10 Former Hated Celebs Who Are Now Beloved By Everyone

Nobody thought at some point in time that these celebrities could bounce back from being some of the most hated celebrities in Hollywood. From those who were stealing married men from other women to those who were battling with a drug addiction and had endless run-ins with the law for criminal charges, these famous faces really turned their lives around. And it’s fair to say that going from the most hated to becoming a beloved figure in the entertainment industry is very difficult. It’s almost as if you have to prove yourself to the world again — you are literally begging them for your forgiveness, seeing that they are the ones who will finance your lavish and luxurious lifestyle. If celebs are considered to be most-hated for whatever reason, they will lose out on job offers, endorsement deals and so much more. So it’s just incredible to see how these 10 celebrities have done it, because, at one point in their career, people hated these 10 faces.


10 Robert Downey Jr.

When Robert Downey Jr. was constantly facing time behind bars, nobody was willing to give this actor a chance. He was so troubled with his alleged drug addictions, he needed to help himself before people could even attempt to give him a chance. Let’s just say that Robert didn’t exactly have the support of the nation behind him when he was constantly involved in criminal charges. But fortunately for him, after managing to get sober and seek help at a facility, he bounced back, starred in some incredibly big movies, including Iron Man, and now banks up to $20 million per movie.

9 Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber was just getting himself into too much trouble that it had gotten to the point where his own fans had turned their backs on him. From cops showing up to his house for alleged possession of cocaine, to speeding through the streets of Miami with random girls, despite the fact that he was still seeing Selena Gomez at the time. It was as if Justin was trying to ruin his image on purpose. He eventually came to his senses and used his pain and embarrassment to pen his latest album Purpose, which became the singer’s fastest-selling album ever.

8 Snooki

Snooki was most definitely not a role model for young teenagers when she started getting a crazy amount of popularity from her appearance on Jersey Shore. The program was so bizarre, parents had petitioned to get the entire show canceled for its wrongful portray of Italians. Snooki’s life (at that time) consisted of partying and hooking up with as many people as she could during summer vacation. And while she became one of the most-hated women in the progress, she managed to make a turnaround. Having birthed two children, Snooki’s life is all about motherhood and fitness these days.

7 Perrie Edwards

Everybody was hating on Perrie Edwards. Or, wait, let’s rephrase that. Everybody under the age of 15 was hating on Perrie for the simple fact that she was dating Zayn Malik. Edwards, who started seeing Zayn before the success of One Direction took off the way it did, seemed puzzled by all the death threats she’d receive on her social media accounts. But it wasn’t until Zayn abruptly dumped Perrie via text message that people started feeling bad for her, seeing that she was a very loyal girlfriend. Zayn began throwing shade at Perrie and her girl group Little Mix, which had a lot of people sympathizing for the songstress.

6 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie wasn’t that liked when she stole Jennifer Aniston’s then-husband Brad Pitt. The actress, who was said to have fallen in love with Brad on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, couldn’t help herself and eventually managed to get a date out of the actor, who eventually ditched Aniston for good. Angelina was branded a horrible human being for stealing a married man, but quite frankly, if the man was happy in his relationship, he would’ve stayed. Thank God for Angelina’s superb acting skills, which pretty much saved her career, because these days, nobody even mentions the fact that she stole another woman’s man.

5 Adrienne Bailon


If you love reality television, you’ve probably hated Adrienne Bailon at some point in your life. And not because she’s a petite girl, or because she’s Latina, but specifically because she could never stop talking about Rob Kardashian. We all understood that Rob cheated on her the first time she told the world this, but to then go on a reality show to discuss this matter seemed boring and really tiring. She gradually managed to stop herself from bringing up a Kardashian at all, and quite frankly, people have grown to her so much more. Especially now that she co-hosts her own daytime talk-show.

4 Chris Brown

Chris Brown was hated by all means. After beating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, following a pre-Grammy party in 2009, it seemed like it was a wrap for Chris and his music career. His follow-up albums and singles all bombed on the charts; nobody was co-signing with Chris and every website you went, there was something negative to talk about regarding Breezy. And while he had to blame himself for his own actions, Chris slowly but surely managed to get back on his feet and record some summer jams that even the biggest Chris Brown hater couldn’t stop dancing to. He claims that Rihanna is still a good friend of his and wishes her nothing but the best, so if Rih can forgive, so can others.


3 Wendy Williams


Wendy Williams’ entire career is based off of shading other celebrities and getting the scoop on their private lives. A lot of Hollywood stars hated this talk-show Queen for the simple fact that she can be very pushy and nosey when it comes to things that shouldn’t be any of her business. Her honesty has often been branded as rudeness, which made her one of the most-hated personalities in radio. But that same personality eventually landed her a daytime talk-show, which has done nothing but stagger in the ratings, beating out the likes of Ellen and The View. It seems that the harsh honesty that Wendy delivers is highly appreciated by her loyal audience who see the humor in her delivery.

2 Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell was probably one of the most-hated people in showbiz during the early ‘00s when he helped launched American Idol, Pop Idol and X Factor UK. A lot of people didn’t even know who Simon was, so for him to sit on a panel and criticize people’s voices so harshly didn’t sit right with people, even if they actually agreed with his comments. People just didn’t think Mr. Cowell had a shot at television or longevity. Well, he proved them wrong, didn’t he? And it seems that those who hated him eventually grew closer to him and his personality, because, let’s face it, Simon was on so many television shows in the U.S. He was unavoidable.

1 Terrence Howard


Terrence Howard has been running into situations throughout his time as an actor. One of the recurring stories that seemed to have had an affect on his career was the allegation made against him, claiming he was a woman beater. His previous girlfriends had claimed that he allegedly became verbally and physically aggressive, which many believed was the reason Terrence wasn’t getting booked for jobs as much as he used to. But then Empire came around and all the abusive scandals seemed to have been forgotten. Everybody who watches Empire loves the cast, including Howard. And quite frankly, they couldn’t care less what he does in his private life.


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