10 Former Disney Starlets Who Went Naughty

There is just something in the water at Disney. Honestly. It makes their starlets be all pretty and sweet and innocent, but then when they hit a certain age, they just go full naughty.

Some say it is the classic teen formula of rebelling against your youth and who you were forced to be. Others say Disney is rather tough on their stars and these moments when they break away are a result of that. Others still say sex sells and where else would young, pretty pop stars go? Pulling off the Taylor Swift - talented and classy - is a lot harder than pulling off the generic female pop star.

The other sad part is, going naughty seems to bring in the bucks. Rarely do young teen starlets go naughty and then fail. They may fail a year or two later, but when they initially go the naughty route, it seems to work for them. Why? Because the world loves things with low self esteem. It makes the world feel better about itself. It's not like any of these Disney stars went full on adult star; they just stopped acting like they were made of sugar and wore more revealing clothes.

It could also be argued that these kids are puppets manipulated by Disney; by acting out, they cut those strings and former ties while also establishing that they won't be puppets anymore. Regardless of how they got there and why they are there, here are ten former Disney stars who lost the sweet and clean cut look for a something a little spicier.

10 Selena Gomez

By no means has Selena Gomez gone off the deep end. Some could say she has grown with age and shows a sultrier side now. The one argument against Gomez was her turn in the raunchy summer movie, Spring Breakers. That movie threw off a lot of her fans and seemed like an extreme turn for the actress.

Let us not forget, she is just that: an actress, and in that case, she was simply picking a role that she thought would set her apart from her former typecast roles. Boy, was she right. Though her music has gotten more risque, she seems to be grounded in reality.

9 Jennifer Love Hewitt

People seem to forget the beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt was actually on Kids Incorporated, the show where the whitest kids ever sang pop songs. It was an odd show, but we digress. While it could be argued that Jenny Love did not go full "naughty", she did record a song that shows otherwise.

Yes, she had a music career, too, but that didn't go far; "Let's Go Bang" tells you all you need to know.

8 Demi Lovato

The truth is, Demi Lovato dipped into naughty big time just a few years after leaving Disney. Pics with the singer half naked and playing with knives started showing up around the internet. Rumors were abound that stated she was getting into drugs and into a string of bad relationships. Even more rumors started to circle that she had tried to take her life and ended up institutionalized for a short time.

Happy ending, though, and she has since written a book about her descent to help other girls and has really turned her career around. She stands as the perfect example that you can slip from Disney to naughty and still make it back okay.

7 Emmy Rossum

Okay, okay, so maybe she was only in ONE Disney movie, but she still deserves a spot on the list and we will tell you why. Early on, she very much had that Disney vibe to her: bright eyed, wide smile, and well spoken (let's not forget beautiful). She really seemed like some sweet cartoon come to life - perfect for Disney.

But anyone who knows this actress and follows her work on Shameless knows, she is anything but that innocent princess now. Granted, she may just be playing a part, but so is everyone else on the list, as you are about to see.

6 Vanessa Hudgens

Another alumni of both Disney and the Spring Break movie, what sent Vanessa Hudgens down the dark road of "sexualized former Disney star" were her own self-imposed nude photos she took. Though they should have been left to her and her own business, nowadays we know that is not the case with the internet.

So what happens? Nude pics leak, and Hudgens is revealed as being a tad bit spicier than Disney had led us to believe. Suffice to it to say, she has toned it down since. But just a little - this one definitely has some spice in her bite.

5 Britney Spears

Former member of the new school version of the Mickey Mouse Club, Britney Spears was a sweethearted southern girl when she was just a kid on the show. A few years passed, and no one noticed while Britney slipped away and started working on a sexed-out pop album.

A few years later, cue the opening notes to Hit Me Baby One More Time and you can tell this Disney starlet was doing all she could to distance herself from her former image. Making out on stage with Madonna at one point didn't hurt this, either. Poor thing has yet to bounce back, though.

4 Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera was on the Mickey Mouse Club Show at around the same time as Britney (and a bunch of other well known, modern stars) and she decided to branch out into her music career. Thing is, she didn't sell the sex right away. She waited. Made a pure album or two with some good pop and great vocals and then...

BAM, we got Xtina.

It was just like Christina but a lot more, um, daring? Yes, daring seems a safe enough word. Put it this way: she was half naked in a boxing ring surrounded by men and people in full grown plushie outfits.

Yeah, she went kinky for sure.

3 Adrienne Bailon

This is where things get a little sad and desperate. Adrienne Bailon was one of the Cheetah Girls, who were a well known brand (and band?) for Disney. Once Adrienne's star started falling, she came up with a desperate act to keep herself in the pop culture lexicon. She took her own nude photos in 2008 and leaked them herself, then acted all shocked and upset when she found out about them.

Of course, when people revealed she had leaked the photos herself, it gave even more insight into how twisted the world of fame can be for these young girls. It's sad, really.

2 Lindsay Lohan

Aw, Lindsay Lohan. You knew she had to land on the list somewhere. Though Lindsay made a huge splash in some of her early Disney movies (like the Parent Trap) it seemed maturity may have caught up with this one too fast. One minute we are watching this cute, freckled youngster win out hearts in a myriad of movies; the next thing you know, she is being arrested for always being messed up in public.

She has naked shots leaking all over the web, as well as lists of people she has slept with (which later proved to be fake). It was the fastest and most infamous downward spiral in Disney starlet history - one she still hasn't broken free from.

1 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has gone on record to say that part of how she is now (over the top, very sexual) is a direct result of how she was treated and the image she was forced into at Disney. While she claims she is proud of that time and how it helped her, part of her image now is, in her own words, "to show the world Hannah Montana is dead."

While that may be brave and is understandable, Miley Cyrus, it could be said, has taken that to the extreme. She is one star who ALWAYS seems to go for the shock, sexual factor. Let's just hope she is aware of how quick the world can tire of that extreme.


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