10 Hilarious Times Celebrities Didn't Take Themselves Too Seriously

We live in a time where people are obsessed with the idea of "celebrity." The problem is, people focus on the downfalls of the people they claim to admire so much, rather than the things they should be remembered and appreciated for. I hate the fact that members of Geordie Shore (if you're English like me) or Keeping Up With The Kardashians (for my friends across the pond) can fall drunkenly through the streets or take naked photos of themselves and are almost celebrated for it. On the other hand, when a film star has private photos stolen from them and shared with the world or a musician has a low point and finds themselves drunk beyond comprehension, they are a social pariah. Across articles and newspapers people are aiming to cut down celebrities. South Park even did an entire episode on it. Surely it's wrong to expect people to live their lives by stringent and boring rules set by the mob mentality of the public?

Well, I am here to celebrate the people who not only make our lives better by the things they create, but who also enjoy poking fun at themselves when we least expect it. In an age of social media and a stream of talk shows, it is easy for celebrities to share their lives with their fans. Sometimes they even reveal the biggest secret they have; they are actually human and they have a sense of humour about themselves. Here are ten times celebrities showed that they could not care less about what the media had to say and made us smile.

10 James Blunt's Twitter Feed


9 Natalie Portman's Rap


8 Ryan Gosling: Knife Guys

7 Robert Pattinson's Hatred For Twilight


6 P. Diddy In Get Him To The Greek

5 Patrick Stewart's Numerous Appearances With Seth Macfarlane

4 Justin Timberlake Taking Us Through Rap History With Jimmy Fallon

3 Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: And We Danced

2 Kristen Bell's Sloth Breakdown

1 I'm F*cking Matt Damon... And Ben Affleck

Where do you start with this? Well let's look at the celebrities involved. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have had a history of acting together and have had some brilliant comedy roles, particularly as the angels who lost their way in Dogma. That seems so long ago and, since then, both Ben and Matt have had some sensational dramatic roles. In between Good Will Hunting and The Bourne Ultimatum, Jimmy Kimmel had invited Matt Damon onto his show a number of times but was always cut short before the interview ever happened. Which is when this whole fiasco ensued. If there has ever been a brilliant example of celebrities having a sense of humour, this is it. Pulled into the video are a number of celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle and crooner Josh Groban.

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10 Hilarious Times Celebrities Didn't Take Themselves Too Seriously