10Leonardo DiCaprio

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Leo's got a belly and he knows it. Does he care? Hell no! Truthfully, this mega-star could probably inflate to the size of a zeppelin and still be attractive to women, thanks to a heady combination of talent and all the mega-bucks he has stashed away in his back account.


that wouldn't be the true mark of a "Dad Bod." It's not an obese slob that women are attracted to, but rather the man who still has the visible makings of an athletic body, simply endowed with the added touch of a cuddly beer paunch. Leonardo DiCaprio fits the bill!

In some roles, like his tough undercover cop character in The Departed, Leo has appeared to be downright chiselled, causing women to swoon. But when he's between roles, and letting it all hang out, DiCaprio is still swarmed by the babes, all thanks to the zest for life that led to his Dad Bod.

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