10 Hollywood Babes With The Best Abs

Summer time is definitely upon us and the living is easy. At least, if you are a multi-millionaire who can afford to take the summer off to gallivant on the beach. What better way to show off your sexy toned abs, than to rock a hot skimpy bikini and hit the sand and the beach. Just like all the previous summer seasons, female celebrities begin to face even more intense pressure and scrutiny from the media, fans and producers, when bikini season comes around. They have to go through hours of gruelling physical training to get the bodies that we see strutting on the beach. This list will pay major kudos to Hollywood’s leading ladies with the best bodies. As much as we love to hate, we have got to give these ladies credit. Rockin’ a fierce body like these is no easy feat.

10 Gwen Stefani


9 Jessica Alba


8 Halle Berry


7 Stacy Keibler


6 Alessandra Ambrosio


5 Beyonce


4 Pink


3 Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian struggled with her body when she was pregnant with baby North. But, as soon as baby North came into the world, Kim got her body back into shape. Her post baby body is as rockin’ as ever. Just like any new mom, Kim had to work her butt off to get her toned abs and perfectly sculpted backside. How did she do it you ask? Aside from intense hard work and dedication, Kim did moves like, mountain climbers and bur-pees from the Barry’s Boot-camp classes. These classes are like Hollywood’s best kept secret and each day of the week focuses on a different muscle group. The classes are a favorite of Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham to name a few. But, be warned, they are not for the faint at heart.

2 Maria Menounos


1 Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson has shown the world that having a baby is no barrier to having beautifully sculpted abs and an overall toned body. She always looks great and seems to only get better with age. If that is even possible. Kate loves Pilates and trains 3 times a week for an hour, with a trainer. She always goes for a long run before her Pilates workout and on off days, she often hits up a spinning and/or yoga class. Hudson has also said that she likes to do DVD’s at home and that her favorite is a “Brazilian Butt Lift” workout. The star says that when she is not feeling it, she puts on her pump-up music to get motivated which includes, Big Ones by Aerosmith. Can she get any cooler?!

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