10 Former Celebrity Roommates

Way back before they were household names, before fame and fortune became their destiny, some of your favourite stars shacked up with other soon-to-be celebrities who were on the path to becoming the mega A-listers they have become today.

Some of these celebrity roommates may make perfect sense and some of these couplings may have you scratching your head and pondering, "I wonder if Ryan Gosling was a total slob?" Although it's doubtful any of his female roommates would have dared complain…

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10 Chace Crawford & Ed Westwick

Former Gossip Girl alums, Chace Crawford and Ed Westick weren't just best buds on screen, the two actors were also friends in real life - even sharing an apartment in New York City while filming their popular teen drama. Crawford dished about his less than stellar roommate etiquette and his small case of OCD in Interview Magazine."Personally I'm obsessive-compulsive about the placement and cleanliness of my things. But I'm not always the best, so I had a housekeeper come every two weeks," he recalled. "It was pretty immaculate, I have to say. It had its down points, but Ed and I ran a good ship there for a while. We have some good memories."

9 Michelle Williams & Jessica Chastian

In 2004 while appearing in a summer stock production of Chekov's The Cherry Orchard, Michelle Williams and Jessica Chastain became fast friends on stage and off - as costars and roomies. "We became like sisters," Chastain said later of the experience. Looks like their time together paid off: eight years later, the two were both nominated for Oscars - Chastain for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Celia Foote in The Help, and Williams for Best Actress for her performance as Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn.

8 Ryan Gosling & Justin Timberlake

Back in the nineties, eleven-year-old co-stars and friends, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling were roommates while they starred together on Disney's The Mickey Mouse Club. "We used to do terrible things," the former 'N Syncer told Ellen DeGeneres in 2011. "Looking back on them, they weren't as bad as I thought they were at the time. We thought we were so cool when we were on The Mickey Mouse Club." Some of these 'terrible' things included stealing a golf cart and driving into MGM Studios. What rebels!

7 Feist & Peaches

Canadian musicians Leslie Feist and Merrill Beth Nisker (otherwise knows as electro puck singer, Peaches) must have been ideal roommates -  the two lived together in a room above a sex shop in Toronto for a number of years. "…Peaches moved in and I didn't really know her really well at the time," Feist told pitchfork.com back in 2007. "We lived together for about two or three years." The two went on to become good friends and even collaborated on a few musical projects - calling herself 'B**ch Lap Lap,' Feist worked the back of the stage at Peaches' shows armed with a sock puppet and rapping in Spanish.

6 Robert Downey Jr & Kiefer Sutherland

Before they were huge stars, Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr and 24 alum, Kiefer Sutherland roomed together when Sutherland moved to Hollywood to pursue his acting career. "We used to live together when I first moved out here," Sutherland told talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel back in 2009. "We lived together for about three years with about two other actors in an apartment - and the building is still standing!"

5 Salma Hayek & Penelope Cruz

Back before Penelope Cruz made a big splash this side of the pond, she roomed with fellow Latina actress, Salma Hayek. The From Dusk Till Dawn seductress met Cruz at the airport when she landed in Hollywood to make her first American film and took her in. "At first I was very lonely and I was very happy I could speak Spanish with such a warm person as Salma," Cruz later recalled of the experience.

4 Kevin Hart & Jason Segel

Who would have thought funny men Kevin Hart and Jason Segel were so method? Back in 2001, Judd Apatow cast the aspiring actors in the sitcom North Hollywood (which never made it to air) about wanna-be actors who live together and Apatow actually made the pair become roomies in real life. "I think Kevin was entertained by the fact the we did nothing but smoke weed all day," recollects Segel's pal, Seth Rogen who told Rolling Stone he "hung out with them a lot."

3 Lindsay Lohan & Raven Symone

It was 'like at first sight' for former child actresses Lindsay Lohan and Raven Symone. "I was like, 'I know you're not going to college right now and I'm not going to college so let's have a roommate experience," the Cosby Show cutie told globalgrind.com in 2010 after meeting Lohan at a fashion photo shoot. Maybe the reason the two got along so well was that they never really saw much of each other. "She was real real cool actually," Symone told the website. "She became really busy with work, and she never really moved in. I just got rent from her for 14 months." Sounds like the best kind of roommate.

2 Jude Law & Ewan McGregor

After meeting at an audition in 1990, UK actors Jude Law and Ewan McGregor became besties after the director gave them $30 dollars and told them to go and get drunk so he could see if they got along. The two actors got along so well that although neither of them nabbed the part, they ended up living together in London for several years and later formed the (now defunct) production company Natural Nylon.

1 Jason Priestley & Brad Pitt

In his new book, Jason Priestley: A Memoir, the former 90210 alum revealed that back when they were both struggling actors, he was roommates with none other than hunky heartthrob, Brad Pitt. "We lived on ramen noodles and generic beer - the kind that came in white cans Labeled BEER - and Marlboro Light cigarettes," Priestley reminisces. "We were all broke." Priestley told ET Canada that they were both single at the time and they "did pretty well together." When jokingly asked which one of them was the wingman, Priestley responded: "Nobody needed a wingman." Touché.

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