10 Hot Celebs You Won't Believe Saved Themselves For Marriage

“Sex sells” seems to be the M.O. of Hollywood, especially with regards to women. There’s a reason Jennifer Lawrence is constantly paired with Bradley Cooper, even though she’s fifteen years his junior. Actors and actresses are named People Magazine’s “Sexiest People Alive,” not cute local firemen or pretty, eyelash-batting customer service reps at Stop & Shop.

So hearing that sometimes celebrities don’t practice what they preach is jarring. If most people in Hollywood are sex symbols to some extent or another, it’s almost insulting to find out that they don’t get it on. “Why are you so hot, then? What’s the point?” It’s like someone on a diet making a delicious peach cobbler and then perching themselves at the head of the table, staunchly refusing to have even one bite. “Are you going to have any?” - “No, thanks. I don’t indulge in the deadly sin of gluttony.”

Admittedly, there’s more of a taboo surrounding sex, especially premarital sex, than there is around Georgian confections. The Westboro Baptist Church didn’t show up to the funerals of deceased soliders with signs saying: “GOD HATES GLUTTONS!” And we also can’t blame these celebs for trying to advance their careers while adhering to their morals, but there’s just something that chafes us when a smoking hot celeb, who has no problem suggesting sex, tells the press: “Oh, no. That’s just nasty.”

With that, get ready to find out the 10 chastest stars in the Hollywood sky!


10 Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood, now 32, is a full-grown woman. When on American Idol, she was only 22-years-old, and everyone was completely enamored with her flyover-state, corn-breath charm. Another thing she brought to Hollywood from her native state of Oklahoma? Her Christian principles. In a 2007 Slate piece, she confessed that she would wait until she got married to lose her virginity. The longest wait of her life finally ended in 2010, when she married Mike Fisher, and he quenched her presumable intense, overpowering thirst. They recently welcomed their first child, a son who’s now 8 months.

9 Sarah Drew


Sarah Drew was Dr. April Kepner on one of the sexiest TV shows in recent memory, Grey’s Anatomy, which spawned the characters “McDreamy” and “McSteamy.” On the show, characters were always sleeping with each other all over the place. (Except for, admittedly, Sarah Drew’s character, who behaved pretty biblically.) But in real life, Sarah Drew waited until marriage. In fact, her character wasn’t initially supposed to be a Christian like the actress portraying her, but when Drew came into the audition, one of the first things she revealed was that she was a virgin, and the producers and writers decided to add a religious character into the batch of badly-behaved medical professionals.

8 Lisa Kudrow

We all remember Lisa Kudrow’s character Phoebe on Friends as being a bit of a freak, and we mean that in the sexy way. She liked the lovin’! But in reality, she had just lost her virginity as Friends was starting. She waited until marrying French advertising executive Michel Stern to swipe that v-card. We have to give her credit for her acting chops, able to play a sexually adventurous character while not having any real life experience to draw from. Although, they say that watching something be done can substitute as real, on-the-ground practice, so maybe watching a lil' summin’ summin’ gave Kudrow some insight.

7 Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpson is a starlet who un-swore off premarital sex after her divorce. That’s right, before marrying Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson was quoted as saying: “I promised God, my father, and my future husband that I would remain a virgin until I got married. I just always knew it was something I wanted to do.” But after she and Nick Lachey split in 2006, after three and a half years of marriage, Jessica Simpson had two children with former football player Eric Johnson before eventually marrying him in 2014. We guess Jessica Simpson upgraded from 98 degrees to 100 degrees and could never quite return from boiling point…

6 Jordin Sparks

Another American Idol who used her newfound fame to extol virginity is Jordin Sparks, who, after winning, was quoted as saying: ““My parents gave me a purity ring and talked to me about waiting until I’m married to have sex. It wasn’t forced; it just made perfect sense. It’s going to be awesome to say to my husband that I waited my whole life for him.” She’s now dating sex symbol Jason Derulo, who tops the charts with sexy songs like: “Want To Want Me” and “Wiggle”. Maybe the lyrics of the former are semi-autobiographical – in the first verse, Derulo seems absolutely wracked with impatience because it’s “too hot to sleep.” The second verse could then be heard as a fantasy of what he’d love to do with his chaste girlfriend Jordin Sparks.

5 Julianne Hough


Ever wonder why Julianne Hough needed all that ProActiv? Maybe it’s from the stress-acne that came from waiting until marriage. Hough first admitted to waiting in 2008, when she was nineteen. Only now, at twenty-seven, has she accepted a man’s proposal, meaning she still has some time to go until she first makes sweet, sweet love. (Her boyfriend of one year, NHL player Brooks Laich, proposed to her in August.) Although all of America has been drooling over her perfect toned skin and fit body for the past near-decade, Hough has been totally unsexed. No wonder she accepted his proposal after only dating for a short while.

4 Celine Dion

Unlike some of the other women on this list, Celine Dion never sold sex overtly and exclusively (unlike Jessica Simpson, who famously washed a car and ate a burger in the most sexual imaginable way, and Adriana Lima who is famous for her underwear-clad body). Celine Dion was always a powerful emotional voice, not a hot body. The French-Canadian belter waited until 1994 to lose her virginity, which is when she married Rene Angélil. That’s a long wait, considering she’s born in 1968 (she would have been 26) and exacerbated by the fact that rumors say the two starting dating when Celine Dion was a mere fourteen years old!


3 Adriana Lima


Victoria’s “secret” is that Adriana Lima was a virgin until she got married. Thanks to the lingerie store, the 34-year-old Brazilian model has been one of the biggest sex symbols in the world for the past fifteen years. But only for the last six has she been a non-virgin. She wed her ex-husband Marko Jaric in 2009 and only lost her virginity then, if we are to believe what she says. As for her current sexual behavior, we can’t tell. Maybe Adriana Lima got a taste of the lovin’ and kept having it after her divorce (especially since they say women reach their sexual peak around the age Lima is today…).

2 Ciara

This one is a little different from the others because Ciara is not technically a virgin. But, based on how hard she’s sold sex in her career, we thought it would be wrong not to include it. Remember the time she licked Justin Timberlake’s ear in the “Love Sex Magic” video? And what she says in the song: “I’ll be flowing and going ‘til clothing disappears/ Ain’t nothing but shoes on me, oh baby…” A lot of people were surprised by how non-playfully overt this song was. Oh, and then there was her song “Oh” that was Oh-bviously an orgasm. So that her new beau, Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, should say they’re going to wait makes us believe in de facto revirginization for the pretty “15 out of 10” singer.

1 Tim Tebow


Tim Tebow is an evangelical Christian and the son of missionaries. It’s no wonder that an intense religious ethos has infused his behavior, and that includes his behavior in relationships. That’s right, despite having been a quarterback in the NFL, possibly the most sexually appealing jobs in the entire universe, Tim Tebow decided to wait until marriage. In 2012, Ashley Madison, the world’s largest infidelity website, offered women $1M if they’d come forward and confess that they’d had sex with Tim Tebow. No one came forward, but an ironclad non-disclosure agreement from the extremely lucrative NFL trumps the cash prize of some seedy, two-bit website, so it’s no wonder.


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