10 Hollywood Careers That Were Ruined By A Divorce

Unfortunately, divorce is sometimes a part of life, whether you’re a celebrity or not. It’s pretty safe to say that most people don’t get married with the intention of breaking up later. However, things happen in life that lead couples to make the decision to separate.

It’s also no secret that divorces are pretty common in Hollywood. Some would argue that there are some stars who get married for the publicity, and get divorced to get even more press. While this may seem a bit extreme, some people go to great lengths to stay relevant in the media. However, there are couples who decide to get married because they truly love each other, and there are celebrity couples who were husband and wife before they became famous. Sometimes, the stress of juggling all of life’s obligations can ruin even the strongest of marriages.

In some cases, a divorce can ruin a celebrity’s career. For instance, if the celeb and his/her spouse became famous together, or are famous mainly because of their marriage, divorcing could be detrimental. This may also be the reason why some popular couples stayed together long after the love was gone. Here are 10 Hollywood careers that were pretty much destroyed by divorce.

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10 Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger

This Hollywood couple was one of the best looking in the business. They met on the set of The Marrying Man in 1991, and by 1995, the two welcomed a daughter named Ireland. However, the marriage soon started to crumble when rumors about Basinger’s mental health and Baldwin’s inability to control his temper became public. When the couple decided to divorce, their custody battle over their daughter went on for years. Remember when Alec left that angry voicemail for his young daughter, calling her a “rude little pig?” That certainly didn’t do much for his career, and the project he’s most remembered for these days is 30 Rock, which is in syndication. We haven’t heard much from Kim Basinger since the divorce either, which may mean that the mental instability rumors are true.

9 Meg Ryan

8 LeAnn Rimes

Even though LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are still married, people still haven’t forgotten how the two got together. When Rimes and Cibrian were working on a Lifetime movie together, they fell in love. That would be a pretty romantic story—except they were both married to other people at the time. They ended up pursuing a relationship with each other, and eventually divorced their respective spouses. Cibrian was married to Brandi Glanville, a cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and she definitely wasn’t quiet about what her husband had done. She’s referred to Rimes as a home-wrecker, and the women have exchanged some pretty serious jabs on Twitter. Rimes, who is also an award-winning singer (she had two Grammy Awards by the time she was 14), has lost some of her fan base because of her personal choices. Her 2015 album only reached #30 on the charts. Ouch.

7 Jon & Kate Gosselin


Once upon a time, millions of people tuned in to watch the TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, which followed the Gosselin family as they embarked on the adventure of raising eight children. Understandably, raising this many children can take a toll on any marriage, and the couple appeared in a television special to announce they were separating. This didn’t seem like the worst thing in the world, initially. Kate was booked for Dancing With The Stars, and she stated that she had a supportive team around her to help her with the kids. However, stories about Jon not paying child support made him look like a pretty bad father figure. He also had subsequent relationships with other women, who confirmed that he wasn’t exactly a great guy. Jon Gosselin currently deejays for a living, and is trying to get back on his feet after being evicted. Kate got one more try at a reality show with TLC’s Kate Plus 8, but it’s just not the same.

6 Tom Cruise

Fans were shocked when the news broke that Tom Cruise was divorcing his wife, actress Nicole Kidman, in 2001. The couple had been married for nearly a decade. However, Cruise managed to stay in Hollywood’s good graces for the most part, and starred in a few lackluster action movies. However, his personal reputation wasn’t in great shape, since he got into feuds with Brooke Shields and newscaster Matt Lauer, after making some pretty offensive comments. All eyes were back on Tom Cruise’s love life again in 2005, when he courted actress Katie Holmes (remember his couch-jumping during his interview with Oprah?). Holmes and Cruise are now divorced, and some of his fans are more disappointed about this breakup than they were about his divorce from Kidman. Cruise’s affiliation with Scientology also hasn’t done him any favors in the reputation department, and some believe that his devotion to the religion is one of the main reasons for his split from Holmes.

5 Robin Thicke

4 Jesse James

3 Kris Humphries

2 Sean Penn and Madonna


These two stars met on the set of Madonna’s Material Girl video shoot and began a pretty passionate romance. They married, and the media followed as they engaged in heated arguments and fits of violence, so often that they were nicknamed, The Poison Penns. The marriage only lasted two years. Yes, Madonna is the Queen of Pop and Sean Penn's a talented actor, but their divorce certainly didn’t do them any favors. If anything, it made the public aware of how violent Penn could be. He was arrested for assaulting a person on the set of a movie, and broke into Madonna’s home, tied her up and abused her for nine hours before police arrived. He’s since turned his life around, but people aren’t likely to forget that any time soon. Madonna went on marry director Guy Ritchie, but the two have since divorced. This likely led Madonna to try and prove to the world that she’s still sexy by doing things like giving rapper Drake, sloppy kisses that he didn’t request at Coachella.

1 Seal and Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum and Seal were one of the cutest couples in Hollywood. They had four children, were married for seven years, and even renewed their vows every year. So, it came as quite a surprise when the couple announced they were divorcing. Seal’s music career definitely took a hit due to his personal life, and while Klum was still working on Project Runway and other business ventures, people still weren’t too happy about the split. Heidi’s reputation was further tarnished when Seal accused her of having an affair with her bodyguard. Martin Kristen and Heidi Klum are still together, which didn’t go over well with some of her fans, since she reportedly started her new relationship before she and Seal officially divorced.

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