10 Hottest Saleswomen From TV "Nymphomercials"

When QVC ("Quality, value, convenience!") burst onto the scene with their TV channel that allowed bored housewives to fulfill themselves via consumerism without leaving the comfort of home, there was another fringe benefit that was rarely talked about.

QVC and the Home Shopping Network sell things like necklaces, mops, dresses, and random household gadgets, but what they are really selling is a fantasy. The fantasy of being that perfect domestic goddess with a clean house, happy family and white picket fence. QVC isn't just selling mops, they're selling The American Dream.

But they weren't only selling it to women. The hosts of a lot of the segments on these channels were strikingly good looking, but not in that actress/model kind of way. Instead, they were basically hotter versions of the typical American housewife. They all had that sort of "Soccer mom in the streets, but freak in the sheets" vibe going on, so they weren't just selling these fantasies to women - they were selling a whole different set of fantasies to the husbands.

Just like that perfect household and perfect family, these QVC hosts are meant to seem perfectly attainable... yet always just out of reach. So here are the 10 hottest ladies from everybody's favorite "Nymphomercials."

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10 Connie Craig Carroll

via instagram.com

This smokin' blonde proudly graduated from the University of Tennessee. If she wasn't a host on the Home Shopping Network, she would want to work in public relations or to work on her own line of jewelry. In terms of full-on hotness, she's probably the winner of this entire list, but we'll let you be the judge of that.

Speaking of judges, she thought about going to law school before taking a job as a sportscaster on television, then eventually found her way to HSN. Connie has such a huge collection of Barbie dolls that she is running out of places to keep them. She also has a huge collection of crosses so keep your mind pure from dirty thoughts or you might get struck down by lightning.

9 Kerstin Lindquist

via youtube.com

Kerstin isn't afraid to work up a sweat; you'll often see her on QVC demoing all sorts of new and unique fitness equipment alongside professional trainers. Her faith and her fitness are two things that help keep her grounded. QVC has described her as a "Workout Fashionista", and she's a fan favorite among many dedicated QVC viewers.

Kerstin made her debut on QVC in 2011, but she's also done some acting, most notably appearing on The West Wing. Earlier in her career she also did some commercial work and worked as a news anchor/reporter/weather person for ABC for half a decade. She's also won plenty of awards for her journalism, so not only is she good at hosting and presenting products, but she's also interesting to listen to.

8 Lisa Robertson

via youtube.com

Lisa has been in the game since 1995, and she's still killin' it. In 1989 she was crowned Miss Tennessee. The life of a TV shopping host isn't all fame and glory, Lisa has had many stalkers over the years. One of them followed her to the movie theatre and was bragging afterwards that he was so close to her, that he could smell her popcorn. At one point, she had three creepy stalkers at the very same time.

One of her stalkers was arrested by police, and they found a box strapped to his chest. No, it wasn't filled with explosives... it was filled with wedding rings. That's some serious WTF going on right there, but let's not let that overshadow Lisa's brilliant career as an on-air saleswoman. Not only did she have a long and prosperous career with QVC, but she also aged like fine wine.

7 Jessica Simpson

via thevictorylapblog.com

What's Jessica Simpson doing on this list? She's a singer and kind of an actress, not a TV infomercial spokeswoman, right? Wrong. Remember her from those Proactiv ads? That qualifies her for this list, even though she doesn't have that same MILF-y vibe as a lot of the other entries on this list.

She's been the face of Proactiv for years now, opting to live a less public life of commercials instead of reality TV, music tours, and acting. Jessica worked really hard in her 20s and now she's reaping the rewards- good for her! She was last spotted recently in Cabo rocking her classic "Daisy Dukes" shorts, which is a throwback to her Dukes of Hazzard days a decade earlier.

6 Heather Hall

via youtube.com

Heather Hall is a host for Evine, which is a newer shopping network that was launched by a former CEO of HSN, with the goal of providing women with a more social shopping experience on the internet. The home shopping channels aim to create a sense of community and familiarity, but it's still ultimately a one way street except when you're calling in to buy things. That's where Evine aims to be different.

Heather is a former model, who now sells all sorts of products but says her favorite are beauty products. The beauty products that she sells must be doing something right, because this mother of three is looking great. The next time you're in the market for some assorted beauty supplies, Heather's got you covered, if you know what we mean.

5 Lori Greiner 

via facebook.com

Recognize her from Shark Tank? She's the one who is always telling people she can get their product featured on QVC in order to entice them into making a deal with her. And for good reason - Lori basically dominates when it comes to home shopping. She's mature, entrepreneurial, and knows what she wants.

Lori grew up in Chicago and got an early introduction to business with a father who was a real estate developer. Her mother was a psychologist; so she was armed with an understanding of people, business and marketing, Lori was poised for world domination. Lori holds over 120 patents, and has helped launch over 400 products.

4 Sandra Bennett

via facebook.com

The saucy Sandra Bennett started slanging stuff on QVC back in 2006, when she joined the team as a Trainee Host. She's been hosting her own programs since 2007, and even a decade after her debut she's still a mainstay on the channel.

Her dad was in the military, and she spent a good chunk of time in the Mojave desert. That must explain the hotness. She loves to travel, and one of her main life goals is to see as much of the world as possible. Her entire life she dreamed of being a journalist on TV, and she spent the first twelve years of her career as a reporter before going on to work as a ghostwriter. She wrote seven different books, but isn't allowed to reveal the titles. After that, she started at QVC.

3 Danica Patrick

You know her as a racecar driver, but before that you probably knew her from the ads for GoDaddy. If you wanted a website but didn't know where to start, Danica had the hookup. Maybe you didn't even know you wanted a website until seeing her featured in Super Bowl ads for the controversial domain and website registration company. You wouldn't be the first one. Danica's marketing campaigns for GoDaddy were a smash success, generating a lot of publicity (Both good and bad, but it's all good, right?)

Granted, she's not hosting any actual infomercials on shopping channels, but when you think of hot chicks selling stuff on TV, Danica Patrick is a staple. She helped put GoDaddy on the map, and is responsible for countless websites being brought into existence.

2 Tamara Hooks

via facebook.com

Tamara has us hook, line and sinker, no matter what she's trying to sell on any particular day. She graduated from Howard University with an MBA, and this marketing specialist is putting it to good use on the Home Shopping Network. She spent years working at Nike in sales, where she probably moved a lot of shoes.

"I like being a familiar face who hopefully brings a bit of energy and joy to our viewers' day." - Tamara Hooks

Don't worry, Tamara, you do! Hooks made her first appearance on HSN in 2006, and has been going strong ever since. She collects chess sets and has a collection filled with unique items. Tamara is a very talented and accomplished modern dancer, jazz dancer, and ballet dancer.

1 Michelle Sorro

via facebook.com

Michelle has sold a wide assortment of products on all sorts of different networks and shows all around the world throughout her career. She is like a ringer that shows can call in when they really want to move some units.

She has been on popular national talk shows, all of the shopping networks, and tons of other places. Product owners can get in touch with Michelle and she can get their products featured all over the place, so she's making a lot more moves than people who are simply hosting shows. She's taken it to the next level and built a personal brand that reaches beyond just one shopping channel.

sources: evinedailymail

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