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10 Hot Women Batman Would Date If He Was Real

10 Hot Women Batman Would Date If He Was Real

Via TheRichest

In all of comic book and super hero history, no hero compares to Batman. A master of martial arts, the great detective and an expert of deception and striking fear into the criminals hearts. Ever since his conception in the late 1930’s, Batman has been synonymous with serving justice and keeping the streets of Gotham City safe.

Since his parents were gunned down in front of him as a child, the young Bruce Wayne was set on a path to stop the criminal element in Gotham city and, with the Justice League, the world. But the effect of losing so much so young would undoubtedly have an effect with future relationships which has proven to be the case as he has loved and lost many people, not just women but colleagues and friends, too. It would therefore take an extra special woman to tame the eternal bachelor and his crime fighting alter ego.

So if Batman were real, we take a look at some of the possibilities that would best suit the Dark Knight and maybe help him on his quest for personal happiness.

10. Taylor Swift


The first entry on the list is Taylor Swift. This may seem like a strange choice for Batman but the young singer/song writer might actually be a good fit for him. Not only is she beautiful and talented (reasons enough for any man to want to date her!) but she has also gained a reputation for standing up for herself. So when Batman has a long night of fighting crime, he doesn’t need to worry about T-Swift pining after him. She’s quite happy by herself. She’d also have no trouble standing up for herself and keeping the caped crusader on the straight and narrow, if he needed it.

9. Kate Beckinsale


A werewolf killing vampire who likes to dress in black leather. It’s already sounding like the perfect match for Batman. Kate Beckinsale certainly has the acting credentials to equal Batman. With her dark and Gothic part in the Underworld franchise, you can almost picture the two of them stalking the streets of Gotham looking to unleash justice on the bad guys. Away from the crime fighting, the two of them could lead quiet lives as Beckinsale is, by all accounts, a very private person. This suiting Batman’s need for secrecy. A gorgeous, action star, Batman would certainly be interested.

8. Lady Gaga


Every man, and superhero, needs a wildcard. Someone who is going to keep them on their toes and always keep them guessing what’s to come next. For Batman, we feel that person is Lady Gaga. The singing superstar may not be a classic match for either Batman or Bruce Wayne, but we feel the unpredictable nature of Mother Monster would get Batman’s attention.  She would also be able to write a song or two for him, to soothe his troubled mind after a long night of crime fighting. Although, she may well get annoyed if he takes longer to get dressed than she does!

7. Anne Hathaway


Beautiful, sweet, talented and with those big brown doe eyes, there is no doubt that Anne Hathaway would be on the arms of Bruce Wayne at any of his social functions. However, would she attract Mr. Wayne’s alter ego Batman? After a very successful outing as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, Hathaway has proved she has the strength and attitude to match Batman. The sparks flew between them in the movie. So if Batman were real, we’d have no doubt that those sparks would continue. A woman that could possibly please both sides of the caped crusader.

6. Kat Von D


Batman has been known to hook up with woman who have an edge, and Kat Von D has more edge than most. The tattoo artist had her first tattoo done when she was only 14! Then she left school at 16 to pursue her love of tattoos. She has also been known for dating rockstars and bad boys. So if Batman were real, he would certainly interest Kat Von D. With Batman’s moral compass sometimes blurred, especially when it comes to women, he would need to keep this relationship away from his alter ego Bruce Wayne as this one would likely be all about passion and we wouldn’t want Batman to forget himself!

5. Megan Fox


Movie star beauty Megan Fox is undeniably on the top of most men’s dating wish list. Batman would be no different. Having had roles in action films such as Transformers and the new reboot of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fox has shown that she’s not just a damsel in distress and she can more than hold her own in the hero world. She’s also not shy about expressing her opinions and wouldn’t have any problems giving Batman a piece of her mind if he needed it (just ask Michael Bay!). This together with her reported bisexuality, would keep Batman’s attention and adrenaline pumping.

4. Rihanna


If Batman wanted to date a musician, who better than hip-hop stunner, Rihanna. The Barbados born singer could certainly serenade Batman if he needed soothing as well as sing out some up beat tunes while he works out. Rihanna also appears to have a thing for bad boys and the Dark Knight would fit into that. However, Rihanna’s on again off again relationship with Chris Brown and Drake may cause an issue as Batman wouldn’t want to play second fiddle to another man. If her personal history is anything to go by, then the “Only Girl” singer has proved herself to be a strong and independent woman and would no doubt choose Batman.

3. Jennifer Lawrence


As Katniss Everdeen, Jennifer Lawrence showed the world that she is a bonafide action star. Reportedly working out twice a day in order to stay in shape for the role, as well as honing her skills with a bow and arrow, Lawrence is tough to match with. In addition, the actress also won the role of Mystique in the newer X-Men movies. A team up between Batman and either Katniss or Mystique, could rid Gotham of crime forever. In reality she would certainly be able to keep Batman in line and in shape, too. All these ingredients lead to a pretty hot and exciting relationship.

2. Angelina Jolie


Arguably one of the most beautiful and glamorous movie stars in recent years. Angelina Jolie certainly has the action hero credentials. As Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider movies and other action movies such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Angelina Jolie would match Batman in strength and physical ability. She also fills the needs of Bruce Wayne with her endless charity and money raising work, as well as her high profile status which would appeal to Mr. Wayne. Plus, if Batman was ever ready to settle down and have kids, there’s nothing more important to Angelina Jolie than family. If Batman was real, this could be a couple that would last. Although Batman may have a fight on his hands in the form of her husband Brad Pitt!

1. Scarlett Johansson



Number one on our list has to be Scarlet Johansson. If Batman was real then this would surely be the perfect match. In addition to being glamorous and stunning, Johansson would also be a great match for Batman in the crime fighting world. With her role in the movie Lucy, the actress proved that she can handle herself in any situation. But it’s as her counter part Black Widow in the Marvel universe that we feel would best suit Batman. The thought of Batman and Black Widow pairing up would drive the media into a frenzy. Back in the real world, she would please Bruce Wayne as well as Batman. A match made in heaven we think.

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