumped on stage from the audience. The fan ran right up to Britney, stopped creepishly, stared at the singer for several painful seconds while Britney freaked out, and held her hands out to keep him at bay. Unfortunately, we could not hear what she was screaming because her mic was mysteriously turned off. With no security in sight, Britney’s dancers quickly shuffled the weird fan off stage and Britney stood there like a deer in headlights until she could catch up with her dancers.

4 Miley Cyrus

During a concert in Melbourne in 2011, Miley Cyrus was performing her hit song “The Climb”, when she was rushed on stage by a fan. He came out of nowhere, ran up beside Miley and put his arm around her, it even took a few seconds for her to realize what was going on and by the time she did, security was there to tackle him and whisk her away. Miley was so frightened that she left the stage, but before she did, she was heard saying “no, no” followed by “Oh my god”. Who wouldn't be freaked out by someone running up and grabbing them from behind?

3 Keri Hilson

Singer Keri Hilson extended a message of love to a fan after he rushed her on stage and aggressively attacked her. While saying goodnight to her fans after a Paris concert in 2011, Keri was being pulled in both directions, literally. As she reached her hand out to touch fans in the audience one was a little too grabby and would not let go. Preoccupied by this fan, another fan ran up onto the stage and embraced her aggressively; (it looked like he was trying to kiss her). As Keri is fighting him off, security is beating him up. Sympathetically, Keri say’s “yo, yo, yo ,yo ,yo, leave him alone he just wanted a kiss” and continues to say “I love you too”. She’s a trooper that one.

2 Beyonce

In 2013, Beyonce took a dive off of a Sao Paolo, Brazil stage when a fan reached from the crowed, grabbed onto her and just would not let go. Beyonce reportedly played it cool, but her initial reaction was a face that said ‘dear God, what is going on?’. It is still not known how the fan managed to reach so high above the barrier to grab Bey, but you can guarantee that it shocked her. She is heard saying “what tha...”, but in true Beyonce fashion, she continued her performance. Coincidentally, she was on the chorus of her hit song “Irreplaceable”, singing “don’t you ever for a second…” while she stared at the aggressive fan.

1 Tim McGraw

The female fans at Tim McGraw’s concerts are insane; during a performance in 2014, Tim was man-handled by an over excited fan who tried to rip his pants off. Unfortunately for the fan, Tim's initial reaction was to smack the hell out of her. Tim stopped singing and swatted at the fan before she was dragged away kicking and screaming by security. This was not the first time that he had been attacked by a fan. During a concert with his wife Faith Hill, Tim had his man parts grabbed by a fan and Faith flipped out; she stopped the concert to cuss the girl out. Tim has also had his ring ripped off his hand by a fan; he stopped the whole concert and repeatedly asked for his ring back. This man needs to stop letting his fans get too close to him.

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