10 Hottest Celebs With The Most Boring Personalities

While it's quite rare to see hot celebs struggle to show off their fun personalities, these ten famous faces seem to have made it their job to be miserable. At least from how they have portrayed themselves in recent years. These stars are making millions of dollars a year, their career is better known as their hobby, and they have all the time in the world to do whatever it is they feel like doing on any given day. So why do they tend to showcase such a miserable side to them?

Whether it's those who just don't know how to have fun, to the ones who are so driven by their business, they've grown to love the idea of being a boring individual whether people like it or not. And no, there's nothing wrong with not wanting to hit the clubbing scene every other night, but a fun personality is not always shown through one's decision to party. Fun personalities can be shown through one's interaction with their fans, how one conducts themselves in interviews, and most importantly, the kind of people they surround themselves with. Without further ado, here are the ten hottest celebs with the most boring personalities in Hollywood.


10 Katy Perry

While Katy Perry may be a successful singer in the genre of Pop, her personality lacks any star quality. Many fans have often complained about the supposed fact that Katy has often left them hanging by refusing to sign autographs because “she just wasn’t in the mood.” She has often stressed that she prefers the private life, to which some have said that she should’ve chosen a different position if that was the case, seeing that her fans are the ones who keep her living a lavish lifestyle. Good point.

9 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez may still be killing it in terms of all the jobs she’s hooked up on in Hollywood, but her personality is absolutely dreadful. People (including me) have often wondered if Jennifer can even just let her hair down have some fun — she always seems so serious about everything. There’s no denying that this woman is all about her money, but having already made hundreds of millions in her career, when is she going to stop chasing the money and just live a little?

8 George Clooney

George Clooney is very popular with the ladies, for reasons that still baffle me. They say he’s attractive and somewhat of a great actor, but this man has little to no personality. In wanting to know how fun a person is, you usually just have to look at the people they surround themselves with. And having seen George’s friends, they are all married people who probably go to bed by 8 pm every single day. Clooney rarely makes TV show appearances these days, and prefers to just go to the red carpet premiere of his movies and then crawl back into his house.

7 Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt doesn't seem to be much different than George. In fact, did you know that Brad and George are the best of friends? Well, that would make sense considering their boring personalities. I don’t think there’s ever been a moment where Brad has said to Angelina Jolie that having a fun night out without the kids would make for a cool evening (at least it's never been shown in the media). And don’t get me wrong, it’s not all about partying, but these famous faces prefer to be at home with the kids all day, which is fine too. But still, it’s boring.

6 Blake Lively

Blake Lively seemed like a fun girl, whose personality was slowly starting to come through. That was until she married Ryan Reynolds. It’s so strange, but even when Scarlett Johansson went on to marry Ryan, she all of a sudden hid from the public, almost as if she didn’t want anybody to know she still existed. What is it about Reynolds that makes these women suddenly change their minds on being open about their lives? A lot of people have said that, despite having seen many of her interviews, they still feel they know nothing about her.

5 Ciara


Ciara loves everything. She doesn’t seem to have one nasty thing to say about someone and thinks her enemies are really her best friends. Something along those lines anyway. This R&B singer, who has often embarked on feuds with Rihanna, tends to spread her “lovingness” way too much. How can you ignite an argument with somebody, and then when things are turning left on your end, you respond with, “I wish her all the best, she’s so talented.” Boring! You need to get back in the ring and finish what you started, Ci. But aside from her feuds, it is believed that many of the singer’s fans fell out of touch with her because they didn’t feel a connection with her; there’s something lacking in Ciara and fingers are (metaphorically) being pointed at her Little Ms. Innocent personality.

4 Beyonce

Yes, Beyonce is one of the most talented female singers of all time. But her personality sucks, and they say that Bey doesn’t know how to have fun. Unlike her best pal Kelly Rowland, who loves getting turned up with her Hollywood friends, Beyonce is always focusing on the next music project, the next tour, the next merchandise plans — it’s too much about business. Recent reports went on to allege that since she was a teenager, Beyonce was always very determined and motivated, opting out of ‘fun times,’ and replacing that with hard work. It’s an awesome mindset, but when you do go out with that kind of a drive to always focus on business, you will never know how to relax. Nobody wants to hear about work 24/7.


3 Selena Gomez


During her relationship with Justin Bieber, many people had wondered why Selena Gomez was never out and about with her former beau as he always seemed to hit up all these fun places. Justin would be seen at amusement parks, on the beach with friends, traveling to exotic locations, but it was rarely with Selena. Fans eventually got the impression that the former Disney star just didn’t know how to have a little fun, which could be the reason why Justin ended up parting ways with Selena.

2 Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton may be nice to look at — seeing that she is so stunning — but her personality is seemingly non-existent. From what we know, Kate often embarks on national tours all around the U.K, but judging from her boring outfits, one can sense that this woman is not the one who understands humor that well. Kate rarely interacts with friends that she had before she ended up marrying Prince William, which could be the reason why she struggles to appear more approachable (then again, she does have a reputation to uphold).

1 Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart is said to suffer from social anxiety, which you’ve probably noticed in her interviews, and maybe even in her movies. She always gives off an awkward sense that makes one think she’s super uncomfortable at that moment. In regards to somebody who is painfully shy, they are either struggling to break out of that phase of just not wanting to talk, or they just have boring personalities and feel it's better not to say anything in a room full of interesting people. With Kristen, it may just be that she’s boring, and therefore, struggles to make small talk with people; especially during interviews.



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