10 God-Awful Movies That Prove Video Games Shouldn't Be Made Into Films

Once upon a time in Hollywood...

...a creative executive looked down at his child's game console and wondered: why hasn't someone made movie out of a game?  True to showbiz piranha fashion, he then realized that he could do a low-budget film adaptation based on a game which would play to an existing audience, could get partial funding from the gaming company, attract lots of game-loving kids who would then pour their hard-earned allowances and holiday cash into merchandise and fast food tie ins.  And, of course, just like an endless cycle of video games, a movie adaptation of a popular game could spawn endless sequels.

Said movie executive overlooked one key principle when it comes to gaming: unlike cinema which relies on the creative vision of a team of artists working to create a reaction in an audience, the audience drives the game.  Does that mean that video games are not art?  The great Roger Ebert didn't think so, and wrote extensively to reject the notion.  He may or may not have been right, though the track record of video games as movies would suggest that something gets lost in the translation from console to screen.

Perhaps there is a more fundamental truth at work here: maybe video games just make rotten movies, as these ten can attest.

So then, in no particular order...

10 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

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9 Doom


8 Super Mario Bros

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7 The Resident Evil Series

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It may seem alien now, but at one time actress Milla Jovovich seemed poised for a long and prestigious career.  As the inamorata of director Luc Besson, she starred in hit movies like The Fifth Element and even landed work as a spokesmodel for L'Oreal make-up. Then she started doing Resident Evil movies.

6 Mortal Kombat

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5 Street Fighter

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4 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within


3 Wing Commander

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2 Prince of Persia


1 Silent Hill


Yes, the 2012 follow-up to this 2006 mediocrity is worse...much worse.  Still, the problems stem from the root: a mystery/puzzle horror game like "Silent Hill" didn't lend itself to the big screen.  The game story involves a complicated mix of ghosts, cults, parasites, zombies and demonic possession, which proved a bit too complicated to adapt, and the real fun of the game--multiple possible endings--couldn't translate at all.  Despite some great visuals and an appealing cast, the film never quite comes to life...or makes sense. The popularity of the game helped Silent Hill do good business at the box office, though the total failure of its sequel doomed the franchise to the netherworld of gaming consoles.

The moral of the story here, kids: GAME OVER.


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10 God-Awful Movies That Prove Video Games Shouldn't Be Made Into Films