10 Hottest Celeb Cougars Any Young Man Would Date

By now, we’ve all heard the term “cougar.” While some women don’t like the term, being a cougar can actually be a compliment. After all, an older woman who is attractive enough to get the attention of a younger man can be pretty appealing. These days, more and more women are embracing the notion that age is just a number, and are embracing their sexiness well past what society considers their prime.

In Hollywood, the pressure to look great never goes away when you’re a woman. While the expectation is there for celebrity men as well, it’s definitely not as intense. So, when a woman can give off a youthful presence while still being hot enough to turn heads, that’s certainly a plus. Being a cougar can even land some women more jobs in an industry that once disregarded women once they reached a certain age bracket. Being too old or too young is also relative when it comes to dating these days. As a result, older woman/ younger man relationships are becoming more common, and these celebrities may be part of the reason why. Here are 10 hot celebrity cougars any younger man would love to have on his arm.


10 Bridget Moynahan

Bridget Moynahan, who is known for her roles in movies such as I, Robot, is currently in a relationship with McG, who is a director. The two are around the same age. However, the actress’ past showcases some cougar behavior. From 2004 to 2006, she dated football star Tom Brady. Of course, this was well before Brady married model Gisele Bundchen. Tom Brady is seven years younger than Bridget. The two also have a son together. Moynahan could easily get the attention of a younger man due to her hotness. However, she may be reluctant, since Tom Brady did leave her when she was pregnant, which probably doesn’t help the case of any younger suitors who may pursue her in the future.

9 Courteney Cox


Cox is best known for her role as Monica on the hit television show Friends. While she married Matthew Perry’s character Chandler on the show, who was pretty close in age to her, she had a slightly different preference in real life. Courteney Cox tied the knot with fellow actor David Arquette, who is seven years her junior. Rumor has it that their marriage started to fall apart while Cox was filming the movie Scream 4, and Arquette was partying and having a few affairs with a few University of Michigan students. The two have since divorced. Of course, Courteney also makes the list because she stars on a show called Cougar Town. She’s recently been spotted with Johnny McDaid, who is 12 years younger than her, and the two are reportedly engaged.

8 Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone is perhaps best known for her racy role in Basic Instinct, and she’s still as hot as ever, even though the movie came out over 20 years ago. She was recently spotted making out with Martin Mica, a model who is 30 years younger than Stone. So, there’s a good chance he was just learning how to walk when Basic Instinct was released. Stone doesn’t just limit her romantic relationships to younger men, though. She’s been in alleged relationships with John F. Kennedy, Jr., former president Bill Clinton and actor Michael Douglas, who co-starred with her in Basic Instinct. It’s been reported that Stone is no longer dating Mica and has given up her fascination with younger men, but only time will tell.

7 Julianne Moore


The talented actress isn’t known for dating lots of men who are younger than her. As a matter of fact, she’s been with her much younger husband for about 20 years now. Moore is married to Brad Freundlich, and the two met when she was 35 and he was 26. The couple decided to tie the knot for the sake of their son and daughter and seem to be very much in love. Julianne Moore even plays a cougar in the movie Don Jon, which shows that she doesn’t mind allowing art to imitate life. Julianne has stated that she feels that age is just a number, and this is evident in her life choices and sexy photoshoots and movie roles.

6 Sandra Bullock

Many people may not realize that Sandra Bullock has a bit of a thing for younger men. The famous actress was married to Jesse James, who is close in age to her. However, after the two split, she was romantically involved with handsome actor Ryan Gosling, who is 15 years younger than her. Bullock went on to date Ryan Reynolds, who is 10 years her junior. So, apparently she has a thing for guys named Ryan as well. The actress and producer has been out of the spotlight for a while concerning her love life, but was seen in 2014 going on a few dates with football star Troy Aikman, who just so happens to be her ex-boyfriend. However, she stated that she’s not going to get serious with Aikman again until she knows he feels the same. Maybe she’s being smart with her emotions. Or, maybe she’s executing a cougar move and keeping her options open.

5 Susan Sarandon


Susan Sarandon is a veteran actress who is also known for being in relationships with much younger men. She was in a 23-year relationship with Tim Robbins, who starred in Bill Durham with her. The pair had two children together. Robbins is 12 years Sarandon’s junior. She then began a relationship with Jonathan Bricklin. Bricklin was Susan’s business partner, and obviously their relationship grew into something more. Sarandon is in her 60s, and Bricklin is in his 30s. In addition to her children with Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon also has children from a previous relationship. This means that some of her children are close in age to the men she chooses to date. We can only wonder how her family feels about that.

4 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey was once married to record executive Tommy Mattola, who is decades older than her. Mattola went on to marry Latin singer , and began managing her career. Carey also dated Derek Jeter during Jeter’s early days with the Yankees. Mariah Carey’s love life was out of the media for years, and then she married actor, host and businessman Nick Cannon. Cannon is more than 10 years younger than Carey. The two married after just a few weeks of dating and were husband and wife for more than five years. Just when people were starting to accept the idea that the two were a couple, they decided to call it quits. However, the couple have two children together (a set of twins), so they’ll likely be in each other’s lives for quite some time.


3 Demi Moore


There’s no denying that Demi Moore is pretty hot. The actress and model is 51, and was once married to fellow actor Bruce Willis (who is hot in his own right). Years later, she married actor Ashton Kuchter, who is 15 years younger than her, and also hot. She’s also been romantically linked to 27-year-old Sean Friday, the drummer for the band Dead Sara. Moore is well known for her work in films such as G.I. Jane, which showed her gritty and strong side, and Striptease, which displayed her ability to be especially alluring. She’s got three daughters who are old enough to date, so let’s just hope they don’t all have the same type when it comes to guys.

2 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is almost as famous for her relationships as she is for her acting, singing and dancing. She was once engaged to Ben Affleck, was married to choreographer and dancer Chris Judd, had a relationship with Sean Combs and was married to Marc Anthony. These men were all pretty close in age to Lopez. So she decided to try something different and started dating Casper Smart, one of her backup dancers. Smart is 18 years younger than Jennifer, which means he’s actually young enough to be her son. According to Lopez, she won’t be continuing the trend of dating younger men, since she says that the age difference makes her feel insecure. Only time will tell if she’ll stick to her word.

1 Madonna


The pop icon is in her mid 50s, and is dating Brahim Zaibat, a breakdancer who is more than half her age. Madonna has been dating men who are younger than her for quite some time. She was married to Guy Ritchie for a while, but when the couple split in 2009, she began dating Jesus Luz, who was 22 at the time. Madonna and Luz actually stayed together for a few years, which dispelled the rumors that she was simply using Luz as a boy toy. Maybe Madonna started dating younger men after deciding that trying to be in relationships with guys her age wasn’t working. She’s been linked to Dennis Rodman and Vanilla Ice. Madonna was also married to Sean Penn before tying the knot with Ritchie. Then there was that passionate (?) kiss she recently shared with Drake at Coachella. Perhaps this was just another way for Madonna to remind the world that she’s a cougar and proud of it.


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