10 Incredibly Funny Instances of Celebs Farting on Air

Have you ever let one loose during a conference or a date? What about breaking wind on live television or during a governmental debate? If you think that only the crass and crude fart, think again. These 10 incredibly funny instances of celebs farting on air are proof that everyone does indeed pass gas. Enough of this nonsense of girls passing rainbows; they can let loose some not-so-silent wild ones as well. While we all try to be discreet and polite, sometimes we just cannot help it. We need to let loose, and so do celebrities!

In another example of how the rich and famous are just as human as we are, this list includes some hilarious and slightly gross instances where celebrities showed their average Joe (or Jane) likeness. From popular singers to prestigious public leaders, everyone has an oopsy every once in a while. These instances include delivering an important speech, sitting for an on-air interview in front of a studio audience, or doing some exercises. I mean, come on, we have all had a gas slip while doing crunches or twisting ourselves in yoga class.

Enjoy this list, and remember these celebrities the next time you feel embarrassed about passing gas in front of your in-laws.

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10 Nancy Grace

When news anchor Nancy Grace appeared on ABC's hit show Dancing With the Stars, we all pretty much knew that she would embarrass herself. With her soccer mom hairdo and Southern drawl, we were just waiting to see how she would perform on the dance floor. Needless to say, she did not make it very far, but she got more flak for her supposed moment of passing gas while on the air. While being interviewed after her performance, Nancy let out a big long one, although she vigorously denied it. All signs point to her as the one who dealt it, but she continued to deny all fart-related allegations.

9 Whoopi Goldberg

Apparently, Whoopi Goldberg is notorious for letting them loose on the air. While conducting an interview with her co-hosts on The View, Whoopi let out a whoopsy. A loud one. We have to commend her for owning it, though. Whoopi immediately said “excuse me” and laughed it off, saying “I think I just shot a little frog out there!” The audience took it in stride, as did her co-hosts and the interviewee. Hey, ladies fart just as much as guys, no matter what they tell you! Rumor has it that Whoopi is quite the on-air farter, and there have been several other occasions where she passed gas on The View.

8 Julianne Hough

Dancing With the Stars can claim another celebrity farter. Julianne Hough had an “uh-oh” moment while being interviewed, and could not help laughing about it. Her cast mates laughed along with her, but the hosts of the show tried to play it cool and nonchalantly continue on with the program. After all, this is supposed to be wholesome family television, right? Maybe the skimpy outfits and sexy dance moves on the show lead to some gastrointestinal disruptions. Why else would all of these celebrities be letting it rip on the air? Either way, it makes for some pretty entertaining television!

7 Regis Philbin

We can't really blame Regis for letting one loose; after all, he gets the old-guy pass. Yet, his co-host Kelly Ripa was not able to let him get totally away with passing gas on the air. She continues the conversation, but not without letting out a fully-audible giggle. To be fair, the fart was pretty loud, yet Regis was able to put on a pretty good poker face. He totally ignores the fact that he broke wind, and becomes very interested in whatever it is Kelly is talking about. The audience either did not hear it, or was totally respectful of an old man letting one rip.

6 Cheryl Cole

5 Tiger Woods

Was this a moment of friendly competition? While waiting for his opponent Graeme McDowell to take his opening tee shot, Tiger Woods let out a tremendous example of breaking wind. Forget about trying to focus on the wind direction for your golf swing; we need to keep an eye on Tiger! The set-up is so perfect: Graeme is focusing on his stance and his swing. All is quiet, and there is a hush among the crowd. The other golfers are standing off to the side, when suddenly we hear Tiger's contribution to the moment. Seen from behind, Tiger tries to hold himself together, but he looks as though he is trying hard not to burst into full-on laughter.

4 Larry King

3 Leslie Nielsen

This was a great on-air fart. Leslie Nielsen was being interviewed on a morning talk show when he blatantly passed gas. The news anchors in the room started laughing, while Leslie tried to continue with the interview. Yet, it was no use; he just could not let it down. It gets better though! When Leslie asked if they were going to kick him out, the news anchor playfully asked if Leslie needed to use the little girl's room. Then, they tried to segue to another news anchor on assignment in Wales, but she cracked a joke of her own, saying “We're suffering from wind here, too!”

2 Rahm Emanuel

While being interviewed on the Charlie Rose show, Rahm Emanuel, the Chief of Staff for the White House, let it all out. While answering Charlie's question, Rahm wiggled a bit in his seat and let out a pretty obvious fart. Charlie was taken aback, and appeared to fumble for words while processing that someone just passed some serious gas on his show. An unfortunate occurrence, and one that the White House and everyone else would like to forget. Breaking wind during a serious political conversation is always awkward, especially when the people involved refuse to pay it any mind and try to remain stoic.

1 Hilary Clinton

This last celeb fart is up for debate. Some people think that Hillary Clinton did indeed pass gas during a 2007 democratic debate, while others think the video was the result of an editing mastermind. We will watch the video and decide for ourselves, but the truth of the matter is: this is incredibly funny. As Hillary is being asked a serious question about opposing parties ganging up on her, she does not look at ease. She awkwardly stands there before completely letting it rip. There is a long pause as everyone processes what just happened. Blank faces and a hush among the crowd create the perfect celebrity fart moment.

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