10 Hot Celebrities Who Were Not So Cute As Kids

Childhood can be an awkward time for many people, and celebrities are no exception. It’s highly likely that most parents silently pray to have an adorable baby, but as we grow, we can go through a few

Childhood can be an awkward time for many people, and celebrities are no exception. It’s highly likely that most parents silently pray to have an adorable baby, but as we grow, we can go through a few stages that aren’t so favorable before reaching adulthood. You may think famous people are able to skip these phases, but that’s not always the case.

Perhaps knowing that some of your favorite celebrities have some pictures from their youth that they’re not so proud of makes them more relatable. Knowing that the actors and musicians you’ve come to admire, partially for their good looks, likely had to go through a few stages before achieving hotness. For some, this provides a sense of humility. You may notice that some celebs are very modest when people mention how attractive they are, and it may be because they’re remembering a time when “hot” wasn’t exactly an accurate description for them. So, take heart. If you had to go through a period of time when you had braces, were a little chubby or couldn’t quite get your hair to behave, you are not alone. Here are 10 hot celebrities who weren’t exactly cute kids.

10 Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is known for her quirkiness and her various appearances in romantic comedies. She likely got her bubbly personality from her famous mom, Goldie Hawn. Hudson also got her golden locks and winning smile from her mother. However, Kate wasn’t always the red carpet bombshell you see today. When she was a toddler, she had a pretty chubby face, and hadn’t quite grown into her features yet. We’re sure she’s grateful that she grew into her beady eyes, full cheeks and large nose. It’s also obvious that she has a great body, especially for having two kids. She currently promotes her own line of workout clothing to help other people look their best as well.

9 Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a well-known actor and dancer, and she even appeared in the movie adaptation of the Broadway classic Chicago. She’s also still widely recognized for starring alongside fellow hottie Antonio Banderas, in the movie Zorro. It’s hard to imagine that Zeta-Jones was ever anything but gorgeous, but she definitely went through a challenging time in the looks department. In elementary school, she had buck teeth, and she had some weight issues as a young woman. These days, she’s completely beautiful, and she even makes husband Michael Douglas look hotter. Hopefully her two sons will take after her in terms of getting more and more handsome as they get older.

8 Megan Fox

Megan Fox is a Tennessee native who has pretty much made her living by being hot. She’s an actress and model, but it’s highly likely that people don’t pay much attention to her lines and characters, since they’re too busy being mesmerized by her looks. However, things weren’t always so pretty for the celebrity. As a child, she had a serious uni-brow, and it took some time for her to grow into her teeth. Luckily, the mother of two probably won’t have to spend too much time comforting her two children during their awkward phases. She’s married to Brian Austin Green, who is also pretty hot, so their children may not have too much to worry about when it comes to looks.

7 Kelly Brook

The buxom British model, actress and presenter was definitely not a cute kid. Thank goodness all that has changed. Kelly Brook had stringy red hair, a wide face and rather large teeth as a kid. Puberty was obviously kind to her, because she looks like a totally different person now. Brook was most recently seen as a main cast member in the NBC sitcom One Big Happy, where she plays the hot wife of a guy she hasn’t known for very long. We’re guessing most guys would probably jump at the chance to marry Kelly Brook, since her beautiful hair and curvy figure speak for themselves these days.

6 George Clooney

George Clooney is basically the definition of handsome in the eyes of many women. It’s not hard to see why. So, it’s hard to imagine that this walking sex symbol wasn’t exactly a handsome child. The bowl cut Clooney had as a kid definitely didn’t help his case. His glasses, which were kind of thick, made matters worse. However, the actor, director and producer has since cleaned up well, and even looks great with gray hair. When he married his wife Amal, Clooney, who had been a devout bachelor for years, made women cry all around the world.

5 Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher was actually a model for Calvin Klein before he hit it big in television and movies. He’s still well-known for his role on That 70's Show, where he played the on-again, off-again love interest of his now real-life wife Mila Kunis. Kutcher was also married to fellow gorgeous celebrity Demi Moore. As a baby, Kutcher was pretty chubby and hadn’t developed the chiseled features we’ve come to know and love. After he grew out of his double chin, his early teenage years were a little awkward as well. However, this ugly duckling stage became a thing of the past, and he went on to become a pretty hot celeb.

4 Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is unofficially known in Hollywood as the man with a million jobs. He’s known for his hosting work on American Idol, and currently has a new show on Fox called Knock Knock Live. It’s no secret that he probably wouldn’t have gotten this far if he wasn’t so easy to look at. Sure, he also has a radio show, but that came after the public saw his dashing good looks. Unfortunately, there was a time when Seacrest wasn’t very good-looking. He has stated several times that he was a chubby kid, and he also wore braces and had glasses. Not a good combination. Fortunately, that past is behind him.

3 Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt absolutely went through a not-so-appealing pre-teen phase. She was over it by the time she had a short ensemble role in the 1990s movie Sister Act 2. Love Hewitt had to grow into her nose and it took some time for her teeth to properly fit into her face, but she’s definitely turning heads now. The actress is known for her starring role in the series Ghost Whisperer, and has often been in the media for her body. Some say she gained too much weight, while others say her curves are appealing. Of course, there’s also been talk about her ample bosom. The mother of two, who just had a baby recently, is definitely looking great these days.

2 Victoria Beckham

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is also known for being super hot. She’s even made a career of being a fixture in the fashion world by starting a clothing line. When she cut her hair into a bob style, the media went crazy, and it’s very likely that hundreds of women went out to get this hairstyle. Victoria Beckham is also hot by association, since her husband David, is one of the most handsome men to ever play soccer. However, when Victoria was a child, she had a gap in her teeth and wispy hair that needed some help being tamed. Things have definitely changed for the better.

1 Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker changed the way that women everywhere viewed fashion and their love lives when she starred in the hit HBO show Sex and the City. Parker’s bold yet chic clothing on the show was definitely eye-catching, and her style was one of the main reasons viewers tuned in every week. Parker wasn’t always so fashion-forward and sophisticated, though. It took some time for her to learn how to style her naturally curly hair, and her teeth and nose were the prominent features of her face, which can’t be easy for a young girl. Thankfully, Parker has grown into a fashion icon and is regarded as beautiful and refined by many.


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10 Hot Celebrities Who Were Not So Cute As Kids