10 Hidden Easter Eggs You Missed In Breaking Bad

Did you ever notice any of these Easter eggs in arguably the best show in television history?

As much as everyone wanted Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad to remain on TV forever, every good thing must come to an end. Yet, despite being over for three years now, Breaking Bad is still far from forgotten. Countless movies, shows and video games continue to reference Breaking Bad in clever and humorous ways. A show like this one sticks with you; between the intriguing character development, the dark twisting story line and ingenious directing, it’s no surprise that this show has managed to linger around in the back of our minds for so long.

Considering how many hardcore fans this show has spawned over the years, we’re going to assume many, if not everyone, who watched Breaking Bad has rewatched the seasons at least once. During which have you ever spotted any hidden Easter eggs? If not don’t worry, we know of a few intriguing Easter eggs hidden throughout the episodes and thought we would share them with you. If you haven’t rewatched the series already you definitely will after reading this list; here are 10 hidden Easter eggs you missed in Breaking Bad.

10 The Return of Walter's Pants

9 Birthday Entrances

Over the five year run of Breaking Bad, we saw three of Walter's Birthdays, 50, 51 and lastly 52. Each episode including one of Walter's name days had a shot of Walter walking through his front door. Considering the gap between each of these episodes, it’s pretty difficult to make the connection here. Now obviously there’s a distinct difference in the lighting and how Walter is depicted in each shot, but if we take a look back at this conversation between Jesse and Jane the reference hidden in the dialog is now easily recognized:

Jesse: “You know. I don’t get it. Why would anyone paint a picture of a door, over and over again, like, dozens of times?”

Jane: “But it wasn’t the same.”

Jesse: "Yeah, it was.”

8 Mr. Pink and Mr. White Reference

7 Oranges = Death

Bowls of oranges, fallen oranges, rolling oranges. What significance do these oranges have in Breaking Bad? Well, for starters they don’t only show up in Breaking Bad, The Godfather also seems to have a fondness for oranges. If you take this similarity into consideration, you’ll notice these sneaky fruits always decide to show up when someone dies or when bad news is passed on. For instance, Walter’s neighbor Carol drops her bag of groceries when she sees a disheveled looking Walter return to his abandoned home – oranges can be seen rolling from her grocery bag. In The Godfather, Vito Corleone drops a bag of oranges after being shot. If that’s not enough, in Breaking Bad season four, episode 11, a couple of oranges fall out of a bowl after Ted Beneke crashes head first into the counter, leaving him in a coma. The most memorable orange scene in The Godfather has to be when Vito makes an orange peel smile before he dies. If you’re still not convinced there are many other scenes involving these grim reaper like fruits, just look for yourself.

6 Flashback Murders


5 62 Samarium

4 Tuco’s Grill


3 Jane’s Death

2 The Infamous Pink Teddy Bear


1 Killer Idiosyncrasies

Walter White will definitely go down in history as one of the greatest antiheroes in television history. The way we watch his character slowly transform into the cynical, murdering genius we all know him to be is masterfully executed by both Vince Gilligan and Bryan Cranston. It’s not easy to create a main character that is both good and evil, yet still manages to pull the fans over to his or her side. We could go on all day about the different reasons that make Walter White such an amazing character, but this is an article about hidden Easter eggs so let’s talk about the creepy little facts you may have missed about Walt. Have you ever noticed his morbid tendency to take on certain idiosyncrasies of those he’s killed? Yes, believe it or not, Walter takes on many different idiosyncrasies from his victims throughout the seasons. Don’t believe us, lets name a few: Krazy-8 who always cut the crust off his sandwiches - Walter kills him and goes crust free. Remember Mike? He drinks his whisky with ice. Walt never use to, until he kills him and becomes an on-the-rocks guy. Then, there’s Gus, as we all know he drives a Volvo. What do you think Walter White chooses to drive in the opener of season five? If you guessed a Volvo, you’d be right.

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10 Hidden Easter Eggs You Missed In Breaking Bad