10 Hollywood Babes With The Best Abs

Summer time is definitely upon us and the living is easy. At least, if you are a multi-millionaire who can afford to take the summer off to gallivant on the beach. What better way to show off your sex

Summer time is definitely upon us and the living is easy. At least, if you are a multi-millionaire who can afford to take the summer off to gallivant on the beach. What better way to show off your sexy toned abs, than to rock a hot skimpy bikini and hit the sand and the beach. Just like all the previous summer seasons, female celebrities begin to face even more intense pressure and scrutiny from the media, fans and producers, when bikini season comes around. They have to go through hours of gruelling physical training to get the bodies that we see strutting on the beach. This list will pay major kudos to Hollywood’s leading ladies with the best bodies. As much as we love to hate, we have got to give these ladies credit. Rockin’ a fierce body like these is no easy feat.

10 Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has amazing abs. What’s even more amazing is that she has given birth and still looks so great. She has kept up her flawless physique throughout the years and still manages to rock a killer crop top. To get abs like Gwen, there is no doubt that you need to not only train mean, but you have to eat clean as well. Gwen is known for dropping down during performances and rocking a mean set of one handed push ups. Gwen has gone on record as saying “there is no secret: you just have to eat healthy, work out and torture yourself”. Props Gwen and thanks for reminding us that beauty is pain.

9 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has always had a body to die for. Remember her gorgeous body in her role as stripper Nancy Callahan in Sin City. Almost ten years later, as she reprises the role in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Alba looks just as good, if not better, as she did before. Let us not forget that she has given birth to two children and is much older now. But how does she stay so fabulously fit? Alba has revealed that some of her favorite workouts include dance classes, cycling classes and sprint workout. She focuses on her core and it shows. She also let on that she always stocks up on organic products, drinks tons of water and works hard. Although she has a banging body and clearly a regimented work out schedule, Alba has gone on record, stating that she doesn't like squats or push ups. You are not alone Jessica.

8 Halle Berry

Halle Berry has always turned heads because of her natural beauty and talent. The mother of one has gorgeous toned abs, even as she ages she continues to look strong, healthy and beautiful. Her body looks ten years younger than it really is and makes everyone wonder how does she do it? It has been reported that Berry follows a very strict fitness routine that includes leg raises, squats, push ups and lunges, which are pretty much all the moves that everyone hates. No wonder she is so fabulous and perfectly fit. Keep up the great work Halle!

7 Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler’s abs are so great that they put most of us to shame. She dated George Clooney, so she must be pretty close to perfect. Not only are her abs sleek and toned but so is the rest of her body. Keibler is a former professional wrestler, and starred on a season of Dancing with the Stars. Keibler also wrote a column called Getting Fit with Stacy Keibler for Stuff Magazine. With a resume like that, no wonder she is in such good shape. Keibler says that to get fit and stay in shape, it is important to have fun with your workouts and keep them changing. She also says that you have to push yourself a little harder than you think you can go and that if you feel your body shaking and burning, that is when the changes start to happen.

6 Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio, the Brazilian Beauty, is a supermodel and she doesn't seem to have an ounce of fat on her. Is it any surprise that she is a Victoria’s Secret Model? The 33 year old works hard in the gym to keep her body in tip top shape and some even call her a gym bunny. Ambrosio keeps her svelte frame by struggling through a grueling Pilates routines and keeping a strict workout regimen. Just like everyone else, she still has to sweat her way to a fierce bod, even though she is a supermodel. Still, at 33 she looks better than most people do at their peak. Props, Alessandra.

5 Beyonce

Beyonce is the queen of pretty much everything these days, so it should come as no surprise that her beautiful body makes it on this list. The mother of one has always had a fierce bootylicious body and it seems to only be getting better. Especially with her posting pictures of her abs onto her Instagram account. How does Queen B get her body to obey? Her trainer spilled that part of Beyonce’s routine: booty-shaking. That’s right! Bey trains mean for her performances and those hour long dance sessions burn some major calories. Her trainer also spills that Bey does planks for 5 minutes at a time. That’s impressive, considering planking for more than 40 seconds will have most of us plain laid out. Bey also works out at least 4 times a week for an hour and keeps her routine varied by doing kettle bell, calisthenics and boxing.

4 Pink

Pink has some of the fiercest abs. She works hard for her body and it shows in her performances. She does acrobatic routines, works the silks and hangs from hoops during her live shows. Pink gained 55 pounds when she was pregnant by splurging on junk food and enjoying the down time. To lose the weight and get her fab abs back, she went on a super-food cleanse and ate as green as possible. She also worked out for 60-90 minutes daily. When on the road, Pink reportedly keeps fit by running and doing a Bikini Boot-camp DVD by fitness guru, Jeanette Jenkins. One of Pink's key tips is to keep a strong core, which will in turn help burn fat and keep you strong. Major props to Pink for losing the baby weight and looking fierce!

3 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian struggled with her body when she was pregnant with baby North. But, as soon as baby North came into the world, Kim got her body back into shape. Her post baby body is as rockin’ as ever. Just like any new mom, Kim had to work her butt off to get her toned abs and perfectly sculpted backside. How did she do it you ask? Aside from intense hard work and dedication, Kim did moves like, mountain climbers and bur-pees from the Barry’s Boot-camp classes. These classes are like Hollywood’s best kept secret and each day of the week focuses on a different muscle group. The classes are a favorite of Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham to name a few. But, be warned, they are not for the faint at heart.

2 Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos may be completely svelte, but the actress has revealed that she struggled with her weight in the past. She is taking her struggles with her weight and putting them in a book, The Everygirl’s Guide to Diet and Fitness, to help women everywhere achieve their fierce potential. Menouous has stated that she is often too busy to get to the gym, so she has to come up with creative ways to get her workouts in. She says she strives to take 10 000 steps a day and part of that is always taking the stairs instead of the elevator and walking instead of driving, whenever she can. Maria says she likes to play basketball and go hiking to stay in shape, as well as dance and spinning class. She prefers to stay out of the gym and keep an active lifestyle instead. Whatever you are doing Maria, it is working!

1 Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson has shown the world that having a baby is no barrier to having beautifully sculpted abs and an overall toned body. She always looks great and seems to only get better with age. If that is even possible. Kate loves Pilates and trains 3 times a week for an hour, with a trainer. She always goes for a long run before her Pilates workout and on off days, she often hits up a spinning and/or yoga class. Hudson has also said that she likes to do DVD’s at home and that her favorite is a “Brazilian Butt Lift” workout. The star says that when she is not feeling it, she puts on her pump-up music to get motivated which includes, Big Ones by Aerosmith. Can she get any cooler?!

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10 Hollywood Babes With The Best Abs