11 Game of Thrones Characters Who Would Win If They Ran In 2016

Game of Thrones is a show that, at its core, is about political warfare. Sure, it is often talked about for its nudity, violence, dragons and killing off of main characters but Game of Thrones is ultimately all about one thing: The Iron Throne.

Most of the main characters on the show, regardless of being a “good” or “evil” character, have political agendas and are often manipulating anyone they can in order to further their political aspirations. Is attaining The Iron Throne of Westeros much different from attaining The Oval Office of the United States? The only differences are probably the dragons and all the dark magic, but who even knows, right?

To govern a large, powerful group of people, one must have courage, intelligence, wit and charisma in order to climb to the top of the heap. Luckily in America, we have a voting system so there’s no need for something like The Battle of Blackwater to happen. One must think though, if a character could win The Iron Throne, they could probably win the United States Presidency as well.

This is a list of eleven Game of Thrones characters who could, with the right campaign manager, win the 2016 Presidential Election if they were to run. Of course, this list includes a few of the dearly departed because, well, Game of Thrones gives no fucks when it comes to killing off beloved characters.

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11 Robert Baratheon

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Would Robert Baratheon make a great president? Probably not. It's likely that he'd spend his presidency doing exactly what he did while on The Iron Throne: drinking and cheating on his wife. However, considering his family name and connections, he could certainly be considered a front runner. If his buddy Ned Stark, a fan favorite, publicly supported Baratheon, that could win him the election right there. Financing the campaign wouldn't be a problem considering he's married to Cersei Lannister, who comes from the wealthy Lannister clan. While his Lannister connection may help financially, they are also one of the most detested families from the show. One thing is for sure, if Robert Baratheon was elected, the CIA would have their hands full trying to cover up Cersei and Jamie's relations, resulting in all three of "Robert's" children. After putting up with his excessive drinking, philandering, and overall misogynistic attitude, it's unlikely that he’d win a second term election.

10 Bronn

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It is completely possible that Bronn is too individualistic to ever successfully run a country. He wouldn't step up to the plate for Tyrion Lannister, who seems to be his closest friend, during his second trial by combat. Though, in Bronn's defense, The Mountain was, like, kind of intimidating. Not much is known about his past, which could be a good or a bad thing. The mystery is interesting but voters want to know who they’re voting for. Unfortunately, his past is probably polluted with skeletons, but actual skeletons because he’s definitely killed a ton of people. This dark horse might just be able to pull through when he makes snide but hilarious remarks during the debates.

9 Catelyn Stark

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While Ned was still around, she was the unofficial first lady of the North. With her great breeding and grace, she carries herself like a queen. She possesses a great political mind that some of the other members of the Stark family lack, as they are too influenced by their morality. Less outspoken and showy than some of the other characters, Catelyn has had to put any ambitions on the back-burner in order to mother her children. The fact that she has been widowed could be used to be advantaged politically. She has endured a great loss and is stronger for it. However, knowing Catelyn, she would not be down with using Ned's death to further her political career.

8 Tywin Lannister

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Tywin Lannister is the power patriarch of a wealthy, influential family so if he wanted to be the President of the United States, he would have already served two terms and would be in the progress of grooming his son Jamie for his campaign. Though Tywin may be a Lannister, he was never down with Joffery's sadistic ruling of The Seven Kingdoms. Publicly denouncing your dead grandson wouldn't win votes in any other situation but this one. Unfortunately, Tywin would likely favor the rich when it comes to taxation because, well, he's rich.

7 Podrick Payne

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So, Podrick has absolutely no political qualifications. In fact, he's more of a minor character. He does have two very important things going for him. First, he has Tyrion's stamp of approval, which may be all it really takes to get elected, considering Tyrion's huge fan base. Tyrion not only trusts Podrick but also owes him his life after The Battle of Blackwater. Secondly, Tyrion repays Podrick for saving his life by arranging for Podrick to sleep with three prostitutes. When Tyrion tries to pay the prostitutes for their service, they refuse the payment, claiming that the experience was so enjoyable they don't need to be paid for it. There is speculation as to what exactly Podrick did but one thing is certain, this would win the female vote.

6 Cersei Lannister

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Despite not being a very well liked character, Cersei is not to be discounted. She is one of the better political thinkers in Westeros. With her wealth, she could afford the best campaign manager, who would be able to put a spin on just about anything, though her incestuous relationship with her twin brother would definitely prove difficult to spin. The fact that she is a widow and has lost two children could be spun in a way that makes the public empathize. If you also take into consideration her Walk of Atonement, one could paint a story of Cersei for the public as a fallen woman who has picked herself up, and America loves comebacks.

5 Daenerys Targaryen

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Duh, who wouldn't vote for The Queen of Dragons? She could rule the country and look super hot while doing so. Plus, the country could stop spending so much on defense if it had a fleet of dragons. However, Daenerys would be against the capitalist structure that upholds the American economy. Most people aren't down with the rich, you know, controlling everything but doing away with it isn't exactly the answer and that's exactly what Daenerys does what she sees something unjust. While extremely fair, she isn't always the most politically minded. Oh, the whole Daenerys could go crazy any moment without warning and start lighting everything and everyone on fire thing is a bit scary too.

4 Jon Snow

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Jon Snow would officially take down JFK as the most handsome president our country has ever seen. Of course, his good looks aren't the only thing he has going for him. Being an outcast of society, he took to The Wall and has become a proven leader. Sure, the whole bastard thing might hinder him with voters but his ability to slay White Walkers is pretty awesome. He would be the ideal perfect president in the case of a zombie apocalypse outbreak. Hopefully, he wouldn't use "I know nothing" as his campaign slogan.

3 Ned Stark

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The moral center of the show who lost his head is season one, Ned Stark is forever missed by fans of the show. Ned is all about justice, maybe to a fault, as he isn't as good at playing the political game as some of the other characters. Regardless, it would be nice to have someone with deep morals in The Oval Office. Had Ned not lost his head, he wouldn't have had a hard time running. He was the patriarch of an esteemed (and basically everyone's favorite) family. Catelyn would have made for a wonderful First Lady. The one skeleton in his closet, his bastard son Jon Snow, could cost him the election but also, with the right spin, it could also be a story about a man who made a mistake and has repented for it. Plus, everyone loves Jon Snow.

2 Tyrion Lannister

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Who doesn't love Tyrion? He is even George R. R. Martin's favorite character. Tyrion has difficulty not voicing his opinion, especially concerning his nephew Joffery's ruling of the Seven Kingdoms, which is why so many people love him. His opinions are, of course, very well put because he is the smartest character on the show. However, his one downfall would be his stance on loan forgiveness: An American always pays his debt.

1 Olenna Tyrell

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Being that Olenna Tyrell is the boss who finally took down Joffery, she would be an excellent choice for the first female president of the United States. Just the fact that she is the woman who poisoned Joffery would be enough to win over many voters. On top of that, she comes from a respected family name and much wealth. While she may be opportunistic at times, she proves to have family values and care deeply for her grandchildren. Speaking of grandchildren, her acceptance of her grandson's homosexuality would certainly win liberal votes. What it comes down to with Olenna Tyrell is that she's pretty old and anyone who can actually make it to old age without losing their head or being thrown through the Moon Door in Game of Thrones is doing something right.

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