10 Hottest Non-Famous Wives Of Hollywood Actors

These actors have stayed away from getting into relationships with people in the same industry as them, having seen what has happened to their Hollywood peers, all who can’t seem to get their relationship drama in check. It has often been said that two people who work in the industry are bound to argue, fight, and throw around the ‘divorce’ word every now and then. It just doesn’t tend to work as well as when a person in the business ends up marrying a regular person — someone who is not on a tight schedule as them, someone who keeps them grounded, humble and appreciating normality, as opposed to superficiality 24/7. These actors are smart — at least in our eyes. They have shown that marrying people who aren’t part of Hollywood is a key component to a happy relationship. Some of these actors found love at a local restaurant, while others were lucky enough to find their soon-to-be wives behind the bar, serving drinks to guests. The shocker of it all: the majority of the relationships listed below are pushing past a decade, meaning that most couples have lasted for more than ten years, which is quite shocking to hear in Hollywood. Check out the regular wives who continue living their discreet lives, despite their access to millions of dollars, among many other fabulous treats only a wealthy actor can gift his woman.

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10 Alice Kim-Cage

Alice Kim couldn’t believe her luck when Nicolas Cage asked to exchange numbers with him. But wait for it — this all happened at a local restaurant in Los Angeles. As you would’ve probably guessed by now, Alice was the average waitress taking your orders, and hoping you would tip her a few bucks in hopes that the monthly salary was enough to cover rent amongst other expenses. Well, one day Nicolas walks in, and just months later they were married. Cage and his wife are super private — they’ve been married for 11 years, and it seems like they are still going strong. It doesn’t hurt to mention that Alice is a beautiful woman, too.

9 Caroline Fentress

Yes, he most certainly wasn’t the people’s favorite choice when it came down to picking Robin for the ageing film, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, but Chris O’Donnell still got a hot wife to fall back to. Caroline Fentress, a teacher and educator, went on to become the lucky woman who wedded the former heartthrob. It is unclear how the twosome met, but one thing that Caroline could’ve taught Chris from her years of expertise in the field of education would probably be how to pick out the right girl. They’ve been married for 18 years, so clearly they are both doing something right.

8 Luciana Barroso-Damon

Who would’ve thought that you can find genuine love at a local bar in Miami? Well, it seems Matt Damon did, and he has never stopped gushing about his wife, Luciana Barroso, who really hit the jackpot when she served the actor drinks back in 2003. The two eventually hooked up after exchanging numbers, and would go on to marry one another, having since grown their family with four daughters. Barroso is very private — she doesn’t even have a social media account.

7 Jillian Dempsey

Seeing that Patrick Dempsey spends most of his time in salons, trimming his hair, it was only right for him to fall in love there, right? The Hollywood actor was head over heels in love with Jillian Fink once she was appointed to cut his hair. It seems that she had done such a great job, Dempsey didn’t even hesitate to ask her whether she was interested in giving him her number. The two would talk on and off until the late 90s, when things were heating up, and they married. Sadly for the two, the duo have decided to file for divorce back in May, but that shouldn’t exclude Jillian from making the cut as one of the most discreet (and stunning) ex-wife to a famous actor.

6 Rebecca Gleeson-Bana

A publicist? Really? Rebecca Gleeson was pretty much always behind the scenes when doing her job, working as a publicist for several Australian television networks. One day, she ended up running into Eric Bana, most known for his role in Star Trek. The two hit it off right away, and can you believe that they’ve been married for 18 years? Who would’ve thought that Cleo magazine’s proclaimed Mr. Bachelor would end up marrying a television publicist, and better yet, who would have thought that the relationship would last this long?

5 Jennifer Meyer-Maguire

Tobey Maguire found his non-industry wife when he was working on a movie in 2003. Sea Biscuit was said to have brought him closer to Jennifer Meyer, a jewelry designer who just so happened to have been at Universal Studios that particular day. Note that Meyer isn’t famous at all. Her dad is the studio chief over at Universal, but she lives an extremely private life. Jennifer is still designing jewelry, not having let Hollywood get to her head, which could’ve seen her become one of those fame-hungry wives, who help themselves to their husband’s credit cards without any guilt.

4 Kyla Weber-Vaughn

Following his breakup to Jennifer Aniston in 2006, Vince Vaughn was doing a lot of searching, hoping to eventually find Mrs. Right. And, well, it seems he has finally found her. Kyla Weber, a regular realtor from Okotoks, Canada, became the woman Vaughn would end up marrying. The cool thing about their relationship is that Weber is continuing her role as a realtor in the States, having refused to give up her dream job in order to become a typical Hollywood wife. She seems to juggle her normal lifestyle with her husband and two kids just fine.

3 Camila Alves-McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey must pinch himself every day, being fortunate enough to wake up to such a stunning woman. Her name is Camila Alves, a relatively known designer in Brazil. Having formed a very close relationship with her mother over the years, the twosome have been running their businesses back in Brazil, while Matthew continues to focus on his acting career. What’s great about the relationship is that both of them are in two completely different fields; Camila is no Hollywood kinda girl — many just think she’s the hot woman by Matthew’s side. But kudos to her, because she does work, and she makes her own money. She is also said to have constantly turned down modeling gigs for huge companies, saying that the timing wasn't right, presumably because she's so caught up with work. So, who knows? Perhaps she'll always be known as Matthew's wife in the States. Nothing more, nothing less. Still incredibly beautiful, that's for sure.

2 Zoe Buckman-Schwimmer


Zoe Buckman is another beautiful woman that got extremely lucky when David Schwimmer changed her life completely. Having been a waitress in London’s West End, David approaching her and sparking a conversation eventually led to Schwimmer flying Buckman out to Los Angeles, where the ex-waitress would eventually learn that the actor was prepping to marry her. She said yes, of course. Yet despite the fact that her husband is worth millions, and even though David still gets relatively big roles in Hollywood, Zoe has kept herself out of the business. She’s turned from a former waitress to a professional photographer, having grown to love shooting unusual images.

1 Amal Alamuddin


Amal Alamuddin is probably one of the best looking non-famous wives to a Hollywood A-list actor. She is a well-known lawyer back in London, having handled relatively big cases over the years, yet continues to keep a very low profile. She has only started to get noticed by the media following her announcement that she was dating (and later married) George Clooney. Many leading fashion outlets have named her one of the most stylish Hollywood wives, but Amal does not associate herself with titles. She's a seemingly regular woman who cherishes her private life more than anything. She's still working as a lawyer over in England, while her man continues to sign on to star in blockbuster hits. It's a perfect match, right?

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