10 Good Looking Cartoon Characters You Secretly Had A Crush On

It's actually very normal to have a crush on a cartoon character...

Have you ever had a crush on a cartoon character? It’s okay, all of us have at some point! From Scooby Doo and some Disney flicks to more adult shows such as Futurama and Daria, the guys and gals from these cartoons will make you swoon all over again. While most of our characters here are female, we have a couple of dudes that will pique your interests.

What is it about cartoon characters that turn us on? Some characters are very direct in their sexiness, wearing alluring clothing or speaking in a sexy voice. Yet other characters are more indirect with their appeal, either using their attitude or personality to win viewers over. Don’t fear, because having a crush on a fictional character is actually quite common and not at all unhealthy. It is only when you actually think the character is real that you have a problem.

Before we get started on our list, some cartoon characters that didn’t make the cut but came very close were Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Jasmine from Aladdin, and Debbie Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys. It seems that the most attractive characters use a combination of tone of voice, body build, and manner of moving to encapsulate that sexy aura. Read on and see if your favorite is here!

10 Daphne Blake


The red hair, the long legs, and those knee-high boots, it was Daphne that had all of the boys crushing. If there was ever a reason to watch the Scooby Doo TV series, it was to see Daphne play the damsel in distress. In the live-action movies, the directors made certain that they cast Daphne as a hot young female (choosing Sarah Michelle Gellar for the 2002 film.) While Daphne was not always the most intellectual of the bunch, she eventually gained some wits in later iterations of the show. Not that anyone cared as long as she kept her red-headed allure.

9 The Little Mermaid


Another red-headed beauty comes from Disney studios. She made waves (pun intended) both on and off the screen as a super-sexy underwater siren. While Ariel, also known as The Little Mermaid, was only 16 years old, she definitely seemed much more developed for her age. With a tiny waist, flaming red hair, and a bikini top made of two seashells, she would have boys and men alike feeling turned on. Not only was she pretty, but she had such an angelic voice. Ariel and her under the sea friends were such a hit in theatres, that The Little Mermaid was made into a children’s TV series afterwards.

8 The Girls from Totally Spies


Clover, Sam, and Alex were the girly trio from the TV series Totally Spies, and they each had their own personality and style. To be honest, the creators behind the show probably had some sort of fetish, because these female spies were always being tied up or covered in goo. Even so, we can definitely see how these young women were totally crush-worthy. Clover was the blonde bombshell who always had a colorful quip or on-point fashion sense. Sam was the intellectual one, and combined with her long red hair, she was smoldering. Alex was fun-loving and had a sassy attitude that matched her short black hair. There was something for everyone!

7 Trent Lane


The love interest of the cynical Daria (from the MTV show Daria,) Trent Lane was the sexy-cool guy female audiences secretly wanted to date. Trent had it all: guitar-playing skills, a ‘so-what, who-cares’ demeanour, and a wicked goatee. He is tall and lanky, yet he could totally just scoop you up into his strong arms. Trent looks very bad-boy with his tattoo and multiple piercings, but he is actually just a big sleepyhead. Seriously, Trent may have suffered from narcolepsy, but who wouldn’t want to snuggle up and nap with him? Needless to say, we can definitely see why Daria had a crush on this guy.

6 Leela


Not only is Leela super cute, but she is a boss! The lead female protagonists on the adult cartoon Futurama, Leela is one sexy cyclops alien. Her bouncy purple hair is pulled back into a high ponytail, and her tight white tank top shows off her ample alien chest. Leela serves as the captain and pilot of the spaceship The Planet Express, making her the hotness head of aviation ever. Leela encompasses the perfect combination of sweet and sassy, with her girlish looks and her tough combat boots and ubiquitous wristlet. She is probably the most attractive alien species we’ve seen in a cartoon.

5 Fred Jones


Another character from the TV cartoon Scooby Doo, Fred Jones has quite a boring name, but he managed to become the strong and sexy male of the Scooby Gang. Fred first intrigues viewers with his boyish good looks, and then takes that interest even further with his independent and take-charge attitude. He often leads the gang in solving the mystery of each episode, and in the live-action movie, he was portrayed by actor Freddie Prinze, Jr. With Fred being the male hottie of the gang, it only made sense for him to be paired up with Daphne. This did happen in some versions of the cartoon, much to the delight of many Scooby Doo fans.

4 Hello Nurse


This character gets her name from the catchphrase she induces whenever the Animaniacs Yakko and Wakko see her: “Helloooo, Nurse!” The nurse is actually not only pretty to look at, but she is one smart cookie. She is portrayed as having a very large chest, a cinched waist, and enough booty for both Yakko and Wakko. Hello Nurse plays up the sexy nurse trope very well, but we’re happy that she isn’t just all about her looks. She often has to help out the other characters who are too dumb to figure things out for themselves. In some versions of the series, she is a secret agent.

3 Betty Rubble


Who hasn’t seen The Flintstones and noticed how hot Betty Rubble was? The wife of Barney Rubble, best friend to Fred Flintstone, Betty has it going on. Never have we seen an animated cave woman look so scrumptious. Betty wears a light blue mini skirt with a halter neck and she has a cute bow in her hair. She walks around barefoot like everyone else and is a dedicated wife and mother (her child is Bamm Bamm.) While Betty is not exactly a take-charge kind of woman, she suits the loving housewife persona quite well. In the live-action film, she was played by Jane Krakowski.

2 Gaston


Playing the strong and full-of-himself chauvinist, Gaston had all of the village girls falling at his feet. All of them but Belle, that is. Sure, Gaston was all brawn and no brains, but let’s be honest: Disney did a good job making this guy super hot. When he isn’t admiring his own reflection, he is hunting or drinking...or trying to entice the ladies. At one point in Beauty and the Beast, he shows off his muscular and hairy chest. Swoon. Gaston has it going on, from his slicked back hair and his coy grin, to his half-buttoned shirt and tight britches.

1 Jessica Rabbit


The female counterpart to Roger in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Jessica Rabbit seems almost too sexy to be in a cartoon. Well, the movie was half cartoon, half live-action, but you get our point. Females everywhere have been trying to achieve the sexiness of Jessica Rabbit, who embodies an extreme version of the female ideal. Jessica also had one seductive voice, and her chest and hips put Barbie to shame. It’s just the way Jessica was drawn, after all! Her side-swept tresses and her long, slender limbs are totally unachievable, but that didn’t stop us from having the hots for her.

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10 Good Looking Cartoon Characters You Secretly Had A Crush On